Since they were focused on their cultivation and training, another month and a half had passed, and Ling Yun asked them to stop their training and gather on the beach.

Even so, many of the female beasts do not want to return there because they are comfortable living in the lower beast plane, especially since there are no other humans there.

Ling Yun didn't mind that, since he had never asked them to follow him, and they decided to go with him because of Feng Ruxue and the others.

Ling Yun informed them. "I will break through to the Lower King Realm first, and we will go straight to the upper realms afterward."

Hearing that, everyone cheered with joy, for they had been training hard for the past two months; even their cultivation and combat abilities had improved a lot, so they felt they were ready to explore the higher realms.

Seeing their expressions like that, Ling Yun immediately spoke to them again. "Even so, I haven't decided which planet will be our destination, but I plan to go to the Star Could Realm first, and you members of the Tang Clan can reunite with your ancestors."

"Do you think they will welcome us?" Tang Yixiu asked him.

"I don't have an answer for you, Senior." Ling Yun replied with a shake of his head. "I don't know the situation of the Tang Clan in that realm, and so much time has passed since they went to that realm, so they should already have a lot of new generations by now. However, if they are still the same as they were in the past, they should have welcomed you well. Anyway, you don't need to think too much about them; I will gladly accept you guys if they are not willing to accept you all."

Tang Wan smiled and felt relieved by Ling Yun's decision, especially since she had decided to be his wife long ago, and their relationship had also improved a lot over the past two months, so she found it hard to part with him or her family.

Tang Heng and Chu An also found it difficult to part with their daughter, so they also felt relieved after hearing Ling Yun's words, and they decided to stay with them.

As for the other women from the Tang Clan, they felt a dilemma regarding that matter. Even though they were already close to Ling Yun and his family now, they still wanted to reunite with their ancestors, and it was their main goal to go together with him.

Tang Yixiu sighed heavily and spoke to her juniors. "Like you guys, I also want to reunite with our ancestors, but I can't decide anything for now, and we have to wait to meet them first. If they are willing to accept us, we will stay in the Star Cloud Realm with them. However, if they are not willing to accept us, we will go with Ling Yun to another planet, and we will build our new clan there."

"Yes, Ancestor!"




After he discussed some other matters with his family and everyone else, Ling Yun asked Bai Zhongyi to take him to the center of the planet, for he wanted to use the advantages of the area to break through to the Lower King Realm.

The three spirit women and some people, like Feng Ruxue and the others, decided to accompany Ling Yun. Even the ancestors also joined them, for they wanted to witness his breakthrough with their own eyes, especially since he was about to face his first lightning tribulation.

After they arrived there, Ling Yun immediately landed on top of the cave where the Yin-Yang Pond was located, and he immediately checked the system.


> Peak Soul Realm: 980,000/1,160,000

- Yang Qi: 469,230/1,160,000

- Yin Qi: 510,770/1,160,000


> Yin-Yang World Ring

- Qi Reserves: 3,500,000/5,000,000

Ling Xi suddenly spoke to him. "Over the past two months, you have been continuously suppressing your cultivation, so your Qi reserves are already very large, and you can use them to meet the conditions for breaking through to the Lower King Realm, or else the Yin-Yang World Ring will reach its limit soon."

"En, you're right." Ling Yun replied with an affirmative nod.

However, Lei Lin immediately warned him. "Ling Yun, you better prepare for the worst."

"What do you mean by that, Lei?" Ling Yun asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Have you forgotten what happened when you helped Lian Bing break through?" Lei Lin asked back as she sighed softly. "The heavens are very vengeful, you know? Since you have blocked them from killing her, and they also failed to kill you before, I can say with certainty that from now on they will definitely try to kill you whenever you try to break through to the next level."

"Lei Lin is right, Ling Yun." Zhou Yu also spoke to him. "Since those one hundred and twenty-eight white lightning bolts didn't manage to kill you, they will definitely drop more powerful lightning bolts to kill you."

