"I'm going to orgasm, Xiaoyi." Ling Yun said as he rubbed her head gently.

Yang Xiaoyi herself had also realized that, especially since Ling Yun's dick kept pulsing in her mouth, and she immediately swallowed his dick deeper, causing his cum to flow straight down her throat. 'Hmm? What is this weird feeling? I felt something else in his cum, which made me not want to stop enjoying it.'

Unlike in the past, Yang Xiaoyi, who has become a cultivator, can now feel the power and benefits of Ling Yun's Yang Qi. Besides, she could also feel that her cultivation had instantly broken through several times after she swallowed it all, especially since their cultivation difference was five major stages.

After a while, Yang Xiaoyi released his dick from her mouth and looked at Ling Yun in disbelief, but he just smiled and cleansed her mouth with qi. "How do you feel after tasting my cum?"

"I feel your cum is delicious now, and I want to swallow it again." Yang Xiaoyi replied as she stood up and pulled Ling Yun down from the table. "Moreover, I just became a cultivator, but how can my cultivation improve so quickly after swallowing it?"

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed and briefly kissed her lips. "I'm not an ordinary cultivator, and my cultivation is far above yours now, plus my Yang Qi is very strong for women. Besides, my dual cultivation technique is also special, and it helps you convert my Yang Qi into your strength, which makes your cultivation improve faster."

However, Yang Xiaoyi actually looked at Ling Yun in confusion, especially since she still didn't know much about cultivators and the like.

Ling Yun then spoke to him again. "The simple explanation is that your cultivation will continue to improve faster if you have sex with me often."

"Is that true?" Ling Yun nodded at him, and Yang Xiaoyi immediately leaned forward on the kitchen table as she lifted her buttocks. "Insert your dick in my pussy right now; I can't wait to feel it inside me, especially since it's still so hard even though you just orgasmed."


Ling Yun directly slapped Yang Xiaoyi's buttocks. "What a pervert!"

"Ahh! Why did you slap my butt?" Yang Xiaoyi asked as she rubbed her red buttocks.

"Haha." Ling Yun simply laughed and pointed his dick into her wet pussy. "Are you ready?"

"Quickly! Put it in, honey~" Yang Xiaoyi begged as she wiggled her buttocks, but she immediately moaned as soon as Ling Yun's dick moved into her pussy. "Ahh~ your dick is too big~ it stretches my pussy too much~"

"Do you like my dick?" Ling Yun inquired as he slowly moved his dick back and forth, but he did not insert it further.

"Ahh~ Honey~ You are such a teased~" Yang Xiaoyi tried to move her body backwards, but Ling Yun held her buttocks and continued to tease her. "Ahh~ Honey~ my pussy craves your big dick~"

Hearing that, Ling Yun continued to tease her, and his fingers caressed her smooth back slowly, igniting Yang Xiaoyi's lust even more.

After all, they had been together for so long, and they had also had sex many times, so Ling Yun was very familiar with all of Yang Xiaoyi's sensitive areas.

Sure enough, Yang Xiaoyi's warm pleasure liquid soaked Ling Yun's dick even more, and his actions caused her body to writhe wildly. "Ahh~ Honey~ You're so annoying! Ahh~ Fuck me now, please!"

"Hehe." Ling Yun chuckled when he heard that, but he immediately leaned forward and licked Yang Xiaoyi's nape. His hands continued to caress her back, while his dick rubbed her clitoris.

"Ahh~ No~ I'm going to orgasm again~~"

"Release it; it will make you feel comfortable."

"Ahh~ I'm cumming~" Instantly, Yang Xiaoyi's hands gripped the table tightly, and her body jerked again and again. Her liquid pleasure was still so much, even though she had orgasmed three times before.

[You obtained 100 Yin Qi from the individual named Yang Xiaoyi.]

After Yang Xiaoyi enjoyed her fourth orgasm, Ling Yun thrust his dick into her pussy, causing her head to tilt upwards and let out a loud moan. "Ahh~ Oh gosh~ Your dick completely fills my insides~ the head of your dick even touches my womb~"

"You are still as strong as ever, Xiaoyi." Ling Yun whispered to her as he licked her earlobe gently. "The first time we met, we had sex almost all day, and I couldn't even count our orgasms."

