"Don't worry, you can meet them again in the future, but you have to focus on becoming strong from now on." Suddenly, Lei Qiuling realized that Ling Yun's hands were still on her cheeks, which made her face red.

However, before she could say anything to him, Ling Yun withdrew his hands and held Lei Qiuling's hand directly, and he pulled her away with him. "Since you two will be spending a lot of time with us, I hope you can mingle with my women, so you won't feel lonely."

Lei Qiuling felt helpless after she tried to withdraw her hand, especially since Ling Yun held her hand firmly, so she resignedly walked beside him.

Meanwhile, Lei Qianyu followed behind them as she smiled broadly, for she knew that her little sister had actually fallen for Ling Yun, but she was too stubborn to admit it. Besides, she felt impatient to start a new adventure in her life.

When they arrived there, Ling Yun smiled when he saw that Yang Xiaoyi and Li Na had become familiar with his women. Besides them, several lotus sect disciples who joined them also seemed to relax, especially with the presence of Ling Ling and Ye Jing among them.

"Hey! You guys are getting closer now!" Ling Xi immediately said to Lei Qiuling as she smiled teasingly.

"Humph!" Lei Qiuling snorted at her. "This must be your doing, right? You must have given the sleeping pill to my mother!"

Ling Xi shook her head. "I didn't give anything to your mother, and she did it on her own initiative."

"I don't believe you!" Lei Qiuling shouted at her with an angry look.

"It's up to you to believe it or not." Ling Xi shrugged her shoulders. "No matter what, you are here now, and I'm sure you will fall into my husband's arms soon, especially after you spend a lot of time together."

Lei Qiuling shut her mouth after hearing that, and she stole glances at Ling Yun. 'Sigh! I won't be able to hold myself back anymore if I continue to stay with him.'

Knowing that, Ling Xi smiled mischievously and laughed in her heart. 'Haha! It's useless for you to hold yourself back; I will do something so that you fall into his arms soon!'

As for Lei Qianyu, she didn't care much about her situation, plus the women openly accepted her presence, so she felt relaxed to be among them.

After that, Ling Yun informed them about their route, which made them look excited. Even though Bai Zhongyi's realm was also in the lower realm, it was still a new world for them, so they couldn't wait to explore and train there.

However, they were surprised when Ling Yun told them that there was not a single human there, and the realm was filled with various kinds of beasts.

Yi Mingxia then asked him. "So what are we going to do for this month?"

"Hmm?" Ling Yun thought and rubbed his smooth chin. "Since we don't know about the situation in Bai Zhongyi's realm, and we also don't know about the strength of the beasts in that realm, I want you guys to practice fighting with the beasts in the forest first."

"I agree with you, brother!" Ling Xiya answered as she stood up, and she immediately pulled Philia away with her. "In that case, we will go to the forest to train."

"Wait a minute!" Ling Yun immediately stopped them, and he directly touched Ling Xiya's forehead, imparting the partner mark to her. "Done, you can go now."

"Haha!" Ling Xiya laughed happily and ran out, but she kept rubbing her forehead, and Philia followed behind her.

Ling Yun then gave his partner marks to several other women based on their cultivation levels, such as Yang Xiaoyi, Duan Wu, Zoe, Hua Ning, Hua Yue, Mariel, and Yun Mingyue. That way, he could bring them to dual-cultivate within the Chaos Dragon Dome, and their cultivation could improve more quickly.

For the other women, like Ling Ling and the others, their cultivation was already higher than theirs, so Ling Yun chose to give his partner marks to them later.

After that, all the women went to train in the forest, and they trained under the guidance of senior cultivators like Feng Bing'er and the others, including Yang Xiaoyi, who was the weakest among them.

Even the two loli spirits also went with them, leaving Ling Yun alone, for they wanted to ensure the readiness of Yi Mingxia and the others to live in higher realms.

