After she picked up Tang Yixiu at the Tang Clan, Ling Xi immediately took her sisters and the clan members to Yunlong Zuzhai.

Tang Jingling and her family were stunned after they arrived there, and their eyes continued to scan the area around them, but Tang Chen immediately said. "I didn't expect that you would build such a magnificent residence in the Central Forest, let alone bring it to the higher realms."

Even though he had left the earth a long time ago, Tang Chen certainly still remembered the Cultivator Realm, especially since he also helped Tang Xiao reorganize it after the great disaster in the past.

"There are too many of us now, so we need a large residence to accommodate them all, and we're also not used to living inside the fortress." Tang Chen nodded in understanding after hearing that, and Ling Xi informed the other men, especially Tang Meng. "Anyway, most of the women in this residence are my husband's wives, and some of them are his future wives, so I hope you guys don't keep looking at them because he doesn't like that. As for the members of the Tang Clan, they live in the fortress, and Yixiu will take you all to them."

Tang Haoshi and Tang Wuchen did not take Ling Xi's words to heart, especially since they were extremely loyal to their respective wives.

However, Tang Meng looked annoyed after hearing her words, but Bu Liangxin immediately warned her son sternly through voice transmission. 'Meng'er, you better not say anything that could offend them. Even though Mo Chen is much weaker than you, this spirit woman is much stronger than you, and Meng Xianzi is also his master.'

'I understand, Mother.' Tang Meng answered as he nodded.

Suddenly, Tang Jingling pulled Mu Shu to her side. "Little Shu, I want to enjoy the beauty of this residence, so take me around to see this place, okay?"

"All right." Mu Shu unhesitatingly agreed to her request, and she took Tang Jinling away with her.

Tang Chen then said to them. "You guys can go with Yixiu to meet my other descendants, and I will go with them to check on that kid's condition."

"Yes, Ancestor." After that, Tang Yixiu immediately brought the four people to the Celestial Fortress, and she introduced them to her clan members.




Before long, Ling Xi had brought Tang Chen to Ling Yun's room, and they saw Yi Mingxia tending to his injury. "What about his condition? Are his injuries severe?"

"No." Yi Mingxia answered as she stopped channeling her light qi, and she then turned to them, but she was surprised to see their guest. "Is he the ancestor of the Tang Clan?"

"Yes." Ling Xi then introduced him. "His name is Tang Chen, and he is indeed the ancestor of the Tang Clan. Besides him, I also brought people from his clan, and Yixu brought them to meet his clan members."

However, when Yi Mingxia wanted to greet him, Tang Chen stopped her. "Haha! Little girl, you don't need to be formal with me; I don't like such a formality. Anyway, I didn't expect that you have the Holy Sacred Body, which makes your light qi very strong, and I've never seen one as strong as yours before. Unfortunately, your cultivation is still too shallow, so your healing abilities are not that potent."

"You're right, Senior." Yi Mingxia respectfully replied to him. "Even though senior Tang Wu has taught me a lot about light qi and healing, I feel that my abilities are still too low, and I still need a lot of time to practice."

"Tang Wu, huh?" Tang Chen muttered softly as he nodded repeatedly, and he then asked Yi Mingxia. "Are you interested in deepening your healing abilities?"

"Yes." Yi Mingxia replied with a firm nod. "I am the only healer among us, so I want to deepen and improve my healing abilities; only then can I help my husband and sisters if they suffer any injuries."

"I like your answer. A healer has a very important role in a group; and their lives and safety will depend on you, so you must never be satisfied and continue to improve your abilities." Yi Mingxia nodded in understanding, and Tang Chen took out a token before giving it to her. "Since you guys want to stay in Sky Cloud Realm, you can go to the Zhiyu Clan later, and you can show my token to Zhiyu Yushen."

"Zhiyu Yushen?" Yi Mingxia asked as she received the token.

