The two women looked excited to see him and approached Tang Chen, and Feng Bing'er greeted him. "Long time no see; I didn't expect that you would still be alive now, Senior Tang."

"Haha! Of course I'm still alive; I want to witness this kid's future." Tang Chen replied as he laughed out loud.

Feng Yujie shook her head. "Hundreds of years have passed, and you have become the strongest, but you are still as carefree as ever, Senior Tang."

"You're wrong about that, Little Yujie." Tang Chen said as he shook his head. "There are many other realms in the upper realm, and there are also many cultivators who are much stronger than me; even their cultivations are already half a step away from breaking through to the Three Immortal Realms. As for me, I still need a lot of time to break through, so you can't say that I'm the strongest."

"As the old saying goes, above the sky there is another sky, so we can't be complacent with our current strength." Feng Bing'er then pushed the two other women in front of them. "Senior Tang, you definitely can't recognize my daughter, Ruxue. The other one is Yujie's daughter, Ling'er, and she still wasn't born when you left earth."

"Greetings, Senior Tang." Feng Ruxue and Feng Ling'er greeted him as they cupped their hands towards Tang Chen.

"All right, you little girls don't need to be formal with me." Tang Chen lowered the two women's hands and then patted Feng Ruxue's shoulder. "Even though you were still a baby back then, I couldn't possibly recognize the wrong person, and you must be Ruxue, right?"

"Yes, Senior."

Tang Chen then turned to Feng Ling'er. "You are no less beautiful than your cousin, Ling'er. However, I am still surprised to know that pureblood phoenixes like you guys are willing to share a husband; even Little Bing'er is the same."

Instantly, red hues decorated Feng Bing'er's smooth cheeks, but she didn't say anything to refute Tang Chen's words.

Tang Chen then spoke to Feng Yujie. "I think you won't be able to hold yourself back forever, and you will fall into his arms sooner or later."

"No." Feng Yujie denied Tang Chen's words. "He is indeed extraordinary, but I will never fall into his arms."

Tang Chen did not speak further, but the smile on his face clearly showed that he was confident in his words, and he then took out four large red fruits, which were similar to peaches.

They received those fruits in awe, especially since they could feel that the fire attribute within them was very strong, and they looked at Tang Chen with hesitant looks.

"You guys don't need to hesitate like this, you know?" Tang Chen then explained it to them. "Those fruits are Vermilion Fruit, and I got them in a faraway realm. At first, I wanted to give them to my descendants, but there was only one of them who had the fire element. However, his body would not be able to withstand its effects, so I have been keeping them since then. Moreover, you guys are pureblood phoenixes, and they will be very useful for you, so you all don't need to reject my gift."

The four phoenix women nodded and put the fruits into their respective storage rings. "Thank you, Senior Tang."

"En." Tang Chen then threw another fruit at Ling Xi. "That's the last fruit, but you'd better give it to his other women, especially since his fire element has reached peak rank, so it won't be useful for him."

Ling Xi nodded in understanding. "I will divide this fruit into two, so Su Fei and Feng Xing can eat it together, and their fire element will improve again."

Ling Xi immediately disappeared from their sight, and Tang Chen turned to Ling Yun. "How long are you going to pretend to be asleep, kid?"

Instantly, Ling Yun opened his eyes and sat on the side of the bed, and he immediately spoke to Tang Chen. "A powerful cultivator like you is indeed different, Senior. Even Ling Xi, whose soul is bound to mine, didn't realize that I had woken up. Anyway, thank you for your pointers about the Zhiyu Clan and the tower, and I'm also grateful for those vermilion fruits; we definitely won't waste the opportunity you gave us."

"Are you okay now, Yun'er?" Yi Mingxia asked as she sat beside Ling Yun.

Ling Yun nodded to her. "You don't need to worry about me anymore, Mom. Even though those lightning strikes are very strong, my body was much stronger after I passed my first lightning tribulation, and the second one actually made my body even stronger."