"It seems that their mindset has increasingly changed, and they will still continue to develop in the future." Ling Yun muttered as he left the main hall, but he saw Su Xiang sitting alone in the main garden, so he immediately approached her. "Do you miss home, Grandma?"

"Yes." Su Xiang nodded to him. "After all, I'm hundreds of years old, and I never imagined I'd leave earth one day, so I really miss home."

Ling Yun immediately sat beside her and took out a Beauty Returning Pill, and he gave it to Su Xiang directly. "Even though you are hundreds of years old, you are still very young for cultivators like us, and this pill can make you young again."

"Eh?" Su Xiang was surprised to hear that. "Is this the beauty pill that Madam Feng had auctioned before? Isn't it very expensive? Why are you giving it to me?"

"Not really." Ling Yun then told her. "Since no one has this pill on earth, I can set the price as I please, so you don't need to think about it. However, you should go back to your room first before swallowing it, so you have to clean your body afterward. That way, you can join them to train, and you can prepare yourself better to live a new life in the higher realms later."

"I see." Su Xiang nodded and sighed heavily. "The lives of cultivators are never easy, and life in the higher realms will definitely be even more difficult, so I can't continue like this, or I will become a burden to all of you. In that case, I will return to my room to swallow this pill, and I'll join them afterward."

After Su Xiang left him, Ling Yun immediately took Yue Ye, Gong Liyu, and Li Ying out of the Yin-Yang Chamber.

However, they immediately froze in place, especially after they saw the darkness of the night outside the barrier.

"You guys don't need to be shocked like this; we are currently in outer space, and we will arrive at another planet in a month." Ling Yun then explained several things to them, especially about the entire area in Yunlong Zuzhai. "You guys can choose your own room, and I will leave the task of taking care of this residence to you three."

"Yes, Master!" The three women answered at the same time, and they went to the residence building in another area. After all, they were only Ling Yun's servants, so they felt that it was inappropriate for them to stay in the main area.

After that, Ling Yun went to the Eastern Garden and sat cross-legged on a huge boulder. "A month, huh? Since I need to break through to the King Realm first before Bai Zhongyi can unlock my fifth seal, I'll focus on cultivating first while waiting for them to train."




Since he was too engrossed in his cultivation, Ling Yun didn't realize that two days had already passed, but his cultivation still hadn't broken through to the Peak Soul Realm, and he deliberately limited himself to strengthening his three cores first.

Even Yi Mingxia and the others did not bother Ling Yun, and they continued to focus on their training.

Suddenly, a portal opened not far from Ling Yun, and Zhou Yu brought a pale-looking Mu Shu out of it, especially after they had been in the void for two days.

"Cough... Cough..." Instantly, Mu Shu fell to the ground and vomited quite a lot. "Damn it! I didn't expect the pressure in the void to be so strong."

"Hehe." Zhou Yu giggled at that, and she then pointed at Ling Yun. "Look at him; he is too serious in his cultivation, and he didn't even notice our presence."

Hearing that, Mu Shu immediately looked up and looked at Ling Yun with a sweet smile on her beautiful face. She then stood up and approached him, but she didn't say anything and stood silently beside him, and her eyes remained glued to his calm but serious face. 'I haven't seen you for almost three months, but your cultivation has already increased several stages, and you will soon break through to the Peak Soul Realm.'

Zhou Yu shook her head, seeing Mu Shu like that. She then looked in another direction and disappeared from that place.




"Did you meet Mu Yan when you picked up Mu Shu?" Ling Xi asked Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu shook her head and answered her. "I didn't meet Mu Yan, but I have locked onto her movements, and she will soon arrive on earth to look for her little sister."

"En." Ling Xi nodded in understanding. "Mu Yan is overly protective of Mu Shu, so I had expected that she would go straight to earth. However, I didn't think much of her, and I'm sure she won't cause chaos there."

"That's true." Zhao Yu then asked her. "So how long will we train them in the lower beast plane?"

- To Be Continued -