A flying artifact quickly approached the lower beast plane; three women stood at its front end, and their eyes continued to watch the planet.

"Is this really the last planet, Senior? We've been searching for Ling Yun on dozens of planets for a month, and I'm getting tired of this."

"Hey, Chang'er! If you keep complaining, I will leave you on that planet, and those beasts will definitely like you very much."

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Chang'er shut her mouth, and Xuanyuan Xue'er could only shake her head. "Are you going to bring your little sister back with us, Senior? After all, there are two powerful spirit women beside Ling Yun, and I'm not sure that we can fight them."

"You're right about that." Mu Yan replied as she gently massaged her forehead. "Luxuria is stronger than me, and Zhou Yu's abilities are troublesome, so it's impossible for me to face them by myself."

"So what are we going to do then?" Xuanyuan Xue'er asked her again.

Mu Yan sighed heavily before answering her question. "For now, I want to observe Ling Yun first; if his character is really like what you guys told me, then I will leave my little sister with him. Shu'er is my only family left, and she has long fallen for him, so I don't want her to be with the wrong man."

"Ling Yun, he- Mhn~"

Xuanyuan Xue'er covered her little sister's mouth with her hand. "You don't need to listen to Chang'er, Senior. She has never liked Ling Yun, and she has always been hostile towards him for no reason."

'No reason, my ass!' Xuanyuan Chang'er cursed in her heart. 'That bastard is a lecherous man, Big Sis!'

Mu Yan glanced at Xuanyuan Chang'er for a moment. "Apparently, she hates Ling Yun because of you, and she is afraid of losing you if you were to fall to him."

"Yes." Xuanyuan Xue'er herself was also aware of Xuanyuan Chang'er's feelings, especially since they were siblings, and they were also very close. She then withdrew her hand from Xuanyuan Chang'er's mouth and said to her. "No matter what happens, I will never fall in love with any man, especially Ling Yun."

'Humph! You are a liar, Big Sis! I know you fell for his charm long ago! Otherwise, you wouldn't be so lenient towards him!' Even so, Xuanyuan Chang'er only dared to curse in her heart, or else her big sister would scold her again.




Soon, their flying artifact entered the lower beast plane, but Mu Yan frowned as soon as she sensed Ling Xi's senses lock onto her. "Don't you want to meet your old friend, Luxuria?"

"Haha! I had expected that you would find us."Ling Xi laughed as she appeared in front of Mu Yan; she then hugged and kissed her cheeks. "Long time see, Yanyan!"

"Ugh! Let me go!" Mu Yan said as she tried to push Ling Xi away from her, but she finally gave in and hugged her back. "Now you've found your happiness, huh?"

"Yes." Ling Xi answered and released Mu Yan. "Honestly, I met Ling Yun by accident, and I never thought that I would fall in love with him. However, many things have changed, and I am completely happy to be his wife now."

"I see." Mu Yan nodded in understanding. "I hope he can really make you happy, especially since you've lived in sadness and despair for so long."

"You don't need to bring up the past anymore, okay?" Ling Xi then turned to the Xuanyuan Sisters. "I've known you for hundreds of years, so I really didn't expect that you would bring them with you."

"We meet again, Senior." Xuanyuan Xue'er greeted as she cupped her hand towards Ling Xi, but on the other hand, Xuanyuan Chang'er turned her face to the side and snorted softly.

However, Ling Xi couldn't care about the attitude of a snotty girl like her; she then nodded and spoke to Xuanyuan Xue'er. "Since Yanyan decided to take you to that female sword master's realm, you should train hard under her guidance, and I'm sure you will become even stronger in the future. However, you should control your little sister's attitude in front of her, or she won't hesitate to kill her."

Xuanyuan Chang'er frowned upon hearing that, but Xuanyuan Xue'er immediately stopped her and answered Ling Xi. "I will definitely follow your advice, Senior."

"That's good." Ling Xi then turned to Mu Yan while pointing towards the distance. "Your little sister is there, and you can see that she is very happy, so I hope you don't obstruct her relationship with Ling Yun anymore."

Mu Yan immediately spread her senses towards her little sister's location, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face after she saw Mu Shu's cheerfulness while training the women.

