The sound of an alarm that echoed throughout their realm startled Travis, who was having fun with Dong Qin and three women.

Without thinking twice, Travis immediately jumped out of bed and got dressed, and he immediately disappeared from his room to check the situation outside.

However, Travis was truly shocked when he saw a lot of black smoke appearing almost throughout his realm, and he could also hear the sound of fighting in various areas, causing his expression to become very ugly. "What the hell happened here? Why is there suddenly a commotion like this?"

"Master! Look at this!" Dong Qin shouted as she landed beside Travis, and she then handed him a small monitor. "I don't know how they were able to infiltrate our realm without being detected, but they are all cultivators from that place."

Travis' face darkened after he heard that. He crumpled the small monitor and smashed it to pieces. "Damn it! I sent them all away to that place, and no one can help me stop them now!"

"I will help you, Master." Dong Qin said to him.

Suddenly, the three women who were previously having fun with Travis landed beside them, and they said to him, "We will help you too, Master."


However, when they were about to fly away, dozens of sword energies shot quickly towards them, but Travis immediately moved in front of the four women and repelled them all, and he roared furiously afterwards. "Come out! Cowards!"

*Swosh... Swosh...*

Xuanyuan Xue'er, Long Wei, Yang Yuan, and Long Weishan instantly appeared before them. However, their cold gazes were only directed at Travis, and they ignored the women, especially since they were too weak to be their opponents.

Travis frowned after he saw them and muttered in his heart. 'These four people are really strong, especially that woman holding the blue sword, and her bloodlust is very intense.'

"Attack him!" Long Weishan said as he threw his spear, and it instantly extended towards Travis.

Long Wei also did the same as his father, and Yang Yuan attacked Travis with dozens of sword energies. As for Xuanyuan Xue'er, she immediately threw her sword into the air, where it was immediately enveloped by dense sword Qi, and she used her Qi to control it.

"Move!" Travis shouted as he pushed the four woman away from his side, and he immediately covered his body with an elemental shield, which was created from several of his elements.

*Boom... Boom... Boom...*

Instantly, the attacks of the four cultivators slammed into Travis's elemental shield, which caused several loud explosions, and the four women screamed in panic. "Master!"

They exchanged glances for a moment before flying towards the cultivators, but they suddenly felt several invisible threads binding their bodies, and they immediately attacked each other.

"Argh! Why did you beat me?"

"Ugh! I can't control my body!"

"Shit! Someone is deliberately toying with us!"

Suddenly, Dong Qin turned towards the three women with a dagger in her hand, and she immediately stabbed their chests in turn, causing blood to spurt from their mouths and chests. "I'm sorry! I don't know what happened to me! My body moved on its own, and I couldn't control it!"

Quickly, the three women fell to the ground, and they died instantly.

"Heh!" Dong Qin was shocked when she heard the snorting sound from behind her, but she was even more shocked when her hand stabbed the dagger into her own chest, and blood flowed from her mouth. "Ugh!"

"You're not holding back, huh, Xiaoyin." Ling Xiaofei said as she appeared by Shi Xiaoyin's side.

Shi Xiaoyin shrugged casually and let Dong Qin's corpse fall to the ground, and she answered her best friend. "Even though they are just weak women, they are our enemies, so I don't need to be merciful to them."


A large explosion suddenly sounded in their ears, and it was followed by Travis' furious scream. "Bastard! How dare you kill them! I will definitely torture you mercilessly!"

"Move!" Ling Xiaofei immediately pushed Shi Xiaoyin away as soon as Travis disappeared from their sight, but she was sent flying backwards after his kick hit her abdomen instead. "Argh!"

"Xiaofei!" Shi Xiaoyin shouted loudly and flew towards Ling Xiaofei, but Travis immediately intercepted her with a bolt of lightning in his hand, and he immediately thrust it towards her. "Shit!"

Before Travis' attack hit her, Xuanyuan Xue'er and Yang Yuan had already appeared behind him, and they immediately slashed their swords at his back.

Even so, an earth shield suddenly appeared on Travis' back, and their attacks hit it directly.

Xuanyuan Xue'er and Yang Yuan couldn't breathe a sigh of relief as many earth stalactites shot towards them, and the two of them immediately repelled them.

