"Honestly, I find it difficult to part with them, but I have thought everything through, and I am forced to decide this for the sake of my daughters' happiness." Su Jiangwen then turned to her husband. "Unfortunately, my blockhead husband is too stubborn to admit that you guys are very happy with Ling Yun, even though you have to share a husband with so many women, and he insists on marrying them off to single men."

"In that case, why don't you two come with us?" Ling Xi asked in confusion. "If you guys come with us, then you two won't have to part with them, and you all can start a new life in the higher realms."

Su Jiangwen sighed heavily after hearing that. She then sat on the side of the bed and rubbed her daughters' foreheads. "Even though our cultivation is quite high for this lower realm, we also realize our limits, so we decided to stay here. But their future is still long, and I don't want to waste their talents by continuing to stay here. Although Qiuling will be angry with me, I'm sure she won't be angry with me forever, and she will understand why I did this to them one day. As for Qianyu, I'm sure she won't blame me, and she will definitely be very excited to go on an adventure there."

"If you have decided on this, I will take them away right now." Ling Xi then took out some pills and gave them to Su Jiangwen, and she explained the effects of each pill to him, which elated her.

Su Jiangwen immediately took off his clothes and ingested the Beauty Returning Pill after Ling Xi took her two daughters away, which caused Lei Yuntian to be in awe of his wife's appearance.

Su Jiangwen smiled at her husband's expression as she cleaned the black liquid on his body with qi, and she immediately let go of Lei Yuntian, but she still restricted his movements. "You are truly insane, wife! They are our daughters, but you treat them like that!"

"We'll definitely miss our daughters so much, but I'm doing everything for the sake of their future, so I hope you can let them go." After that, Su Jiangwen took Lei Yuntian to bed, took off his clothes, and mounted his lower body. "Mhn~ You've heard for yourself the effects of each pill, right? While we wait for them to return to our side again, we'll make a few more children, okay?"

Lei Yuntian was rendered speechless by his wife's words, but he was truly shocked to learn that Ling Xi had pills that could ensure 100% pregnancy.

"Hehe." Su Jiangwen giggled and swallowed the pill, and she also put one into her husband's mouth. "They probably won't be back for very long, and they will definitely be shocked by having other siblings when they return in the future."

"Tch." Lei Yuntian gritted his teeth after hearing that. "I hope our daughters will be truly happy with Ling Yun."

"Don't worry, I am their mother, and I am sure that they will be happy." Su Jiangwen then leaned forward and kissed her husband's lips.




"Where did you go just now?"

Ling Xi just smiled when she heard that. She then hugged Ling Yun's neck and whispered to him. "I have a surprise for you, and you will find out when we leave this planet."

"Which women did you bring for me this time?" Ling Yun asked again as he raised his eyebrows.

"Haha." Ling Xi laughed and stuck out her tongue. "I won't tell you now, but you will definitely be satisfied with them."

Ling Yun shook his head. "Are they the Lei Sisters?"

Hearing that, Ling Xi pouted her lips. "How did you know that the women were them?"

Ling Yun let out a heavy sigh. "I've long realized that you wanted me to take them, especially Lei Qiuling. Back then, you sent them into the Yin-Yang Chamber, and they've already spent quite a lot of time with us in there, so I'm sure that the two women are them."

"Your mindset has grown, huh?" Ling Xi muttered softly. "The old you wouldn't have guessed their identity, and you would definitely be clueless about them."

"Since I have responsibilities towards all of you, I have to be more mature, right?" Ling Yun replied as he smiled relaxedly.

Ling Xi nodded to him. "That's true; there are a lot of us now, so your responsibilities are getting bigger, and I'm glad you can become more mature."

Suddenly, Duan Wu and several demons appeared before them, and Basaus hugged Ling Yun. "Hehe! I can't wait to go with you to the higher realms, Big Brother!"

"En, we will leave after this." As he rubbed Basaus' head, Ling Yun asked Lillith. "So what about your people?"