"Your son is right, little girl." Tang Chen spoke to Yi Mingxia. "Even if he were to face his third lightning tribulation now, he would be able to pass through it easily."

"I see." Yi Mingxia nodded in understanding and breathed a sigh of relief.

Tang Chen then asked Ling Yun. "So are you going to take them away to the Sky Cloud Realm soon?"

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded to him. "This is our first time coming to the upper realms, so we need to familiarize ourselves with the situation here, and the Sky Cloud Realm is the best choice for us."

"That's right." Tang Chen then told him. "Once you guys have arrived there, you should all avoid the central area of that realm for now, especially since there are too many beasts in the Five God Realms in that area. Even so, you also have to remain careful in other regions, for the beasts in all those areas are still stronger than all of you."

They were also aware of that, so they didn't take Tang Chen's advice lightly, and Ling Yun asked him. "Senior, can you explain to us about the situation in the Sky Cloud Realm?"

"Sure." Tang Chen immediately told them. "The Tian Clan lives in the central area of that realm, and their city is called the Tian City. They are the best blacksmith clan, but they are humble and friendly, and they don't like looking for trouble with others, so you don't need to think too much about them. Besides, there are still several other clans in that area, such as the Du, Zhong, Xiong, and Kang Clans."

"Then what about the Zhiyu Clan, Senior?" Yi Mingxia asked Tang Chen.

"The Zhiyu Clan lives in the eastern area of that realm, and they live in Dongfang City, but the strongest clan in that area is the Dongfang Clan." Ling Yun raised his eyebrows a moment after hearing that because he remembered Tang Chen's words before. "You don't need to be surprised by that, kid. The two Dongfang clans are actually one clan, but they decided to go their separate ways due to differences in principles. Even so, both of them are equally strong, and they still maintain good relations. Apart from them, there are three other powerful clans, the Kong, Hou, and Qiao Clans."

"What about the other three regions?"

"Hmm?" Tang Chen thought for some time before telling them again. "The northern region is too cold to live in, and the area is filled with high mountain ranges, so there are no cultivators living there. Meanwhile, the largest city in the western region is Hong City, and the leader is the Hong Clan. They were assisted by the Guan, Bo, and Ruan Clans."

"Do you think we can stay in the northern region, Senior?" Feng Bing'er asked him.

Tang Chen turned his head and nodded to her. "Since this residence is connected to the Celestial Fortress, and Tang Xiao has installed a strong barrier inside, you guys can probably stay there."

"That's great!" Ling Yun exclaimed softly. "In that case, I want to stay in the northern area, so Ling'er and the others can also cultivate better, especially since they are ice qi possessors."

Tang Chen then continued his explanation. "As for the southern area, that area is connected to the Sky Ocean. Unlike other areas, there are only two clans living in that area, and the largest city there is Ouyang City, which is led by the Ouyang Clan. As for the other clan, that is the Nangong Clan, but the two clans have a relationship based on marriage."

After he heard everything, Ling Yun felt that the Sky Cloud Realm was indeed not that complicated, even when compared to the Cultivator Realm. "Then what about the sects in that realm?"

Tang Chen smiled mysteriously and asked him back. "Are you interested in joining a sect?"

"I haven't thought about that, especially since I still don't have any ideas about the sects there." Ling Yun answered with a shrug. "Are there any interesting sects there?"

"Since you are a dual cultivator, the Eternal Spring Palace is the most appropriate sect for you, especially since it is a sect that specializes in dual cultivation."

"Huh?" Yi Mingxia let out a soft cry upon hearing that, and she immediately turned to her son. "Do you intend to join that sect, Yun'er? Since they are a dual cultivation sect, they must be as evil as the members of the Hundred Flower Sect, so I have reservations if you want to join that sect."


However, Tang Chen immediately told Yi Mingxia. "Little girl, not all dual cultivation sects are evil, and I know the people from the Eternal Spring Palace very well, so I dare to guarantee you that they are not evil cultivators."

- To Be Continued -