A few hours later, after the women were exhausted, Ling Yun immediately left them to rest, and he went to see the three young women who were chatting in the main garden. "You guys are getting along really well now, eh?"

Hearing that, Li Na immediately ran towards Ling Yun. She then hugged and kissed him. "Are you done having fun with my mother and the others, brother?"

"Why do you still keep calling me brother?" Ling Yun asked back as he led Li Na to sit with the other two.

"Hehe." Li Na giggled and sat on Ling Yun's lap. "Even though I'm your lover now, I'm more comfortable calling you brother. Moreover, you still haven't dual-cultivated with me, Mei Yi, and Big Sis Wan."

Ling Yun sighed and turned to them. "Do you guys also want to dual-cultivate with me now?"

"No." Mei Yi shook her head at him. "I want to dual-cultivate with you, but my cultivation is still low right now, so I want to improve it first."

Hearing that, Ling Yun pulled Mei Yi close and briefly kissed her lips. "Honestly, you don't need to think about that, for I don't care about your Virgin Yin Qi either, and I care more about you."


"No buts." Ling Yun interrupted Mei Yi directly. "If you want to dual-cultivate with me, we can do it now."

"En." Mei Yi just nodded and laid her head on Ling Yun's shoulder.

Ling Yun then turned to Tang Wan. "What about you? Among the three of you, you've never been intimate with me before, even though you decided to become my wife a long time ago. So do you want to dual-cultivate with me now?"

Tang Wan pursed her lips and answered him. "Even though I've decided to be your wife long ago, our relationship was still not close back then, so I don't want to do intimate things with you yet. However, many things have changed in the last three months, and I already know you much better, so I'm ready to be your wife now. Even so, I don't want to do it now, especially since you just finished dual cultivating with so many women."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed at that. "Are you worried that I won't be able to satisfy the three of you?"

"No!" The three women answered in unison. "I know that you won't feel tired even if you dual-cultivate with all the women in this place, but I still want you to rest first, and we can do it afterward."

"I agree with Mei Yi." Tang Wan said it with a nod.

However, Li Na suddenly jumped down from Ling Yun's lap and knelt in front of him, and she immediately pulled his pants down, which made the other two women facepalm.

Even so, Tang Wan kept glancing at Ling Yun's dick, and she gulped hard at the sight.

"Why do I feel like you are becoming more and more like Xiaoyi now?" Ling Yun asked as he rubbed Li Na's head.

"She's my mother, remember? Won't it be strange if I didn't look like her?" Li Na answered as she stuck out her tongue at him. "Don't you guys want to play with his little dragon?"

Mei Yi unhesitatingly knelt beside Li Na, especially since she had done it many times in the past two months, so she no longer felt embarrassed about doing so.

As he enjoyed their service, Ling Yun pulled Tang Wan closer and sealed her soft lips, and his tongue moved into her warm mouth.

Unhesitatingly, Tang Wan embraced Ling Yun's neck and closed her eyes, and their tongues intertwined together as they continued to move nimbly to each other's mouths.

After all, Yunlong Zuzhai was his private territory, so Ling Yun didn't really care about the gazes of the other women. Instead, he openly did it to lure some of them, such as Feng Bing'er.

Moreover, Ling Yun had ordered Xiao Yin to forbid those men from coming to his residence whenever he was intimate with his women in the open, so he didn't need to worry about them peeking at them.

Soon, the two women shared the task of satisfying Ling Yun; while Li Na played with his dick, Mei Yi played with his two balls.

*Slurp... Slurp...*

Ling Yun then pulled the cloth around Tang Wan's waist and opened her top before starting to lick her long and slender neck.

"Mhn~ Ling Yun~" Tang Wan moaned and hugged his head. "Mhn~ Bite my neck~"

Ling Yun unhesitatingly licked and bit her neck repeatedly, which left several hickeys there, but Tang Wan couldn't care less about that and enjoyed his actions instead.

