"I'll finish my cooking first." Yang Xiaoyi said as she got off Ling Yun's lap, and she immediately ran to the kitchen again. "Anyway, you can take off your clothes and join me."

Ling Yun immediately took off his clothes and followed Yang Xiaoyi into the kitchen, where he hugged her from behind. "Where are your children?"

"My son is away with his girlfriend, and he won't be back for a few days." Yang Xiaoyi replied as she cooked. "As for my daughter, she'll probably be back at night because she's still busy with her campus assignments, and she'll definitely be happy to see you again."

"Hmm?" Ling Yun raised his eyebrows briefly. "Is Li Na still in a relationship with her boyfriend?"

Yang Xiaoyi shook her head. "Since we moved to this country, my daughter has no longer communicated with him. However, she has repeatedly asked about you, and she can't wait to see you again."

"Then why didn't she contact me?" Ling Yun asked in confusion.

Yang Xiaoyi turned her head and asked him. "Have you forgotten my daughter's character? She is an introvert and shy, but she always feels comfortable with you, and she even becomes very open to you."

"That's true." Ling Yun replied as he smiled. "Your daughter is actually a kind-hearted and smart woman, but her character makes it difficult for her to make friends."

"Yes." Yang Xiaoyi nodded at him, but she was shocked when she saw Ling Yun's dick, prompting her to grab it and squeeze it hard. "Even your dick has grown so big that I cannot wait to feel it inside of me."

"You can continue your cooking, and I will give you a much more extraordinary pleasure than before." Yang Xiaoyi nodded at him, but Ling Yun teased her by rubbing his dick between her legs and slipping his hands into her apron, and he squeezed both of her breasts at the same time, including her nipples.

"Mhn~" Yang Xiaoyi instantly moaned and pressed her legs together, which made his dick rub her pussy more intensely. "Ahh~ I missed your dick~ I really liked its size and hardness~"

"You still get horny as easily as before, huh?" Ling Yun whispered and blew into Yang Xiaoyi's ear, and splashing sounds could be heard between their genitals, especially since her pussy became soaked so quickly.

"Ahh~ you yourself know my illness~" As she enjoyed the pleasure of their genitals rubbing, and her mouth continued to release lewd moans, Yang Xiaoyi still tried to concentrate on her cooking. "Mhn~ my body became like this after I gave birth to my daughter, and my husband left me because of it."

"Did he never contact you?" As he increased the intensity of his stimulation on both of Yang Xiaoyi's private parts, Ling Yun started licking the nape of her neck.

"Ahh~ No~" Yang Xiaoyi's body swayed vigorously because of Ling Yun's actions, and her expression became more lewd with the pleasure that continued to fill her body. "Mhn~ My ex-husband has remarried now, and he doesn't care about me or our children."

Ling Yun couldn't help but sigh after he heard that, and he stopped his actions before hugging Yang Xiaoyi. "Anyway, there's something I want to tell you, but you'll probably be sad after hearing it."

"Hmm?" Yang Xiaoyi turned to Ling Yun with a raised eyebrow, especially after she saw his serious expression. "What do you want to tell me?"

"Finish your cooking first, and I'll tell you after." Ling Yun said as he started to stimulate Yang Xiaoyi again, which made her cooking take a little longer.

However, Yang Xiaoyi continued to enjoy all of his action, and she even reached orgasm once, especially since her body was too sensitive, which made her reach her orgasm easily.

[You obtained 50 Yin Qi from the individual named Yang Xiaoyi.]

Yang Xiaoyi gasped heavily as her hands supported her body on the table, and Ling Yun continued to hug her from behind. "Hah... You made me orgasm just because of your stimulation."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed softly. "I'll make you orgasm many times later, but let's finish your cooking first."


Minutes later, she had turned off the stove, and Yang Xiaoyi immediately turned to Ling Yun and put her right hand around Ling Yun's neck, but her left hand played with his dick, which was still wet with her pleasure liquid. "Now you can tell me."

"I'm a cultivator now."

After he said that, Yang Xiaoyi looked at him dumbfounded, especially since she only knew about cultivators because she often saw Ling Yun reading novels about them, and she had always thought that they were just a fantasy.

Seeing her expression, Ling Yun immediately opened his palm and showed his black flames to Yang Xiaoyin, which sent her completely into shock.

