[Do you want to register Tang Wan as your partner?]


[Tang Wan has been added as a partner.]

Seeing Tang Wan in so much pain, Ling Yun rubbed her back and channeled his light qi into her body. "How do you feel? You are my wife now."

"En." Tang Wan nodded slightly and felt relieved to feel her pain quickly subside. "Even though our relationship was originally due to our agreement regarding the fortress, I feel truly happy to be your wife."

Tang Wan immediately kissed him and moved her body up and down quickly, especially since her pain had completely subsided, and it was quickly replaced by the pleasure of Ling Yun's dick rubbing on her inside.

Ling Yun separated their lips and stimulated Tang Wan's breasts with his tongue, and he sucked hard on her tiny but haden nipples, causing her to release loud moans that could be heard from every corner of their residence.

Ling Yun himself enjoyed dual cultivating with Tang Wan, especially since she kept tightening her lower muscles, which made his dick squeeze tighter.

"Ahh~ dual cultivating with you is really amazing~ husband~"

"Me too, dear. I like your cold and tight pussy, and it gives my dick a pleasant cold sensation."

Tang Wan deliberately didn't hold herself back and moaned as loud as possible, and she wanted the women in their residence to witness their dual cultivation, which aroused her even more. As she wished, all of the women directed their senses to their location, and they continued to watch them.

Unlike Tang Wan, Ling Yun was certainly aware of their actions. He then made her lean forward on the garden bench, and he roughly fucked her from behind. "My dear, do you feel hornier? They are watching us now."

"Mhn~ just let them watch us~"

*Pa... Pa...*

"Ahh~ husband~ your big dick keeps rubbing inside me~"

As she savored the pleasure coursing through her body, Tang Wan's moaned louder as Ling Yun's hands squeezed her bouncy breasts roughly, and his fingers continued tweaking her hardened pink cherries, coupled with the thrusting of his dick.

"Mhn~ ravish my body harder~"

"As you wish, my dear."

*Pa... Pa...*

Ling Yun then lifted Tang Wan to lean against her chest, and he didn't forget to spread her legs to the side, which allowed the woman to see his little dragon moving quickly in and out of her pussy. "My dear, you can moan louder and let them know that they are missing this incredible sensation."

"Ahh~ right~ they shouldn't have to hold themselves back~ this pleasure is truly satisfying~" Tang Wang stretched her arms behind her to hug his neck, and her body kept rocking wildly. "Ahh~ insert~ insert your dick deeper~ let it fill my body completely~"

Ling Yun answered Tang Wan's request by thrusting his little dragon deeper, and the tip continued to touch her cervix, but he didn't push it deeper because he didn't want to cause her pain.

"Ahh~ husband~ let's change position~"

"What position do you want?"

Tang Wan pointed at a boulder not far from them. "Ahh~ bring me there~"

Tang Wan continued to moan as Ling Yun brought her there, particularly because his dick wouldn't stop moving, and her cold pleasure liquid kept drenching it.

When they arrived there, Ling Yun immediately put Tang Wan down, but she then bent forward on the boulder, and she also lifted her left leg up. "Ahh~ give me more pleasure~"

"En." Ling Yun nodded and put Tang Wan's left leg on his shoulder, and he accelerated the movement of his dick to pound her pussy.

For some time, Tang Wan's moans reverberated throughout Yunlong Zuzhai, and all of them continued to witness them having sex in various styles, which made their lust also burn, and their breathing irregular. Even though they were already very aroused, none of them had the intention to join them, especially since they did not have such feelings toward him.

[You obtained 1000 Yin Qi from the individual named Tang Wan.]

"Ahh~ I'm cumming~" Tang Wan suddenly felt Ling Yun's dick throbbing continuously. "Mhn~ release you cum in my womb~ mark me as your wife~"

"I like your lewdness, dear." Ling Yun pushed his dick as deep as possible, and his cum sprayed out to fill Tang Wan's womb through the small slit.

"Mhn~ your cum is so much and warm~ my womb feels so full of it~"

As he continued to release his cum, Ling Yun gave his partner mark to Tang Wan, which made her smile happily, especially since she already knew about its effects.