However, Mu Yan instantly frowned as soon as she checked Ling Yun, especially since he was in the Yin-Yang Pond together with nine naked women. Before she could ask Ling Xi, she was shocked by his blood-red eyes, which caused her to shiver and withdraw her senses directly. "What the hell with your husband? He's clearly closing his eyes, but I can feel his blood-red eyes glaring fiercely at me as if he wants to swallow me all at once."

Ling Xi smiled at her words. "You must have heard many things about Ling Yun from them, but for the sake of his safety, I will not explain the details to you."

"I know." Mu Yan replied with an understanding nod. "Honestly, I was surprised when they told me that Ling Yun had a dragon bloodline, and looking at his blood-red eyes, I was sure that his bloodline didn't come from just any dragon, but it was probably the highest among them."

"Ling Yun's dragon bloodline is indeed not a random dragon." Ling Xi nodded to her. "Anyway, you don't have to worry about your little sister, and I dare to guarantee that she will be happy with him."

"I hope you're right." Mu Yan's expression immediately became serious, and her aura caused the Xuanyuan Sisters to shiver in fear. "If Ling Yun dares to hurt Shu'er's feelings, I will never forgive him. Even if I have to fight you, I will definitely make him experience immense regret."

"Haha." Instead, Ling Xi laughed at his threat. "Don't worry, it will never happen, and you will be able to witness Mu Shu's happiness in the future."

"En." Mu Yan immediately turned calm again. "I will entrust Shu'er to you, and I will take these two to that woman's realm now."

"All right, I will definitely take good care of your little sister."

After Mu Yan's flying artifact disappeared from Ling Xi's sight, Mu Shu suddenly appeared beside her. "Phew! Luckily, you stopped my big sis, or else she would have taken me away by force."

"I already knew that she would do that to you," Ling Xi replied as she nodded. "That's why I stopped Yanyan, especially since I will need your help in the higher realms."

Mu Shu nodded in understanding and spoke to her. "Anyway, we might be staying on this planet longer than we expected; most of them are still amateurs at fighting, so we have to train them very hard first, or they won't be ready to face the rigors of life in higher realms."

"Let's go back; you can help them train again, and I'll keep an eye on the others." After that, the two women disappeared from that place.




After he had cultivated for some time, Ling Yun finally opened his eyes, but he was stunned when he saw Feng Qiong, Feng Xiu, and Feng Yao naked in the pool.

Seeing his expression, Bai Zhongyi said to him. "They seemed too eager to cultivate in this pond, so they ignored your presence here, Master."

"En." Ling Yun nodded in agreement. "Anyway, this pond is truly amazing, and this extreme hot water is also very beneficial for my body."

"You're right about that, Master." Bai Zhongyi then pulled Ling Yun to the cold side. "This extreme cold is also useful for you, so it would be better if you cultivate in the middle of this pond, so these two extreme temperatures will enhance your physique even more."

Suddenly, Ling Yun pulled Bai Zhongyi onto his lap and briefly kissed her lips. "Seeing you naked like this, I really have a hard time holding myself back, you know?"

"Hehe." Bai Zhongyi giggled and embraced Ling Yun's neck. "In that case, you don't need to hold yourself back, and you can do whatever you want with me, Master."

Hearing that, Ling Yun immediately sealed Bai Zhongyi's lips and gave her a passionate, deep kiss, and both hands began to fondle her bouncy breasts.

"Mhn~" Bai Zhongyi unhesitatingly kissed Ling Yun back as she hugged his neck tighter, and she also didn't forget to move her lower body, causing their genitals to rub against each other intensely. 'Master, if possible, let's be intimate while you cultivate, so you can break through to the Lower King Realm faster, and I can unlock the fifth seal on your bloodline.'

'All right.' Ling Yun replied as he closed his eyes, and his body began to absorb the Yang and Yin Qi in the pond.

As they enjoyed their intimacy, Ling Yun started to sink into his cultivation, and Bai Zhongyi smiled after noticing that. 'If the others knew about our current master, I'm sure they would definitely be impatient to meet him.'

- To Be Continued -