Su Ling was helping Su Xiang comb her hair, but she felt a little jealous seeing that her grandmother had become young again thanks to the Beauty Returning Pill that Ling Yun gave her.

Su Xiang then looked at her granddaughter through the mirror and asked her. "Ling'er, are you not interested in Ling Yun?"

"Eh?" Su Ling looked at her grandmother in surprise, but she immediately shook her head. "Ling Yun is indeed a good man, and he also cares deeply about everyone close to him, but I am not interested in being his wife, and I am more interested in another man."

Su Xiang immediately turned to her in surprise. "Oh? Who is the lucky man?"

"Big Brother Long Zhan." Su Ling answered quietly.

"Long Zhan, huh?" Su Xiang muttered softly. "That kid is no less good than Ling Yun; his cultivation is quite high, his demeanor is also excellent, and he is proficient in many things."

But Su Ling's face turned sad. "Unfortunately, he loves Long Yuyi too much, and he can't care about other women, so he rejected me when I confessed my feelings to him."

Su Xiang sighed softly before pulling Su Ling to sit on her lap, and she asked her again. "Do you really love Long Zhan?"

"Yes." Su Ling replied with a slight nod. "Even though Big Brother Zhan has rejected me once, I will not give up on my feelings, and I will definitely make him accept me in the future."

Su Xiang didn't say anything after she heard that, and her mind instead wandered to other things. Before long, she sighed softly and spoke to her granddaughter. "If you really like Long Zhan, you can keep trying to win his heart, but I hope you don't fall into despair if he keeps rejecting you, understand?"

"En, I understand." Su Ling then stood up and informed her. "Grandma, I and the others will probably join one of the sects on that realm, so we won't be a burden on Ling Yun, and you should stay with him here."

"If you have decided like that, then I will support your decision." Su Xiang replied as she nodded in agreement. "However, you guys have to be careful, especially since we don't know anything about that realm yet, and we also don't have any backers there."

Su Ling immediately hugged her grandmother. "Thank you, Grandma. I will definitely be very careful there."




Meanwhile, the Feng Ancestors stood in front of the monitor, and Xiao Yin explained to them. "Even though your realm is in the Upper Realms, its location is too far from the Star Cloud Realm, and it will take us at least six months to arrive there. Besides, we have to pass through several quite dangerous realms, and we also have to face many powerful space storms. However, Zhou Yu can definitely take the two of you there easily, so you should discuss this matter with her."

"Big Sis-"

"Unfortunately, I can't take you two there." Zhou Yu suddenly said as she appeared in front of them, for she had heard their conversation earlier. "Big Sis once told you that the Phoenix World is covered by the crimson sphere, right?"


Zhou Yu then continued her explanation. "Honestly, no one knows where the crimson sphere came from, and it suddenly appeared on its own after the war was over. Even the spirit of fire, Huo Ling, had tried going there once, but she also couldn't withstand the heat in that realm."

The Feng Ancestors were shocked to hear that, and Feng Yujie asked her. "Is there no other way for us to go to that realm, Senior?"

"You only have one way to go there." The Feng Ancestors sighed heavily upon hearing that, for they already knew the answer. "That's right, only Ling Yun can bring you two there, but you guys have to wait for him to break through to the Five God Realms first. So for the time being, you guys don't need to think about that realm, and you two should focus more on your cultivation first. However, if you guys are that impatient to go there, you might be able to help him by dual-cultivating with him."

Feng Yujie couldn't say anything about it, for she didn't have any feelings for Ling Yun. On the other hand, Feng Bing'er thought about Zhou Yu's last sentence seriously, but she did not immediately make a decision.




[You obtained 1000 Yin Qi from the individual named Tang Wan.]

"Mhn~ I'm cumming~ Ling Yun~" Tang Wan let out a loud moan as her body convulsed intensely, especially since the first orgasm in her life was so strong, and some of it splashed onto the faces of the two women who were still kneeling on the ground.