After Ling Yun pulled his dick out of her pussy, Tang Wan immediately turned to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck, and she said to him. "Hah... Hah... Husband, activate the Chaos Dragon Dome; I still want to dual cultivate with you."

"If I use that, then those women can't see us, you know?"

"It's okay; I'm satisfied after seeing their expressions, so I want to enjoy our time together now."

Ling Yun nodded and activated the Chaos Dragon Dome, and the two of them continued their sexual activities inside for quite a long time, which made Tang Wan completely exhausted by the end of their dual cultivation session.

Even so, Tang Wan's expression showed that she felt very satisfied with it, especially since her cultivation managed to break through to the Lower Soul Realm thanks to Ling Yun's Yang Qi, which he released continuously into her womb.

After that, Ling Yun immediately took Tang Wan back to her room and let her rest, and he then went to see Li Na and Mei Yi, who had been waiting for him for a long time.

However, when he arrived there, Ling Yun saw the two women sleeping in each other's arms naked, for he himself didn't realize how long he had dual cultivated with Tang Wan before.

Ling Yun shook his head, seeing them like that. He then separated them and lay down between the two women, who immediately curled up against his chest. He immediately hugged both of them and kissed their foreheads in turn, and he finally fell asleep, especially after he had dual-cultivated with dozens of his women before.




At dawn, Li Na and Mei Yi opened their eyes and both smiled at the sight of Ling Yun, who was sleeping between them.

They exchanged glances for a moment before kissing Ling Yun's lips in turn, and they then moved down to his lower body while holding his little dragon together.

"Hey, Mei Yi! It looks like Brother is having a perverted dream, or else his dick wouldn't be this hard now." Li Na whispered softly as she smiled, seeing at Ling Yun's dick.

Mei Yi nodded in agreement with her. "No wonder the other sisters are always satisfied after dual cultivating with him, and I think Sister Wan must be really exhausted now."

"That's true." Li Na replied as she pouted her lips. "If I didn't calculate wrong, Sister Wan has been dual cultivating with my brother for more than five hours non-stop, so she should be completely exhausted now."

"En." Mei Yi nodded when hearing that. "They really did it to the point of losing track of time, and I was sleepy waiting for them to finish last night. However, Ling Yun is ours now, and we will have fun with him all day long."

Li Na was stunned when she heard that. "Are you sure you can do it with him for so long?"

"I don't know." Mei Yi replied with a wry laugh. "Since both of us are still virgins, I also don't have any experience in sex. However, I remember Big Sis Ling telling me that Ling Yun has some pills and liquids that can increase our strength and restore our qi, so I think we can do it with him for a long time if we use them."

"That's true." Li Na agreed with that. "In that case, we'll ask him to give them to us if we're tired later, but for now, we should wake him up first. If the other sisters are awake, I'm afraid they'll bother us later, especially my perverted mother."

"Pft!" Mei Yi laughed when she heard Li Na call her mother like that, but she also remembered that Yang Xiaoyi was indeed a pervert, and she was the most pervert among all of Ling Yun's women. "You are right; your mother is indeed a pervert, and her experience is really high."

In fact, Ling Yun had already woken up since they were holding his dick, but he decided to pretend to be asleep and listen to their conversation. 'Oh Nana! Don't you realize that you are as perverted as Xiaoyi now? Back then, you were so shy, innocent, and timid, but you have been contaminated by them now. Moreover, Yiyi is not much different from you; she is also not as innocent as she used to be.'

Soon, Li Na and Mei Yi started licking each side of Ling Yun's dick at the same time, their tongues dancing nimbly from top to bottom, and vice versa. Even their hands gently rubbed his inner thighs and balls, which made Ling Yun's skin crawl in pleasure.

Even so, Ling Yun did not stop the two women, enjoyed their service, and continued to pretend to sleep. 'Sigh, in the past three months, my mother and the others have trained them to serve me really well, and they really understand my wishes.'

- To Be Continued -