In a small pavilion, a man was playing his guzheng. Not far from him, a black-haired woman with a mask covering half her face was dancing gracefully to the rhythm of the guzheng's melody.

However, the man suddenly stopped playing his guzheng, confusing the woman, so she turned to him.

"Why did you suddenly come here? Aren't you supposed to be guarding the city gates?" The man calmly asked the guard.

"Young Master Huang Ba, we found two excellent goods, and you will be very interested in them."

"Hmm?" Huang Ba raised his eyebrows for a moment. "Come closer."

After the guard approached him, Huang Ba touched his head and used his technique, and a faint smile appeared on his face after he read his memories. "Both of them are really excellent goods, and I want them to be mine. Do you know where they are now?"

"No." The guard shook his head at him. "At the gate, there were only me and my friend, so we couldn't follow them, and I immediately came here to inform you, Young Master."

Huang Ba nodded in understanding and threw a bag at the guard. "Go back now, and I will look for them myself."

"Thank you, Young Master."

The woman then approached Huang Ba, sat on his lap, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "What did that person tell you just now, Big Brother? What are those excellent goods?"

"Are you curious about them, Zuxian?" Huang Ba asked his little sister.

Huang Zuxian pouted her lips and nodded at him, and Huang Ba smiled faintly before he touched her forehead. "Oh? Are they newcomers to our city?"

"According to the guard's memories, they just arrived in this city, but he doesn't know their identities." Huang Ba then asked her. "Are you interested in the young man?"

"Haha." Huang Zuxian laughed softly before kissing Huang Ba's cheek. "That young man is indeed attractive; even his body looks strong and sturdy, and I want to add him to my toy collection, so you have to capture him for me, Big Brother."

"All right." Huang Ba nodded to her. "Even though that man is much younger than you, he is very suitable to be your toy. As for those two women, I will make them my pets."

"En." Huang Zuxian nodded as she got off his lap, and she pulled Huang Ba to his feet. "Let's go; we have to search for them right now, or else they will leave this city."

"Haha! You really can't wait to get that man, huh?" Huang Ba said as he followed his little sister to leave their clan.

But alas, they didn't know that the appearances of Ling Yun and the two women in the guard's memories were just their disguises, and they had also changed their forms again, so it would be impossible for them to find them.




Meanwhile, Ling Yun and the women had arrived not far from the Tang Clan residence. Despite its small size compared to other buildings in the city, they could see that the clan residence was truly magnificent, and the whole place was filled with various kinds of technology that was more advanced than cities on earth.

Ling Yun shook his head and turned to Tang Yixiu. "Do you have your clan's identity plaque, Senior? Even though they moved to this realm a long time ago, I don't think they will change their identity plaque, so we might be able to use it to meet them."

Tang Yixiu nodded and took out a golden plaque with Tang writing engraved on it from her storage ring, and she showed it to Ling Yun. "This has been our clan's identification plaque for hundreds of years, and we have never changed it one bit."

"That's good." Ling Yun nodded to her. "Let's go there to meet them."


However, two guards stopped them directly, and one of them said to them. "Halt! Not everyone can enter our clan freely, and you must inform us of the purpose of the three of you coming to our clan, so we can inform the elders to ask for their approval first. If they allow you to enter, we will let you pass through this gate."

Tang Yixiu directly handed her plaque to the guard. "This is my identity, and I come from the Tang Clan in the lower realm."

However, the two guards' expressions changed to shock after they heard Tang Yixiu's words, and they recognized his plaque instantly, so one of them said it to them again. "You guys wait here first, and I will take this plaque to one of the elders first."

After he said that, the guard immediately rushed into the clan, and Ling Yun and the others continued to look around the clan while they waited for one of the higher-ups to come out.

On the other hand, the other guard continued to watch them seriously. 'I remember the patriarch once saying that our clan came from the lower realm called Earth, but many of them prefer to stay behind on that planet, and their cultivation should not be able to exceed the mortal realms, so how could this woman come here with such weak cultivation? Even so, the other woman seems to be very strong, and the young man is much stronger than her.'

Ling Xi naturally knew the guard's thoughts very well, but she didn't say anything, especially since she didn't have any bad intentions and was just curious about them.

However, Lei Lin suddenly disappeared from Ling Yun's shoulder, and she snuck into the Tang Clan to have a look, causing him and Ling Xi to shake their heads at her mischievous behavior.

Before long, they saw the guard walking out of the clan, and an old man walking behind him, but his gaze was only on Tang Yixiu. 'How could she find us in this realm? Why did she come here? Does she want to seek protection from us? Tch! Even though she is a descendant of the ancestors, her cultivation is too weak, and she will only be a mistletoe in our clan.'

Ling Xi frowned after she read the old man's thoughts, and she then told them. "Hey, this guy is called Tang Beng, and he's really arrogant, so you guys better be careful of him."

Ling Yun and the two women raised their eyebrows a moment after they heard that, but they still remained calm, especially since they were in someone else's territory.

After they arrived in front of them, Tang Beng immediately asked Tang Yixiu. "What's your name? How do you know that we live in this realm? As far as I remember, the ancestors didn't leave any records about our destination after leaving earth, so none of you should know about our whereabouts in this realm."

"My name is Tang Yixiu, Elder." She introduced herself to Tang Beng directly, but she felt at a loss as to how to answer his other questions.

Seeing her like that, Ling Yun immediately said to Tang Beng. "Senior, we-"

"And who are you? Did your parents never teach you about manners?" Tang Beng immediately interrupted Ling Yun as he frowned. "I was asking this woman, so you shouldn't interrupt me."

Even though he was furious with Tang Beng's attitude, Ling Yun immediately suppressed his anger, and he told him directly. "My name is Mo Chen, and my wife is called Tang Wan, so I am the son-in-law of the Tang Clan."

"Oh?" Tang Beng looked surprised after hearing that, but he then realized something and muttered in his heart. 'How is this possible? I can't sense this young man's cultivation! Judging from his bone age, he should still be in his early twenties, so there's no way his cultivation could surpass mine, let alone that he comes from the lower realm.'

Tang Yixiu then said to him. "Elder, Mo Chen is really the husband of one of my clan members, and he was the one who brought me to this realm. As for how-"

Mu Shu immediately stopped Tang Yixiu, but she then took out her plaque and showed it to Tang Beng. "You may not know me, but I'm sure you've heard my big sister's name before."

"What's your big sister's name?" Tang Beng asked with a frown.

"Mu Yan." Mu Shu casually mentioned her big sister's name, especially since she knew that her name was quite well known in various realms, and she also had many acquaintances out there.

Sure enough, Tang Beng froze after he heard Mu Yan's name, and he observed Mu Shu's body from top to bottom.

However, Mu Shu directly explained it to him. "You don't need to look at me like that, and this is just my disguise. But if you don't believe my words, then you can contact my big sister right now, and you will definitely know that I am not lying to you."

Without thinking twice, Tang Beng contacted one of his clan members, and he asked that person to contact Mu Yan.

A few minutes later, a young woman with long white hair came out of the clan, and she ran towards Mu Shu before asking her. "Can you return to your original form?"

"En." Mu Shu nodded and returned to her original form.

"Haha!" The woman laughed after seeing Mu Shu's true form, then groped her cheeks with a little excitement. "You are already this big now, Little Shu! When I last saw you, you were still such a crybaby."

- To Be Continued -