However, Shi Xiaoyin was really lucky because Travis couldn't use both elements at the same time, so his lightning bolt instantly disappeared, and she immediately used her invisible threads to tie him up.

Travis immediately grabbed the invisible threads and pulled Shi Xiaoyin in front of him, and he immediately punched her in the stomach very hard.

"Argh!" Shi Xiaoyin felt even more pain as Travis pulled her hair, but the Long father and son suddenly appeared beside them, and they immediately thrust their spears towards him to save her.

"Tch!" Travis gritted his teeth, let go of Shi Xiaoyin, and blocked their spears with his bare hands. However, he immediately counterattacked them, and a huge lightning shockwave sent the three of them far back.

"Fuck!" After Travis's lightning had electrocuted their bodies, Shi Xiaoyin, Long Wei, and Long Weishan all cursed at the same time.

"I will finish you all off right here, right now!" Travis roared and flew towards them holding a massive flame sword, but for a brief moment, the sound of Ling Xiaofei's flute caused him to lose focus.

Unfortunately, Travis immediately closed his sense of hearing, so Ling Xiaofei's flute playing couldn't disturb him anymore, and he immediately attacked the three people.

Several fire walls suddenly surrounded him, making him immediately stop flying. He then looked up at the sky with a frown, especially after he saw two fire phoenixes rushing towards him. Even so, he did not appear to panic in the slightest and immediately created thick walls of ice around him, but he had greatly underestimated the phoenix flames.

"Fuck! What kind of fire are these two?" Travis muttered frantically as he saw his ice walls melting rapidly, and the two fire phoenixes continued to fly towards him. "Tch!"

After that, Travis immediately disappeared from his original position, and he reappeared in an area quite far from those people. Without waiting any longer, those senior cultivators immediately surrounded him, making him frown at seeing so many of them, especially coupled with the appearance of Xiao Feng and the others. 'Damn it! I didn't expect they had so many strong people, and I couldn't possibly defeat them by myself!'

"Hmm?" The sudden appearance of a sizable Qi screen shocked not only Travis but also the cultivators.

The screen showed the god kings and Travis's special forces hanging upside down. However, he was really shocked after he saw Azalea, Lucille, and Alea standing next to them.

"Do you realize it now?" Hearing that, Travis looked up to the sky and frowned at Ling Yun. "All your subordinates are in my hands now, so no one will come to your aid."

Meanwhile, after they fought and killed quite a number of members of the blessed people, Yi Mingxia and the other women waited quite far from their location. Since Ling Yun knew very well that Travis was very strong and fast, he didn't allow them to get close to their battle location.

"Bastard! I will kill you! You are the one who kidnapped Lucille and destroyed my lab!" Travis cursed loudly as he threw a few lightning bolts at Ling Yun.

"Useless." Ling Yun replied by shaking his head as he stretched both hands forward, and he immediately absorbed Travis's lightning bolts, shocking him greatly.

After that, Ling Yun pointed his palms at the sky, and several dark lightning bolts appeared above him. He smiled faintly before throwing them at Travis.

*Swosh... Swosh...*

"Humph!" Travis snorted in disdain after he saw that, and he immediately enveloped his body with a lightning field, for he was confident that it could negate Ling Yun's attack, especially after he sensed that he was much weaker than Xuanyuan Xue'er and the others.

Unfortunately, Travis was too confident in his abilities, and he had grossly underestimated Ling Yun's abilities.

Those cultivators, who had witnessed Ling Yun's abilities with their own eyes, looked at Travis as they shook their heads.

As they expected, Ling Yun's dark lightning bolts couldn't be negated by Travis's lightning field, but he realized it too late, and they immediately rained down on his body and electrocuted him.

"Guah!" Travis instantly groaned in pain from Ling Yun's attack, even more so when his devil qi invaded his body. 'Fuck! What kind of power is this? Why can't my lightning field stop his attack? And what is this thing that is attacking my body from the inside?'

Just as he was thinking that, Ling Yun immediately clasped his hand forward, and a dark earth dome immediately trapped Travis inside. However, he didn't stop there, and he used his dark flames to burn him inside.

"Argh!" Those cultivators could clearly hear Travis' roar of pain, but they were waiting to see the outcome of Ling Yun's attack on him.

- To Be Continued -