Hearing Bai Zhongyi's moan, the women opened their eyes, and they were surprised to see Ling Yun being intimate with her.

Feng Ruxue and the other four women just smiled at seeing them like that, especially since they were his wives, and they closed their senses of hearing and focused on their cultivation again.

The case was different with Feng Qiong, Feng Xiu, and Feng Yao. They finally realized that Ling Yun had already seen their naked bodies, which caused their faces to turn completely red.

Even though Feng Qiong and Feng Yao had long fallen for Ling Yun, they still had not thought about taking things further with him. As for Feng Xiu, she is no different from her two sisters, but she keeps suppressing her feelings, especially since her mother and big sister are his wives.

'Ugh! He is completely absurd! He could even do intimate things and cultivate simultaneously!' Feng Xiu immediately followed the other woman by closing her sense of hearing, so she didn't need to hear Bai Zhongyi's moans.

Even though they had peeked at Ling Yun dual cultivating with his women several times, Feng Qiong and Feng Yao were very curious about their activities, especially since they remembered for sure that the women's moans were always filled with pleasure whenever they did it with him.

Suddenly, Bai Zhongyi raised his body, which allowed the two women to see Ling Yun's erect dick clearly even though it was underwater. However, their eyes widened in shock when they saw her insert it into her butthole, and they reflexively covered theirs with their hands.

'Won't his dick hurt her butt? After all, it's too big!' Feng Qiong muttered in shock.

Unlike her, Feng Yao watched Ling Yun's dick seriously, and smoke rose from her head. 'Ugh! I don't dare imagine if his dick entered my body!'

However, they could see that Bai Zhongyi didn't seem to be in the slightest pain, even though Ling Yun's dick was already embedded in her butthole.

After all, Bai Zhongyi was a beast, and her body was much stronger than theirs, plus they didn't realize that she was using her qi to relieve the pain.

In the end, Feng Yao and Feng Qiong were unable to continue their cultivation, for their live show greatly piqued their interest.




[You obtained 20,000 Yin Qi from the individual named Bai Zhongyi.]

Minutes later, a notification appeared in Ling Yun's mind as Bai Zhongyi reached her first orgasm, and it made him smile.

If only Ling Yun didn't have his bloodline, he wouldn't have been able to absorb Bai Zhongyi's yin qi, and it was exactly the same as what happened when he did it with Feng Ruxue for the first time.

Bai Zhongyi hugged Ling Yun's neck and whispered. 'Master, please release your dragon yang qi in my body; I want to feel it.'

Hearing that, Ling Yun immediately opened his eyes and smiled at Bai Zhongyi. He then gave her the Yin-Yang Art and said to her. "As you wish, my lovely crane."

Bai Zhongyi smiled as Ling Yun's cum filled her but, glancing at Feng Yao and Feng Qiong before whispering. 'Master, don't you want to take them to be your woman? They've been watching us since earlier'

'Hmm?' Ling Yun immediately turned to the two women, but they immediately turned their red faces to the side.

"Hehe." Bai Zhongyi giggled and shifted from Ling Yun's lap after he finished his orgasm, and she pushed him towards them.

Ling Yun approached the two women, pulled them into his arms, and asked them. "Are you two willing to be my women? I know that you two fell in love with me."

They buried their faces in Ling Yun's chest in embarrassment, and Feng Qiong answered his question directly. "You're right that I have fallen in love with you, but I'm still not ready to be your woman."

Ling Yun then asked Feng Yao. "What about you, Yao'er? Are you still not willing to be my woman?"

"Not really." Feng Yao answered in a low voice. "However, I'm still afraid to do it with you, so I still need time to prepare myself."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding and released them from his embrace. "All right, I will wait for you two to be truly ready, so let's continue our cultivation now."

"Yes." Both women nodded at him.

On the other hand, Bai Zhongyi felt disappointed with Ling Yun's decision to let them go, especially since the two women could help him reach the Lower King Realm faster, but she didn't say anything to him. 'I will contact that woman right now, so she can prepare to welcome our master to the higher realms.'




