Sometimes later, Bai Zhongyi landed in front of a cave right at the center of the planet, and Ling Yun immediately jumped down from her back.

Instantly, Bai Zhongyi's body was enveloped in a snow white aura, and she slowly shrank before turning into a woman, which made Ling Yun stare at her in fascination.

Bai Zhongyi's figure is as tall as Ling Yun's, and her appearance is extremely stunning, with a long snow white dress wrapped around her slender body. Her twin mounds are truly massive, and her hourglass curves are perfectly defined by the silk coiling around her waist.

The cold aura that her body was emitting would undoubtedly chill other cultivators by her side, but it didn't have much of an impact on Ling Yun because Ling Ling's aura was colder than hers due to her Yin Dragon Bloodline.

Her face was extremely mature and charming, but her expression looked so serious, and her clear black eyes looked beautiful but cold. Her nose is a bit small, and her small lips look pale.

Bai Zhongyi smiled when she saw Ling Yun in awe of her beauty, but she immediately took his hand and led him into the cave. Inside, there was a pond that was half red and boiling; the other half was white and covered by cold mist.

"What kind of pond is this?" Ling Yun asked as he squatted by the side of the pond, and he dipped both hands in both sides.

Bai Zhongyi squatted beside Ling Yun and explained it to him. "It is the Yin-Yang Pond, and the two extreme temperatures on this planet naturally formed it. In fact, there are many ponds like this in the higher realms, and their quality is much better than this one, especially since this planet is still a part of the lower realms. Since you are a dual cultivator and you have nine elements, this place is very suitable for you to cultivate, Master."

"I see."Ling Yun then asked her. "Can I bring my women here?"

"Yes." Bai Zhongyi nodded to him. "However, not all of them can cultivate in this pond, or they will either melt and freeze to death due to the two extreme temperatures inside."

Ling Yun himself had also realized that. "In that case, I will bring some of them here, and their cultivation will definitely improve a lot if they cultivate in this pond."

"That's true." Bai Zhongyi nodded and told him. "Your woman with the fire phoenix bloodline can cultivate in the hot area, while your other woman with the strongest ice element can cultivate in the cold area, and you yourself can cultivate right in the middle of it."

"I know."

Bai Zhongyi then told him again. "Master, the demons and those with Dark Qi can train at the southernmost part of this planet, and the people with water and ice elements can train at the northernmost part of this realm. Meanwhile, the other people with other elements can train anywhere else, but they can't get close to this place."

"Yeah." Ling Yun replied with a nod. "Do you think it's okay if they wander around on this planet?"

"Yes." Bai Zhongyi told him straight away. "Beasts with Emperor Realm cultivation and above only gather in the central area of this planet, so it's not a problem if they want to roam in other areas."

After he heard that, Ling Yun immediately asked Xiao Yin to inform the people about it, and he also informed all his women through the Harem Connection. Besides, he also asked several women to meet him.

"Master, you can try cultivating here, and I will help you." Bai Zhongyi said as she lifted Ling Yun to his feet, and she immediately helped him take off his clothes, but she smiled when she saw his lower body. "Oh... my... your little dragon is truly strong, Master."

"Otherwise, I can't possibly satisfy my women, right?" Ling Yun replied with a chuckle and directly stripped Bai Zhongyi naked. He then held and squeezed her massive mounds. "Your assets are truly monstrous, and they are as big as Ling Xi's."

"Do you like them, Master?" Bai Zhongyi asked as she wrapped her arms around Ling Yun's neck. After all, her ancestor was one of the loyal followers of the Primordial Chaos Dragon, and it was her duty to serve the heir of his bloodline.

Ling Yun nodded and squeezed them a little roughly, and he also pinched her tiny pink cherries on top of them. "I like them, and I can't wait to eat you."

"Haha." Bai Zhongyi let out a soft laugh. "Unfortunately, Master, I can't give my virgin yin qi to you yet, or else your body will explode because of it. However, you can eat me after your cultivation breaks through to the Five God Realms, and I will serve you wholeheartedly."