Even so, Mei Yi and Li Na didn't care about that, and they preferred to take turns enjoying Ling Yun's cum, especially since the amount of his cum was quite large, plus his Yang Qi was also very beneficial for their cultivations and bodies.

After that, the two women cleaned their faces, and Li Na said to him. "Brother, you should dual cultivate with Sister Wan first, and we will wait for you in our room."

"I agree with Nana." Mei Yi said as she picked up her clothes. "I'll wait for you in my room, Ling Yun."

After Li Na picked up her dress, she and Mei Yi immediately left; they didn't want to make Tang Wan feel uncomfortable and embarrassed during her first sex.

Ling Yun shook his head, seeing the two women disappear so quickly. He then lifted Tang Wan onto his lap and asked her. "Do you want to do it here or in your room?"

"How about we do it here?" Tang Wan asked back with a smile. "Even though it's more comfortable to do it in bed, I feel more excited if we do it here, especially since many people will be watching us, and it will be more memorable."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed softly when he heard that. "I didn't expect you to be an exhibitionist, but I really like it, so let's do it here."

"En." Tang Wang nodded and wrapped her arms around Ling Yun's neck, but her heart was beating very fast because she was very nervous. "Treat me gently, okay?"

"Sure." Then, Ling Yun kissed her lips, lifted her body slightly, and rubbed his dick on her wet pussy.

"Mhn~" Tang Wan let out a muffled moan as her body was electrified by the rush of pleasure coursing through her body, which caused her mind to quickly go blank. "Mhn~"

'Ugh~ his dick is entering my body, but Junior Sister Ling's words are true, and it really hurts.' Instantly, Tang Wan hugged Ling Yun's neck tighter as soon as the head of his dick split her pussy open, and her expression looked so painful. Even though her pussy was already soaking wet after her first orgasm, she was still a virgin, and his dick was too big for her.

As an experienced man with dozens of women, Ling Yun naturally noticed Tang Wan's pain, so he immediately stopped pushing his dick. However, his hands gently fondle her ample breasts, and he occasionally rubs her nipples at the same time.

Naturally, Ling Yun's action made Tang Wan feel relieved and comfortable, and she immediately gave him a deeper and more passionate kiss; even her tongue danced nimbly in her mouth as she enjoyed his gentle sucking on it.

'I didn't expect that Ling'er and the others had already taught her how to kiss properly, so her kisses were really good and not sloppy.' Ling Yun inwardly muttered as he enjoyed their kiss, and his hands continued to stimulate her bouncy breasts.

After she felt that Tang Yan was getting comfortable, Ling Yun began to lower her body again, and his hardened little dragon moved deeper into her pussy, but he felt that the walls of her pussy were clamping down on it even tighter. However, he suddenly felt a chill on it, especially since she subconsciously released her ice qi, but he didn't stop her and enjoyed it, for he himself also had ice qi.

For some time, Ling Yun kept pushing and stopping, and he repeatedly waited for Tang Wan to adapt to his dick.

In the end, Ling Yun's dick had already touched her hymen, but he felt that Tang Wan's body was shaking strongly, for she was too nervous to lose her virginity. "Are you scared, Wan'er?"

"En." Tang Wan nodded to him. "Even though I'm ready to be your wife, somehow I still feel scared about becoming one, especially since you have too many women by your side."

Ling Yun cupped her cheeks and looked at her with an affectionate gaze. "I can understand your fear, but I promise I will treat you the same as I treat them, so you don't need to be afraid anymore, okay?"

Tang Wan then inhaled and exhaled repeatedly to prepare herself for the excruciating pain that would soon hit her body, and she immediately nodded to Ling Yun. "I hope you keep your promise to me, okay?"

"I will." Ling Yun nodded to her.

"Husband, take me as your wife now."

"Get ready."

"Do it."

[You obtained 3,000 Virgin Yin Qi from the individual named Tang Wan.]

"Argh!" Tang Wan grimaced in pain after Ling Yun dropped her body on his lap, and she then bite his shoulder, leaving teeth marks.

- To Be Continued -