Two weeks later, Mu Yan and the Xuanyuan Sisters had arrived at a town on a planet in the upper realm, but the planet was much smaller compared to Earth, and the number of inhabitants was not as numerous as there.

However, the Xuanyuan Sisters were truly shocked to see the activities of the people in the town, especially since they were all focused on their swords, and they could also feel that the sword qi in their bodies was several times stronger than theirs.

Seeing their expressions, Mu Yan told them. "That's why the other cultivators call this realm the Holy Land of Sword, for all the inhabitants of this planet are only interested in the Sword Path, and they dedicate their entire lives to the pursuit of the Sword Dao. That's why I brought you two here, especially since there is no other place suitable for swordsmen like you besides this realm."

"I see." Xuanyuan Xue'er nodded in understanding. "Not only are they skilled at swordsmanship, but their cultivation is also very high, and I can't detect their cultivation."

"En." Mu Yan then told her again. "Of course, you won't be able to detect their cultivation, for their cultivation is already at the Five God Realms, so you guys must always be careful in your actions. However, if you cultivate in this realm for a few years, I'm sure you can reach those stages faster."

"That's true." Xuanyuan Chang'er replied with a nod. "The Qi in this place is truly extraordinary, unlike on the earth, and I'm sure my cultivation will progress quickly if I focus on cultivating."

Mu Yan shook her head at her. "High cultivation without high fighting experience is useless, for upper realms are much different from lower realms. On your home planet, you might think that you can do everything with your cultivation, but you will die faster if you continue to think like that in this place. There are many cultivators whose cultivation is not very high, but they can kill people who are stronger than them because of the difference in their experience."

Unlike her little sister, Xuanyuan Xue'er is certainly aware of that. "You are right, Senior. Cultivation is indeed important for us cultivators, but experience and intelligence will determine everything. So I decided to practice and cultivate for some time on this planet, and after I was ready to explore other planets in higher realms, I would go traveling to gain more experience."

"That's why I decided to bring you here, because I really like your mindset, and I can also see your passion to strive hard to become stronger." Mu Yan then turned to Xuanyuan Chang'er. "As for you, you better change your mindset, or you will continue to be a burden to your big sister."

"I know." Xuanyuan Chang'er answered softly as she lowered her head.




After they walked for some time, the three of them had already arrived in front of a small house, but Xuanyuan Chang'er immediately frowned after she saw the weathered house. "Does the person you are referring to really live in this house, Senior?"

"Tch!" Mu Yan gritted her teeth and scolded her. "You shouldn't judge things by their appearance! The appearance of this house is not pleasing to the eye, but the owner is very powerful, and she can kill you before you can blink."

Mu Yan had just finished saying that, but Xuanyuan Chang'er suddenly froze in place, especially since a small sword had already been pressed against her neck without her realizing it, causing her to break out in a cold sweat.

Even Xuanyuan Xue'er was shocked to see the woman with waist-length black hair, for she herself did not notice her presence, and she was already behind her little sister.

Even though the woman's expression looked calm, her body exuded a strong and deadly aura, and the Xuanyuan Sisters could feel the terrifyingness of her sword qi.

Her face was mature and pretty, with two crystal-clear black eyes that were decorated with sword-like eyebrows. Her nose is a little big and pointy, but her thick lips look sexy.

The woman's figure was tall, not slim but not plump either, and she was very elegant in her plain white dress. Her assets aren't that big, but her curves are really nice, and her buttocks are quite bouncy.

The woman then said to Mu Yan. "I've been watching you three since you arrived in my realm, but I was really surprised to hear you being so talkative with them, and that's very rare, Yanyan."

Mu Yan shrugged her shoulders. "After all, I brought them here from the lower realms, so I have to explain a lot of things to them because I don't want them to die quickly. Anyway, long time no see, Jian Xian."

- To Be Continued -