After she contacted her son and got his answer, Yang Xiaoyi decided to rest, especially since she felt very exhausted after dual cultivating with Ling Yun for so long.

After that, Li Na pulled Ling Yun out of her mother's room and led him to walk towards the beach, as she wanted to spend time together with him.

Even though he already had so many women, Ling Yun felt awkward because Li Na hugged his arm in her cleavage, making her massive breasts press against his arm. "How did you know about my exploits in the cultivator realm? Did you join one of those sects?"

"Yes." Li Na nodded and showed him a jade that had the word 'cloud' written on it, surprising Ling Yun. "Big Brother and I are disciples of the Cloud Sect, so we heard a lot about you from people in our sect, including about you winning the competition."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "I didn't expect that you were the sect sister of Yi Shu and Yi Shi."

"Hehe." Li Na giggled and hugged Ling Yun's arm tighter. "Even though we are in the same sect, our masters are different, Brother Yun. They are Sect Master Qin's direct disciples, and our master is Wu Yun. Anyway, Senior Sister Shu is your cousin, but she is also your wife, right?"

"Yes, Shu is indeed my cousin and wife." Ling Yun answered truthfully. "But since when did you become a cultivator? And how did you meet your master?"

Li Na turned to him and told him. "You may not know about the Cloud Sect, but Sect Master Qin and all the elders often go to this place to look for new seedlings, so we met our master here, and most of our disciples came from outside the Cultivator Realm."

"Oh?" Although he is the Lotus Sect disciple, Ling Yun has little contact with members of that sect, and he only knows a few of them, let alone other sects.

"In fact, the founder of the Cloud Sect also originated from here, and his master brought him into the cultivator realm. After he became strong, he decided to establish the sect." Ling Yun nodded repeatedly after hearing that, and Li Na spoke to him again. "Anyway, we have been cultivators since we were still in junior grades, but we never told our parents. Our father didn't have profound veins, and you know about our mother yourself."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed at that. "Back then, Xiaoyi always complained whenever she saw me reading novels about cultivators, and she told me openly that she hated such a life, so I wasn't sure that she would be willing to go with me to higher realms. However, everything has changed since you guys are cultivators now, and I feel relieved that she is willing to go with me."

"En." Li Na nodded at him. "I'm really grateful that Sister Xi turned my mother into a cultivator, or she would have never agreed to go with you, and I wouldn't have been able to see you again if that happened."

"Will you miss me if that happens?" Ling Yun asked as he turned to Li Na.

Li Na answered his question with a strong nod. "I will be very sad and miss you badly, but I will never give up on seeing you again, and I will cultivate diligently to become stronger so I can follow you to the higher realms."

Ling Yun smiled and hugged Li Na. "Since Xiaoyi has decided to go with me, you don't need to think about it anymore, and we will go together."

"En." Li Na smiled sweetly as she hugged Ling Yun back.

After that, Ling Yun took Li Na's hand and led her to the beach, and he saw his woman still having fun there.

Tang Zhiyi immediately asked her husband in surprise. "Eh? Isn't she Xiaoyi's daughter?"

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded and introduced her to them. "Her name is Li Na, and she is indeed Xiaoyi's daughter."

Even though she already knew about Ling Yun's relationship with Yi Shu, Li Na was still truly shocked after she found out that some of his women were family members, including his mother. However, a faint smile suddenly appeared on her face, but she didn't say anything to them.

Ling Yun then asked Tang Zhiyi. "What about Shen Yu and Chen Ying? Did you tell them about our departure?"

Hearing that, Tang Zhiyi let out a helpless sigh, and she answered her husband. "I already told them about our departure, but I didn't tell them that we were going to the higher realms. That's why they didn't want to let me go, so I was forced to give them sleeping pills."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "Even though they will miss you, I think it would be better if they stayed on this planet, and they could continue to live a normal life like now."

"Yes, I agree with you." Tang Zhiyi then asked him again. "How could Li Na be a cultivator? Even her cultivation is already higher than some of us."

Hearing that, Yi Mingxia and the others turned to Ling Yun with looks full of suspicion, and Zhao Yao immediately asked him. "Did you just dual-cultivate with Xiaoyi and Li Na at the same time?"

"Huh?" Li Na gasped in shock after hearing that, and her face flushed brightly, but she immediately shook her head and explained everything to them all.

They nodded in understanding after listening to all of Li Na's explanations, but they also noticed the strangeness in her attitude. After all, they were experienced women, and they could tell that she had fallen for their husband judging from her reaction, but they also knew that she was trying hard to cover up her feelings, so they decided not to say anything for now.

Song Mei then embraced Li Na's shoulder and said to her. "I didn't expect that you and your brother are of the same sect as Shi'er and Shu'er, but I heard that your mother hates cultivators."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed and told them. "Xiaoyi is already a cultivator now, and she has agreed to go with us to the higher realms."

"Huh?" They were surprised at that, and Ying Zi asked him. "How can you convince Xiaoyi to become a cultivator like us?"

"I turned her into a cultivator." Ling Xi answered Ying Zi's question as she laughed loudly. "That stupid woman was too timid about the life of a cultivator, so I was forced to do that, or else she would regret it for the rest of her life."

"Haha." Liu Qiyue laughed softly and spoke. "You are really naughty, Sister Xi! However, you have done the right thing regarding Xiaoyi, especially since we all know very well about her feelings for our husband. If he really leaves her on this planet, I'm sure she will fall into depression again, and it will cause her great pain."

"That's true." Su Fei replied with an affirmative nod. "Whenever we get together, Xiaoyi is the most excited whenever we talk about our husband, so I'm really relieved that she's willing to come with us."

Liao Yu then asked him. "So when will we return to the cultivator realm?"

"Tomorrow morning, we will help Xiaoyi pack everything, and we will also pick up Li Fan and his girlfriend." Ling Yun replied as he looked far away. "After that, we will return to the cultivator realm, and I will meet Xuanyuan Xue'er at the cultivator peak to spar with her."

"Are you able to defeat Xuanyuan Xue'er, Son?" Yi Mingxia asked as she hugged Ling Yun's arm.

Ling Yun turned to her and answered her. "Xue'er's cultivation may be far above mine, but since we won't fight using our cultivation, and we'll only use our techniques, I might still have a chance to defeat her."

Upon hearing that, Ling Yin spoke to him. "After all, you have the dream space as your cheat, and your clone has been training there for so long, so I'm sure you can defeat Xuanyuan Xue'er."

"Unfortunately, you're wrong about that, Yin." Ling Yun replied as he shook his head. "The biggest difference between me and Xuanyuan Xue'er is experience. Although I have mastered all my techniques to perfection, her experience in actual combat is far above mine, so I will never underestimate her."

"Yun'er is right, Yin." Yi Mingzhu joined in. "After all, Xuanyuan Xue'er has always been considered the strongest cultivator in the cultivator realm, and she has also experienced many life-and-death situations, so you can't underestimate her like that."

Ye Jing suddenly said to them. "In that case, we all have to go to the cultivator peak tomorrow, we have to support and cheer our husband to defeat Xuanyuan Xue'er."

After they talked for some time, the women decided to return to the hotel and rest first, especially since it was already too late.

However, Li Na asked Ling Yun to accompany her on the beach, and they talked about many things, especially about his relationships with each of his women.




The next morning, Ling Yun took his women to Yang Xiaoyi's house, which surprised her, and they quickly helped her pack all her important things. As for her companies and others, he asked Huang Tian to handle everything.

Meanwhile, Tang Zhiyi went to pick up Li Fan and his girlfriend, and they immediately returned to the cultivator realm after everything was settled.

- To Be Continued -