Bai Zhongyi suddenly said to him. "Master, if the heavens want to kill you, I will definitely protect you from them, so you can break through safely."

"No need." Ling Yun replied as he shook his head. "Even though your cultivation is already at the Five God Realms, you won't be able to withstand my lightning tribulation, especially if the heavens really want to kill me."

Ling Yun then opened his system shop and looked for a set of equipment, especially since he had never bought any other equipment besides the apocalypse set, and he felt that it would not be enough to help him face his lightning tribulation.

[You have successfully purchased the Heaven Grade Tiankong Equipment Set x1! 50,000,000 C has been deducted from your account.]

After he bought the equipment set, Ling Yun immediately put them on, which made all his stats increase by more than two thousand points, unlike the apocalypse set, which only gave him an extra five hundred stat points.

After that, Ling Yun immediately used his half-dragon form and sat cross-legged; he then closed his eyes to start his breakthrough. "You guys can retreat now, or my lightning tribulation will affect all of you."

"All right, be careful."

After the four women moved next to Feng Ruxue and the others, Ling Yun immediately absorbed the Qi within the Yin-Yang World Ring.


[You obtained 180,000 Yang Qi from the Yin-Yang World Ring.]

[You have broken through to the Lower King Realm.]

As Lei Lin said before, after Ling Yun received the notification, the entire lower beast plane became very bright, and the whiteout phenomenon suddenly occurred, which caused their eyes to blur and their vision to become very short.

Seeing that, the hearts of the Ling Yun women who were on shore sank, especially since they couldn't do anything to help their husband in his breakthrough, and they could only pray for his safety.

Soon, hundreds of white lightning bolts continued to strike in the sky, and a powerful pressure descended from the sky and pressed down heavily on Ling Yun, causing the cave beneath him to start cracking.




Not only Ling Yun, but even a strong cultivator like Ling Xi could feel the dreadful pressure, and Zhou Yu directly enveloped them all with the Void Wall. Only then would the pressure not affect them.

Mu Shu took a deep breath, feeling that. "This heaven's wrath is truly terrifying!"

"It's even stronger than when Bing'er broke through a few months ago." Bing Xue said as her eyes looked at Ling Yun tremblingly.

Feng Ruxue suddenly asked. "Do you think our husband will be able to get through this unharmed, Sister Xi?"

"I don't know." Ling Xi shook her head at her. "Even though this heaven's wrath is powerful, I'm sure that it won't be enough to kill Ling Yun. Even so, I can't be sure that he won't be injured, especially since he was injured quite badly when he helped Lian Bing break through."

"That's true." Lian Bing said as she nodded. "Fortunately, Yun'er has his Fast Regeneration, or else his injury back then wouldn't have been able to recover so quickly. However, his cultivation has increased by three levels since then, and his physique has also become stronger, so he probably won't suffer serious injuries."

The four young women from the Feng Clan, the Feng Ancestors, Shi Xiaoyin, and Ling Xiaofei did not say anything, but their expressions clearly showed that they were extremely tense, and their hearts were filled with fear if Ling Yun failed to withstand his lightning tribulation.

Even Ling Ling hugged Lian Bing's arm very tightly, and her face turned pale. 'Yun'er! I do not want to lose you! You must survive this heaven's wrath!'




After he waited for a long time, the white lightning bolts still had not descended, but Ling Yun felt increasingly pressured by the pressure that became stronger with each passing second.

Ling Yun then inhaled and exhaled air repeatedly, but he then looked up and shouted toward the sky. "Hey! Don't waste my time! You can try to kill me, but I will definitely survive your wrath!"

Hearing his shout, hundreds of white lightning bolts immediately descended from the sky at extremely high speed, but Ling Yun smiled faintly as he activated the Four Symbols Secret Technique right before they struck his body, and those attacks destroyed the cave beneath him.


- To Be Continued -