However, Yang Xiaoyi soon returned to her senses, but Ling Yun dispelled his black flames when she was about to touch it. "Your hands will turn to ashes."

"I see." Yang Xiaoyi then looked at him seriously. "So cultivators are real, huh?"

"Yes." Ling Yun replied as he nodded. "Not only cultivators, but even demons and angels also exist."

Yang Xiaoyi took a deep breath and looked at Ling Yun speechlessly. Even though she had seen for herself that he could use black flames, she still found it hard to believe that cultivators were real, let alone angels and demons.

"I know you'll be shocked and find it hard to believe me, so I'll show you another thing, but I hope you won't be scared of me." Hearing that, Yang Xiaoyi just nodded at him, and Ling Yun immediately transformed into his half-dragon form, causing her to gasp in shock. "This is my other form, so you don't need to doubt my words anymore."

Even though she was really shocked to see that, Yang Xiaoyi didn't feel the slightest fear towards Ling Yun, especially after all the time they had spent together, so she believed that he would never hurt her.

"How did you become like this? Are all the changes that happened to you because you are a cultivator?" Yang Xiaoyi asked as she rubbed Ling Yun's dragon horns, and she finally believed his words after she felt their authenticity.

Hearing that, Ling Yun immediately explained everything to Yang Xiaoyi, starting with Wen Qing, and he also told her about the incident that made him almost lose his life, including his encounter with Ling Xi and many other things.

"Is that Ling Xi here now?" Yang Xiaoyi asked as she looked around them, but she instantly jumped in fright as soon as she appeared in front of her, especially since she was floating in the air.

Ling Xi smiled in amusement at Yang Xiaoyi's expression. "Aren't you looking for me? Then why are you acting like that?"

"Isn't it because of you?" Yang Xiaoyi asked back with a pout. "If other people saw you suddenly appear like this, they would probably die of a heart attack! Luckily, I have a strong heart, and I'm also used to watching horror movies, so I- Ouch!"

Suddenly, Ling Xi smacked Yang Xiaoyi's head and shouted at her. "Do you think I'm a ghost? I'm a spirit, but you compare me to the ghosts from those stupid movies!"

"Look at you! Only a ghost can appear out of nowhere like you!" Yang Xiaoyi refuted with a loud voice.

"Tch!" Ling Xi gritted her teeth and returned to her original form, which made Yang Xiaoyi's eyes widen and her jaw drop open. She then lifted her chin with her index finger and asked. "Have you ever seen a ghost as beautiful and sexy as me?"

Yang Xiaoyi shook her head speechlessly, but her hands suddenly lifted Ling Xi's breasts. "How can you have these two monsters?"

"Monsters, your ass!" Ling Xi shouted as she slapped Yang Xiaoyi's hand. She then put her hand on her waist and puffed out her chest. "I'm a spirit, and I'm not just any spirit, so a human like you can't compare to me!"

"Spirits? Aren't spirits no different from ghosts?" Yang Xiaoyi asked in confusion.

"I told you I'm not a ghost!" Ling Xi replied furiously. "If you dare call me a ghost one more time, I will turn you into a real ghost!"

Hearing her threat, Yang Xiayoi immediately hid behind Ling Yun and stuck out her tongue at her, causing him to burst out laughing at their antics. "All right, you guys can stop now, and don't scare Xiaoyi anymore, Ling Xi."

"Humph!" Ling Xi snorted and returned to her loli form, but she didn't leave them and floated in front of them.

Ling Yun then turned to Yang Xiaoyi. "Spirits are nature creatures, so Ling Xi is different from ghosts. However, her cultivation is much higher than mine, and she also has many special abilities, so she can appear and disappear whenever she wants."

"Oh." Yang Xiaoyi nodded in understanding as she stole a glance at Ling Xi. "So why are you suddenly telling me all this?"

"Xiayoi, I decided to tell you all this because we will be leaving this earth the day after tomorrow." Yang Xiayoi instantly froze after hearing that, and Ling Yun continued. "I remember that you always hated the life of cultivators in novels and found it very brutal, so I wasn't sure that you were willing to join us. That's why I decided to reveal everything, for I don't want to make you wait for me endlessly."

- To Be Continued -