A week later, Ling Yun, who had been asleep for so long, finally opened his eyes. He smiled to see his mother cleaning his body with a wet towel, and he immediately pulled Yi Mingxia into his arms as he gave her a deep kiss.

Of course, Yi Mingxia did not reject her son, and she returned his deep kiss straight away, especially since she had been waiting for him to wake up for a whole week.

However, Ling Yun suddenly felt that the Qi around them was much thicker than usual. 'How long have I been asleep, Xiao Yin? Have we left the lower beast plane now?'

[Yes, Master. After you fell into a deep slumber a week ago, Mistress Xi and the others decided to go directly to the higher realms, and we will leave the lower realms in a few days. However, we will probably arrive at Star Cloud Realm in three months, so you can cultivate and train together with your women here for the time being.]

'I see.'

Without wasting any time, Ling Yun took off her mother's dress and pinned her under him afterwards, and Yi Mingxia cupped his cheeks as she laughed softly. "Hehe, you just woke up, but you're already horny like this, Son."

"I'm really hungry, so I want to eat you right now, Mom." Ling Yun replied with a gentle smile.

Hearing that, Yi Mingxia wrapped her legs around her son's waist and pulled him closer, and her hand placed the head of Ling Yun's dick in front of the entrance of her pussy. "What are you waiting for? You can eat me right now, Son."

Ling Yun then kissed his mother, thrust his dick into her pussy, and fucked her quickly.




An hour later, Yi Mingxia slumped limply on top of her son, and her breathing was very heavy after she orgasmed repeatedly in a short time, but she also felt satisfied with their dual cultivation, especially since her son's hot cum filled her womb. "Son, it seems that your strength in bed increased severalfold after you broke through to the Lower King Realm; even your dick is still so hard inside me."

"You're right about that, Mom." Ling Yun replied with a soft sigh. "After Zhongyi opened the fifth seal on my bloodline, I obtained the Chaos Dragon Strengthening Technique. Although I'm not using it now, it has made my body much stronger than before, and I think I can dual cultivate with all of you for a whole month now."

"That can't be done." Yi Mingxia replied by shaking her head. "None of us would be able to serve you for a whole month; even Sister Xi would be overwhelmed by that."

Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "No wonder the Old Dragon has thousands of servants, or else his loyal followers would definitely die."

"That's true." Yi Mingxia nodded to him. "During this week, Sister Zhongyi had told us a lot about the Primordial Chaos Dragon, and we were shocked to hear that he was able to dual cultivate with thousands of women for an entire year."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed softly. "That old dragon is really lustful."

"Aren't you the same as him?" Yi Mingxia asked as she lightly hit her son's chest. "The number of your women has almost reached fifty, and I'm sure you will add more women to your harem. If that really happens, sooner or later, our number will reach a thousand or more."

Ling Yun smiled wryly after hearing that, but he also felt at a loss to stop his lustful nature, which was getting higher as the seals within his bloodline opened more, and it was becoming more difficult for him to control it.

Yi Mingxia sighed at her son's expression. "Even though we believe that you will love and treat us fairly, we also feel worried if the number of your women continues to increase. However, we are aware of our physical strength, and we are also aware that sooner or later we will no longer be able to serve you, so it's better if you take some of them as your harem."

"Hmm?" Ling Yun looked at his mother in a surprise. "Which of them should I take as members of my harem?"

"Mei Yi, Tang Wan, and Li Na have been waiting for you for the past three months. As for Feng Qiong and Feng Yao, they have fallen in love with you since long ago, but you still have to wait for them to be mentally ready." Ling Yun nodded in agreement with his mother's opinion about the five women, and Yi Mingxia fell into deep thought as she tried to remember the reactions of all the women around them towards her son. "In my opinion, Mu Lingxue has already fallen in love with you too, but her Ice Heart Lotus Technique still hasn't reached the upper rank. Although the other Lotus Sect disciples are also close to you now, I can see that they are not in love with you, and they just admire you."

"Yes, you're right about Lingxue, Mom. In fact, she already confessed her feelings to me a month ago, and I already accepted her, but I asked her to wait until her technique reached upper rank." Yi Mingxia was surprised to hear that, for she had never known that, and Ling Yun continued. "As for Su Ling, Sun Xinxin, and Qiao Yan, I also know that they don't like me and only admire me, so I never approach them."

Yi Mingxia nodded and asked him. "Don't you have any intentions of approaching Ancestor Bing? Ling'er told me that she had swallowed your Yang Qi many times, but her mental strength was really strong, so she was still able to control herself even now."

"Bing Xue, huh?" Ling Yun muttered softly. "That old woman's heart was completely ice cold due to the effects of her Extreme Yin Body, I approached and teased her repeatedly, but I still had difficulty melting her heart."

"Oh?" Yi Mingxia looked at her son in surprise. "Did you do that when you guys were cultivating at the Yin-Yang Pond back then?"

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded to her. "Every time we cultivate there, Bing Xue always covers her body with thick ice, but she doesn't know that I can still see her icy naked body."

"Since when did you become a peeping tom, Son?" Yi Mingxia asked with narrowed eyes.

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed awkwardly at his mother's expression. "Honestly, I've never peeked at any woman except Bing Xue, and her Extreme Yin Body really attracts me to get her, but it seems I have to try harder to conquer her heart."

"Don't worry, I believe that you will definitely be able to conquer Ancestor Bing's heart soon." Yi Mingxia then asked him again. "Then what about Aunt Bing'er, Aunt Yujie, Aunt Xiaoyin, and Aunt Xiaofei? Don't you have any interest in them?"

"The four of them, huh?" Ling Yun then told his mother. "Like Bing Xue, I have also tried approaching them in the past few months, but three of them are still casual with me, especially Ling Xiaofei. As for Feng Bing'er, I feel that she has already fallen in love with me. We even kissed a few times, and she is also no longer embarrassed to be naked in front of me. However, she still continues to hold back her feelings, for she still has many burdens in her heart, and one of them is about my relationship with Ruxue and Fei'er."

"I see." Yi Mingxia nodded in understanding. "If it's true that Aunt Bing'er has fallen in love with you, then I want you to approach her more aggressively, and you must pull her into your harem as soon as possible. After all, she is a pureblood phoenix, and you guys can help each other to become stronger even faster."

Ling Yun agreed with her words. "I did plan to approach Feng Bing'er, but-"


Suddenly, the bedroom door opened from the outside, but many women looked at them with a shake of their heads, and Ling Ling immediately ran over to them as she said in a jealous tone. "Mom! You stole the start to dual cultivate with Yun'er."

"Haha." Yi Mingxia laughed softly and rolled off her son's body, which made his dick pop out of her pussy and tower before their eyes.


All of them gulped hard after they saw that, and Ling Ling quickly took off her clothes before she rode on her little brother's lower body, but Ling Yun immediately stopped her, especially since her body wasn't ready for that, causing Yi Mingxia and the others to laugh in amusement at her impatience.

"You are becoming more lustful like me, huh?" Ling Yun said as he squeezed Ling Ling's breast.

"Hehe." Ling Ling giggled and answered him. "After all, we both have dragon bloodlines, and my Yin Dragon Bloodline has fused with my body even more, so it's natural for me to be lustful like you, right?"

"That's true." After that, Ling Yun used his finger technique on his big sister, and he immediately inserted his dick into her pussy after her pleasure liquid flowed freely. "Mom, call them all to gather in this room, and I will satisfy you all at once."

Hearing that, the women standing at the door went inside and quickly took off their clothes, and Yi Mingxia immediately asked the rest of their sisters to gather in their husband's room.

- To Be Continued -