Pain, immense amounts of it, wreaked through my body as I was slowly destroying my very bones, bit by bit.

I have to admit, the Bone and Body Grinding Poison earned its name not for its lethality, but for the ability to grind the body and bones to such an efficient extent that one would feel like they were being put into a sanding machine.

It was unbearably painful, immensely exhausting, and mentally destructive as I had to feel every bit of my skeleton slowly being eroded and rebuilt only to be eroded again.

I had the naïve idea that the pain I suffered from having to rebuild every muscle of my body was the most I could take, but grinding bones, was on a completely another level.

It was like comparing a prick of a needle to a searing hot twisted rod going right through your gut.

And this was just the start. Rebuilding my muscles took me two years, and having my body attuned and accepting the idea of rebuilding every muscle fiber into the intertwined reinforced fiber was the worst of it. But now, grinding my very bones feels like outright being dragged through a mountain of swords and shards of glass.

But I had to tide through it, and even when I took a moment to breathe and relax, it only lasted for a moment as I knew I still needed to keep going.

The hardest bones to rebuild were my pelvis bones, my skull bones, and the bones on my hands, those were frighteningly painful to improve upon since they were extremely fragile and sensitive.

But I kept going, eroding the bones of my body by using copious amounts of Poison Qi compounded and based on the Bone and Body Grinding Poison.

My skin became cracked and brittle after this renovation, it suffered greatly from all of the modifications but I had to keep going, I can easily rebuild skin, even if cracked and bleeding, it's the easiest part… I hope.

Two more years it took, two more years of agony, they felt the same as when I was stuck with servant Mao, but the only difference is I was doing this to myself willingly, instead of unwillingly suffering pain and agony, so I didn't generate any feelings or emotions of hate to feed my Dark Soul.

Finally, after two years and a couple months, I had finished rebuilding my skeleton and was done with that, now the nerves.

And honestly, I'm terrified of the thought of even touching the nerves, but I had no way out but to do so.

The Sword Spirit was still trying to break into the Lord of Lords pagoda, though I have a lot of time to work with, I cannot slack off on this.

So after taking a week or so worth of rest, I decided to take up the challenge of rebuilding my nervous system.

And honestly, at the first hour, I was already regretting it.

Nerves are the most delicate and sensitive parts of the human body, and damaging them is bound to cause irreparable issues. But I had to rebuild them using the Bone and Body Grinding Poison. And thus I started by slowly imbuing them with poison, weakening them then letting my body slowly heal them.

Every day I felt like I was set ablaze as every nervous circuit was in agonized pain, but I still had to tide through it, then rest for two days for it to fully be repaired, then do it all over again.

The Poison God manual suggested rebuilding the nerves this way on the span of a whole year. Taking two days break for each breakdown. and after the first six months, I'll be needing to take a long break for my body to adjust to the new nerves. Then resume after eighty four days. Making the total days of rebuilding the nerves up to ninety-nine days.

It was ninety-nine days of agony that I had to suffer and some days in between where I hated my very own existence and the fact that I got caught up in this bullshit situation.

But I can't rely on anyone to come save me. I had to do everything myself.

And so I tided through it, every single day of it, of the pain and torture, the agony and suffering, until I was finally able to finish the last day feeling like a total mess.

With the nerves improved, the bones, muscles, and my blood vessels, I could feel the drastic change in my body.

My steps became much heavier, the simple fact of closing my fist caused the sound of thunder. As for throwing a simple fist, you could feel the very wind break apart as a shockwave emerged outward.

My body had reached such an advanced state of optimality that I was extremely surprised at how it had become.

This reminded me of a quote that a famous philosopher from my old world had said. "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."

And it was true, body cultivation though arduous and painful, it is extremely rewarding. My muscles have become far more defined, and my body had no rigidness to it and was extremely supple and agile. Not to mention, powerful beyond belief.

This isn't the power an Ascendant should have, no wonder the body cultivator took a full blow to the face using the Tungsten Bullet and still survived to fight again. With power capable of taking hits of that degree I should be able to survive most blows from cultivators of the same cultivation level as mine.

I then began the final improvement part, it was reinforcing my own internal organs. I have the body to survive the blows, but an internal blow can easily destroy my inner organs, I need to improve upon them, and that was the last step and the deadliest of this cultivation method.

And thus I began another painful journey of rebuilding and reconstructing this body.

A couple years went by before I was done, blood had been seeping out of my eyes, ears and nose as I uttered.

"F-inally…" and dropped to the ground.

I woke up some time later, regretting and thanking my luck for managing to survive reinforcing my own brain which was the last step before I could even start the real cultivation method.

The pain had been extreme and had brought me to my knees and on the verge of giving up many times. But I had to do it no matter what, I couldn't give up at the end and almost lost my sanity in the process.

At this point in time, about six years had gone by from the moment I entered the Lord of Lords pagoda.

The automaton informed me that the Sword Spirit had stopped its aggression on the Lord of Lords pagoda to hunt down the rest of the cultivators that were escaping, while at the same time leaving the serpent to keep guard. This should buy me some more time in theory which was good.

I gobbled hundreds of poison pills, using their Qi to heal my body from the abusive damage it received.

Reconstructing my whole body didn't mean that once I'm done it will be in perfect shape, no, it was cracked, brittle, and felt like I had just been released from under hydraulic pressure. I needed some time to heal up and it took several months for me to have full control of my body.

At that point in time I sat down and opened the Poison God's book, hoping to find about the methods to further improve the strength of this body but I found nothing, there was no training method, no cultivation method and clearly no way for me to use this body properly. The poison god only created the 'perfect body' he didn't give the method to use this body.

Which was frankly something I expected, the Poison God's goal was to improve the body itself, and by doing this 'operation' I was able to have a godly body, but I need the skillset and cultivation method to use it better.

And thus it came to me in the form of a memory, back when I was in the Under Void alongside Master Rain and his retainer. The meeting with the Golden Titan, elder Wei and Elder Fu Tian. I have yet to go to the sect of the Crimson Dragon and obtain the Debt of Madness, which was something Elder Fu Tian had said I will obtain from the Sect Master of the Crimson Dragon sect.

Elder Wei had given me some sort of protective charm that I have no idea when or how to use. As for the Sect Master himself, the Golden Titan had given me the final verse of the Golden Titan cultivation method.

I couldn't make head or tail of the verse at that point in time, but now, it is as bright and clear as day. As I watched my own memories I saw it, and saw how I can use this extreme cultivation method.