"They were not willing to let me go, so I left them secretly." Lillith answered as she smiled wryly.

"I see." Ling Yun then asked the other demons. "What about the situation in the demon realm?"

"Since Lucifer and the others have become her slaves, Diablo can take care of everything easily." Layla answered his question.

Mao then added. "Even so, Diablo still needs time to adapt to the current situation of the demon realm, especially since she has been trapped in her prison for so long."

"That's true." Ling Yun nodded in agreement. "But I think it doesn't matter; Diablo will definitely be able to handle everything well later."

"At first, Diablo asked me and Layla to stay and help him, but we refused her request because we didn't want to be separated from our daughter."

Ling Yun smiled after hearing that, especially since he didn't want Zhao Yao and Kate to keep missing their mother, so it was great if they came along with them. "Hmm? She finally came, huh?"

Soon, the Xuanyuan Sisters landed in front of them, and Xuanyuan Xue'er immediately said to him. "Sorry for being late, and we can fight right now."

Hearing that, they all immediately moved to the side to surround them, and their expressions looked very excited, looking forward to their fight. After all, Xuanyuan Xue'er was the cultivator who had always been considered the strongest in the cultivator realm, and Ling Yun was their savior and peacemaker.

Ling Yun immediately took out the Chaos Dragon Scythe and said to her. "That's good; I can't wait to go to higher realms, so let's fight now."

Without wasting any time, they immediately attacked each other, and people could hear the sound of a scythe and a sword clashing with each other.

*Clang... Clang...*

Although Ling Yun's mastery of his techniques was perfect and his speed was also very fast, Xuanyuan Xue'er was still able to keep up with him. In fact, she has the upper hand over him, and he continues to be pushed back by her continuous attacks.

"That kid is a monster!" Long Weishan said as he shook his head.

Yang Yuan nodded in agreement with him. "Unfortunately, Ling Yun's experience in actual combat is still too minimal, and Xue'er can continue to push him back. However, if he continues to hone his combat skills over the next few years, I believe that no one on this planet will be able to match him."

"You're right about that, Old Yang." Ling Xiaofei said as her eyes continued to follow the movements of the two people. "Pay attention to Ling Yun's expression. He didn't appear to be in the slightest bit panicked, despite the fact that Xue'er was constantly pushing him back, and he appeared to be enjoying their battle instead."

"Sigh." Shi Xiaoyin sighed as she watched their fight. "If I think about it again, we are all really lucky that Ling Yun was born on this planet, or else we wouldn't have been able to stop those evil people. Besides, his presence has broadened our horizons, or else we would have never known about higher realms and other cultivation levels above mortal realms."

Meanwhile, the Feng Ancestors didn't say anything, and their eyes were only focused on Ling Yun, but the looks in their eyes clearly showed that they were amazed by his progress, especially since almost no one could keep up with Xuanyuan Xue'er before.




'She really deserves her title as the strongest! Her attacks are so strong and fast, and she can even pinpoint my weak points accurately.' Ling Yun muttered in his heart as he parried and tried to find an opening to counterattack. 'If this wasn't a practice match, I would have died several times at her hands.'

On the other hand, Ling Yun's abilities astounded Xuanyuan Xue'er, and she didn't anticipate that he would be able to block her attacks. 'He's only been cultivating for about half a year, but his abilities are already on par with cultivators who have cultivated for hundreds of years like me. If he cultivates and trains for decades more, I definitely won't be able to face him anymore.'

Suddenly, Ling Yun disappeared from Xuanyuan Xue'er's sight, causing her to frown.

However, Xuanyuan Xue'er closed her eyes and threw her sword into the sky. Instantly, several other swords appeared around her sword, and they immediately moved in a certain direction.

'Crap! What kind of technique is that?' Ling Yun muttered as he flew away and blocked Xuanyuan Xue'er's attack. 'I already used the technique my master taught me to suppress my presence, but she was still able to find me using her technique.'

- To Be Continued -