While he was enjoying the melodious sound of Mei Yi's flute playing, Ling Yun saw several people approaching them. He immediately stood up and hugged the middle-aged man beside Zhang Bing. "Long time no see, Uncle Zhang."

"Haha!" Zhang Luo laughed as he hugged Ling Yun back and patted his back a few times, but he immediately let go of their hug and grabbed his shoulders. "My son was right; you are completely different now, and I can barely recognize you, Little Yun."

"My appearance is indeed different now, but I'm still the same as before, and I will always be grateful for all your kindness to me and my mother." Ling Yun replied with a sincere smile. "Even though it's a little late, I want you and Aunt Xin to become cultivators like us, especially since we will be going to the higher realms soon."

"Haha! It's never too late, and we can still start everything from scratch." Zhang Luo answered as he laughed.

Zhang Luo's wife, Xin Yu, then said to him. "Honestly, we were initially unable to believe that cultivators were real, Yun'er. However, Bing'er and Meng'er showed us their abilities, so we ultimately believed their words."

"Hehe, you're not the only one who feels that way, Aunt Xin." Ling Yun replied with a chuckle. "The first time I met Ling Xi, I still couldn't believe that cultivators were real, but we are all cultivators now."

Ling Yun then turned to the two adults standing beside Yuan Meng, and she immediately introduced them to him. "Brother Yun, they are my parents; my father is called Yuan Ling, and my mother is called He Fengyuan."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding and greeted them. "Nice to meet you, Uncle Yuan and Aunt He."

He Fengyuan smiled and answered him. "Nice to meet you too, Ling Yun. Like Sister Xin, we also didn't believe in them at first, but now we believe in everything."

"Can we really become cultivators like all of you, Ling Yun?" Yuan Ling asked him.

Ling Yun then looked up at Ling Xi, and she explained it to them. "The four of you have profound veins, so you guys can become cultivators like us, and I will give you all a technique that is the same as the one I gave to your children. That way, your cultivation can improve faster, and you can start a new life in the higher realms later."

After hearing that, the four people breathed a sigh of relief, especially since they didn't want to be separated from their children.

Ling Yun then said to them. "In that case, Ling Xi will send you guys to our residence right away, so Zhang Bing and Yuan Meng can teach you guys how to become cultivators."

After they agreed, Ling Xi directly sent the six people back to Yunlong Zuzhai, and she also imparted a dual cultivation technique to them.

Mei Yi then returned to Ling Yun's side, hugged his arm, and asked him. "So where are we going after this?"

"We are going to the city of Bali in Indonesia to meet a woman." Ling Yun replied as he brought Mei Yi to sit on his lap again and hugged her. "Her name is Yang Xiaoyi, and she is my last customer."

Mei Yi was no longer surprised to hear that, for she had already heard many things about Ling Yun, including about his former job as a male prostitute. "Are you also going to take her with us?"

"No." Ling Yun shook his head and explained it to her. "Besides the fact that she has two children, Xiaoyi doesn't like stories about cultivators, and she thinks that cultivators are very brutal, so I'm sure she won't be willing to join us."

"Aren't you going to try talking to her first?" Mei Yi curiously asked, especially since Ling Yun had already taken in his old customers as members of his harem, and only Nangong Ying'er had ended tragically.

Ling Yun nodded to her. "I decided to go to see Xiaoyi; apart from fulfilling my promise to her, I also intend to tell her the truth."

Mei Yi agreed with that. "That's good, so she won't keep waiting for you, especially since endless waiting is the most painful thing in life."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed awkwardly upon hearing that. "I-"

Mei Yi immediately covered Ling Yun's mouth with her hand. "We've started a new chapter now, so we can put those things behind us."

Ling Yun nodded and pulled Mei Yi's hand away, and they immediately kissed passionately again, but Yi Mingxia and the other women suddenly landed around them, so they immediately stopped their kiss.

"Is everything settled?"