Before long, Tang Wan's dress had fallen to the ground. The sweep of the wind and the warmth of Ling Yun's breath on her chest made her breath quicken as her lust continued to strengthen.

As she enjoyed every bit of Ling Yun's stimulation, Tang Wan's hands moved to remove his clothes, and the other two women also took off their respective clothes.

Quickly, their actions increased more intensely, and Tang Wan's moans continued to echo throughout Yunlong Zuzhai.




"Hey, aren't you going to confess your feelings to Ling Yun?" Lei Qianyu asked as her eyes kept glancing towards the main garden. "Over the past two months, I noticed that you felt very comfortable with him, so I thought you were ready to admit your feelings."

Lei Qiuling, who was playing her guzheng to cover Tang Wan's moans, let out a soft sigh. "I don't deny that I feel comfortable with Ling Yun now, especially since he is so considerate towards me, and he also always treats me gently. I admit that I have fallen in love with him even more, but I'm still not ready to share a husband with them. Besides, you yourself already know that he is a dragon, and dragons are known to be very lascivious creatures, so I'm sure the number of his women will still increase even more."

"En, I agree with you." Lei Qianyu replied as she nodded. "Even so, I can see that Ling Yun is very affectionate and caring towards all of them, so I think it won't matter if you become his wife, and I'm sure he will definitely treat you the same as them."

Lei Qiuling did not refute her big sister's words, especially since she had personally witnessed their relationship over the past three months, so she knew quite a bit about Ling Yun's character. Instead, she asked her big sister back. "Then what about you? Do you want to be his wife? You yourself also feel very comfortable staying by his side, right?"

"That's true." Lei Qianyu agreed to her little sister's words. "Even though I feel comfortable staying by Ling Yun's side, I don't have feelings for him, so I never thought about becoming his wife. Moreover, I think he is also aware of my feelings, or else he wouldn't treat me casually, right?"

Lei Quling couldn't help but sigh, for she herself noticed the difference in Ling Yun's attitude towards her and her big sister. She repeatedly approached and teased her, and his actions sometimes made her feelings waver, but he never did such things towards Lei Qianyu.




In another room, Feng Bing'er sat at the window, and her eyes kept looking towards the main garden, but she didn't notice the smile on her face.

Feng Yujie could only shake her head at her big sister's expression; she then patted her shoulder, waking Feng Bing'er from her reverie. "Are you really in love with Ling Yun, Big Sis?"

"Why do you ask that?" Feng Bing'er asked her back.

Feng Yujie grabbed her shoulders and looked at her big sister seriously. "Do you think I don't know anything? I've repeatedly seen you kissing Ling Yun, and you've even casually gotten naked in front of him. Moreover, we are biological sisters, and we have lived together for thousands of years, so I know you very well. Besides, I've noticed a change in your attitude after he kissed you for the first time a few months ago, and you often daydreamed to yourself after that."

Feng Bing'er sighed after hearing that, but she immediately admitted it. "You're right, Yujie. I've been thinking about Ling Yun ever since he kissed me the first time, and my feelings for him have only gotten stronger after everything we've been through together in the past two months. However, I still have a lot of burden in my heart, so I don't want to go any further with him for now."

"Are you still thinking about your husband?" Feng Yujie asked her, especially since she herself was still thinking about her husband. That's why she always kept her distance from Ling Yun, because she was sure that her husband was still alive out there, so she didn't want to have any relationship with other men.

"En." Feng Bing'er nodded to her. "Somehow I feel that Feng Tian is still alive, and I have a hunch that I will meet him again in the future. On the one hand, I have already fallen for Ling Yun, but on the other hand, I still hope to be able to reunite with your brother-in-law again, so I feel very dilemma about my situation."

Feng Yujie sighed heavily after hearing that. "Even though I miss my husband too, I also have doubts about him. If they are still alive now, why haven't they returned to our side?"

- To Be Continued -