"Yes." Tang Chen nodded and told her directly. "The Zhiyu Clan is well versed in medical knowledge, and their clan has produced many talented healers, but Zhiyu Yushen is the most talented among them; many people even regard her as the goddess of healing. However, her character is quite eccentric, and she never wants to accept a disciple. Even so, I'm sure your Holy Sacred Body will greatly pique her interest, and she won't possibly be able to refuse to take you as her disciple after knowing about it."

Yi Mingxia's smile blossomed after she heard that, and she looked thrilled to meet Zhiyu Yushen. "Thank you, Senior. I will definitely ask my husband to take me to the Zhiyu Clan once we arrive there, because I really want to become an expert healer to support him and my sisters."

"That's good." Tang Chen nodded in satisfaction after he saw Yi Mingxia's expression. "Since you have the Holy Sacred Body, I am sure that you will become a much more skilled healer than Zhiyu Yushen, especially if you have trained hard under her guidance for several years."

Ling Xi then said to her. "Mingxia, you can take Ruxue with you to the Zhiyu Clan, and her alchemy abilities will complement your healing abilities."

"Feng Ruxue, huh?" Both women nodded to him, and Tang Chen spoke to them again. "When I left earth back then, she was still a baby, and I'm sure she's already a very beautiful woman by now. However, I didn't expect that she was one of your sisters, and this kid was truly lucky to be able to get her as his wife. Does that mean Bing'er and Yujie are also here now?"

"Yes." Yi Mingxia then said to him. "If you want to meet them, I will ask them to come here right now, Senior."

"All right, you can call them." Tang Chen replied as he grabbed Ling Yun's hand to check on his condition, and Yi Mingxia immediately called the four women from the Feng Clan. "This kid is truly an anomaly; even such powerful lightning strikes couldn't kill him, and his injuries have almost completely recovered."

"My husband has a special bloodline, and he also has an innate ability that can recover his injuries quickly." Ling Xi said as she floated beside Tang Chen. "Even so, I'm still not sure that he is the person in their prophecy."

"You don't need to think about that." Tang Chen replied as he shook his head. "Whether he is truly the person in their predictions or not, we will find out in the future. The most important thing is that he must continue to improve his strength and abilities, or else he won't be ready if the hidden danger suddenly surfaces, and I can help him with that."

"What can you do to help him?" Ling Xi curiously asked.

Tang Chen took out a map and gave it to Ling Xi. "After he breaks through to the Emperor Realm, you can take him to the Mysterious Realm, and this map will lead you to a trial tower."

"A mysterious realm and a trial tower?" Ling Xi frowned after hearing that, for she had never known about both before.

"Yes, that realm is quite far from these three realms, and some cultivators accidentally discovered it." Tang Chen replied as he nodded at her. "The tower has a hundred floors, and many unique beasts live on each floor, but not many cultivators know about it. If this kid trains by fighting those beasts, I'm sure that he will improve a lot after he gets out of there, and he'll probably be able to surpass me quickly."

Yi Mingxia then asked him. "What kind of beasts live in that tower, Senior? And how far have you progressed in that tower?"

"Ha ha." Tang Chen laughed and turned to Yi Mingxia. "I've trained in that tower many times, but I've never been able to get past the 90th floor, especially since the guardian beast in that place is too strong for me, so I'm thinking of trying to go there again after I break through to the Three Immortal Realms. As for those beasts, I can't explain them to you, but they are very different from all the beasts in the upper realms, and you can see them for yourself later."

"I see." Yi Mingxia nodded in understanding before sighing softly. She then turned to her son and spoke quietly. "If he knew about that realm and tower, I'm sure that he would definitely be impatient to train there, and we would accompany him there."

"However, before you can train in that tower, you have to reach the Emperor Realm first, for that stage is the minimum requirement to be able to enter that tower." Tang Chen then turned to the four women who had just arrived. "Little Bing'er and Little Yujie, long time no see, and you guys look so different compared to hundred years ago."

- To Be Continued -