"Hah... I myself never thought that you could be so strong back then." Yang Xiaoyi answered and looked back. "Even though your body and dick weren't as big as they are now, you used to be very strong in bed; even Zhiyi and the others always praised your strength."

"If I wasn't strong before, how could I satisfy all of you back then?"

"That's true." Yang Xiaoyi then said to him. "In that case, I want to feel your current strength; I'm sure you are several times stronger than before."

"Of course." Ling Yun then kissed her lips for a moment and told her. "Currently, my women are not only them, but I have dozens of women now."

"Huh?" Yang Xiaoyi was really shocked to hear that, especially since she didn't have any information about Ling Yun's other women, except for his old customers. "Is that true? How many women do you have now?"

"Almost forty." After he said that, Ling Yun immediately touched Yang Xiaoyi's forehead, and he shared the images of all his women with her, which sent her into complete shock, especially after she recognized the identities of some of his women.

Yang Xiaoyi then frowned and asked him with a serious look. "Are you really in an incestuous relationship with your entire family?"

Ling Yun was not surprised to hear her question, especially since he knew that Yang Xiaoyi's connections were very extensive, and he immediately told her the truth. "My mother is my first wife, and they are all truly my women."

"You are truly insane, you know?" Yang Xiaoyi said as she shook her head.

Ling Yun then asked him. "Are you disappointed with my relationships with them?"

"Yes, I'm disappointed with that." Yang Xiaoyi replied bluntly. "However, I know that you cultivators are really weird, and you guys can't care about the laws of ordinary people, so I can't say anything about your relationship with them."

"You're right, I can't care about those useless laws." Ling Yun replied as he nodded. "Even though my relationships with them is very strange, I love them wholeheartedly, and they also sincerely love me."

Yang Xiaoyi sighed softly after she saw his expression when he said that, and she knew that he truly loved them. She then kissed Ling Yun's lips and said to him. "Forget it; I want to enjoy my time with you for now, so I don't want to talk about that anymore."

"All right." Without wasting any time, Ling Yun immediately pound Yang Xiaoyi's pussy with his big dick.

"Ahh~ you're moving too fast~~" Instantly, Yang Xiaoyi started moaning again, and her body swayed with every thrust of Ling Yun's dick inside her pussy.

"Don't you want to feel the true pleasure of sex?"

"Mhn~ Yesh~ Fuck me until I'm incapable of leaving my bed."

"As you wish, my dear Xiaoyi."

After that, they had sex for a very long time, and they did it in almost all areas of the house, except for Yang Xiaoyi's two children's bedrooms.

Besides, Ling Yun also gave Yang Xiaoyi the dual cultivation pills, and he also swallowed them himself to help her improve her cultivation even more.

Ling Yun did it on purpose, especially since he still didn't know about her decision. If Yang Xiaoyi was not willing to go with them, then she could protect herself and her two children, and he also thought about asking some of his acquaintances to protect them from bad people.

After they orgasmed again and again, Ling Yun gave her Qi restoration liquids, for Yang Xiaoyi still didn't want to stop having sex with him, especially after she felt the power of his Yang Qi in her body repeatedly.

When it was nightfall, they finally stopped dual cultivating, and Ling Yun immediately took Yang Xiaoi to his room and accompanied her to rest. "Are you satisfied now?"

"Haha." Yang Xiaoyi laughed softly and snuggled into his chest. "Honestly, I still want to have sex with you, but I don't have the energy to move now. Moreover, my daughter will probably be back soon, and I would be very embarrassed if she saw me doing it with you."

Ling Yun hugged Yang Xiaoyi tighter and asked her. "So what about your decision? Are you willing to come with us?"

"Are you really going to protect us forever?" Yang Xiaoyi asked as she looked up at him.

"Of course." Ling Yun replied with a firm nod. "You are all my family, so I will definitely protect you well, and I will never let anything bad happen to you."

Yang Xiaoyi did not answer him directly, and her eyes continued to look at Ling Yun thoughtfully. On the one hand, she didn't like the life of a cultivator, but she is a cultivator now. On the other hand, she also doesn't want to part with him because he means a lot to her, and she also enjoys having sex with him. "Before I make a decision, I want to talk to my kids first, okay?"

- To Be Continued -