After that, Bai Zhongyi led him into the pond, and Ling Yun sat cross-legged in the hot area, and she herself sat cross-legged in the cold area with their palms pressed against each other. "Master, you can start absorbing the Yang Qi in this pond, and I will help you absorb the Yin Qi; only then will the Yin Qi in your body not exceed your Yang Qi."

However, Ling Yun suddenly remembered about Xiao Xiao; he opened a portal to the Yin-Yang Chamber and brought the cocoon that wrapped her out, which immediately floated to the ceiling of the cave.

"A woman with fire dragon and ice phoenix bloodlines, huh?" Bai Zhongyi muttered softly. "Your luck with women is extraordinary, Master. However, you were right to bring her out here, and she would be able to complete her awakening process faster."

"Yes, her name is Xiao Xiao." Ling Yun then let out a heavy sigh. "Back then, I was afraid that she would ascend to higher realms before me if she completed her awakening process too soon. But now, I'm ready to go to higher realms, and I also have Xiao Yin by my side, so I think it doesn't matter anymore if she could finish it faster."

After he said that, Ling Yun closed his eyes and absorbed the Yang Qi in the pool, but his absorption rate really surprised Bai Zhongyi.

Even so, Bai Zhongyi didn't say anything, and she did not immediately help Ling Yun absorb the Yin Qi, but she waited for some time before starting to help him.




Meanwhile, the Celestial Fortress had landed on the sea, and Xiao Yin had deactivated the barrier, so all the people there could go ashore.

After Yi Mingxia and the others explained Ling Yun's instructions, Feng Bing'er told her daughter. "You, Ling'er and Lian Bing, can take Feng Yao, Feng Qiong, Feng Xiu, Feng Xing, and Ling Ling to that cave to meet Ling Yun."

"Yes." The three women nodded, and they directly took the five young women away, leaving them behind.

Feng Bing'er then spoke again. "Bing Xue! You can bring your disciples, Ye Jing, Wen Qing, Yi Shu, Ying Zhi, Shui Lan, and those with water and ice elements, to the northernmost area."

Bing Xue nodded in agreement, and she immediately led Ling Yun's women and people who possessed both elements towards that area.

Zhou Yu then took Tang Zhiyi to train in another area, especially since she was the only one with space qi. Besides, Lei Lin brought Ling Yin and those with the lightning element along with her, and he trained them very seriously to prepare them to face the spirit guardians in the future.

Long Qiu and Zi Diao went to another area, taking Zhang Bing, Li Fan, and Jiang Chen with them. However, the four people from the Long Clan immediately followed them.

Duan Wu immediately used her dimension travel to take the demons and those with dark qi to the southernmost part of the planet, including Helena, Zhao Yao, and Ling Yun's demon and devil contracts.

Meanwhile, people from the Tang Clan, Huo Clan, and Zhang Clan moved together with their respective clan members.

Like in the past, Shi Xiaoyin specially trained Shi Yao and Liu Qiyue to deepen their mastery of puppet techniques.

After that, Feng Bing'er, Feng Yujie, Mu Shu, and Ling Xiaofei shared the task of training the rest of Ling Yun's other women and several other people, such as Yi Jie, Zhang Bing, Yuan Meng's parents, and Su Ling's grandmother.

Not only them, but even the hundred female beasts who lived in the heart of the Central Forest also left their homes and scattered to various corners of the planet to train.

As for Ling Xi, she floated high in the sky and spread her senses across the planet to monitor them all, and she did it on purpose in case anything unexpected happened to them, so she could move straight away to save them. "Sigh, I hope they will prepare themselves as best as possible, so we don't have to stay on this planet for too long, and we can go to the higher realms faster."




Feng Ruxue and the others were shocked when they arrived in the cave, but their expressions became joyful after they sensed the powerful Yin Qi from within the pond, so they immediately took off their clothes and entered the pond to cultivate.

Seeing their seriousness, Bai Zhongyi smiled faintly and looked at Ling Yun. 'Master, it has been a long time; we as your loyal followers have been waiting for the return of the Primordial Chaos Dragon.'

- To Be Continued -