Yi Mingxia immediately answered her son's question. "Even though Wu Xin and the others were confused about my decision, I gave the coffee shop to them, but I didn't tell them about our departure."

After that, his other women also reported some things to him, and Ling Yun directly opened a portal to the Yin-Yang Chamber after he listened to everything. "All right, you can all go inside; Ling Xi and I will take you all to that city, and you guys can have fun in there until tomorrow."

After hearing that, they immediately rushed inside, for all of them couldn't wait to go on holiday, especially after they had faced so many problems before, so they wanted to refresh themselves.




Without wasting any time, Ling Xi immediately brought Ling Yun to the city, and they were there in just a few blinks of an eye.

Upon their arrival, Ling Yun immediately landed in an empty area not far from the city's famous beach to take his mother and the others out of the Yin-Yang Chamber, and he spoke to them directly. "You guys can have fun and enjoy the beauty of this city, and I will go see Yang Xiaoyi right now."


Zhao Yao immediately pulled Yi Mingxia along with him. "Let's go! I knew our husband would bring us here, so I've booked a few rooms for us, and we'll enjoy our last vacation on this planet to the fullest."

Ling Yun could only shake his head seeing them like that, and he immediately used his map to find Yang Xiaoyi's location, which was not too far from the beach, so he immediately used the Space Shuttle Steps and went directly to her house.




When he arrived there, Ling Yun found Yang Xiaoyi preparing food in the kitchen, but he shook his head at her appearance, especially since she was only wearing an apron to cover her naked body.

"Does she always dress like that, Ling Yun?" Ling Xi asked as she raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, she always dresses like that, especially when her kids aren't home." Ling Yun answered her question as he changed his blood-red eyes to black, for he didn't want to scare her, and he immediately rang her doorbell.

Hearing that, Yang Xiaoyi immediately ran to the door, but she didn't immediately open it and peeked out through the window. Instantly, she was shocked when she saw Ling Yun, especially since he was looking at her.

"Aren't you going to let me in, Xiaoyi?" Ling Yun asked as he smiled in amusement at her expression.

After she heard that, Yang Xiaoyi immediately came back to her senses, opened the door, and pulled Ling Yun inside.

"Do you-"

Before Ling Yun finished asking her, Yang Xiaoyi had already jumped up and hugged him with her arms and legs, and she immediately sealed his lips.

Ling Yun laughed inwardly at her antics, but he immediately kissed Yang Xiaoyi back and supported her plump buttocks with his hands. He then took her to sit on his lap as he sat on the sofa, and their kissing quickly became intense.

After a while, Yang Xiaoyi separated their lips, and she looked at him longingly as she rubbed his cheeks. "Is this really you? You really look completely different compared to the old you; even your body is very strong and sturdy now."

"Of course it's me." Ling Yun replied with a chuckle. "On the contrary, you haven't changed at all compared to the last time we were together, and you even continue to dress like this whenever you're home alone."

"Didn't you say it yourself that you like it if I dress like this?" Yang Xiaoyi asked as she wrapped her arms around Ling Yun's neck.

"Well, that's true." Ling Yun replied with a nod.

However, Yang Xiaoyi suddenly remembered something. "As far as I remember, I haven't given you my address, so how did you find my address?"

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed at that. "Didn't you already know that Ling Technology Enterprise is in my hands now? So why are you still asking that?"

Yang Xiaoyi was stunned for a moment before she nodded in understanding. "I forgot about that; no wonder you can find me so easily by using the technology at that company. So how long will you stay here?"

"I have appointments with two people, so I have to go back there tomorrow." Yang Xiaoyi wore a gloomy look after hearing that, and Ling Yun immediately pinched her cheeks. "Sorry to disappoint you."

"It's fine." Yang Xiaoyi replied with a soft sigh. "After all, I decided to move to this country myself, so we can't meet too often, but you have to accompany me until before you go back there, okay?"

Ling Yun nodded to her. "Sure."

- To Be Continued -