"Is that true, Senior?" Yi Mingxia doubtfully asked, especially since she still clearly remembered how Lu Wan'er and the others treated all those men.

"The Eternal Spring Palace has very strict rules, and their leader will not tolerate any disciples who dare to force other men or women to dual cultivate with them. For minor mistakes, they will be immediately expelled from the sect, but the death penalty awaits those who make a fatal mistake." They were really surprised to hear Tang Chen's words. "To tell you the truth, all clans in the Sky Cloud Realm have members who joined there, so you don't need to worry about your son joining the sect."

Even though Tang Chen had explained it to them like that, Yi Mingxia still seemed unwilling for Ling Yun to join the sect and have relations with such women, and she was also afraid that her son would take those women as members of his harem.

"You think too much about it, Mom." Ling Yun said as he pulled Yi Mingxia into his embrace. "Moreover, I still haven't made up my mind whether I will join that sect or not, so you don't need to think about it for now. Even if I join that sect, I won't take them as members of my harem, especially since the women by my side are too many; even all of you always use the clone technique to dual cultivate with me."

"It's no wonder your cultivation can improve so quickly. Usually, male dual cultivators will use the clone technique to dual cultivate with their partners, but you guys are doing the opposite of them." Ling Yun and Yi Mingxia turned to Tang Chen again while listening to his next words. "In fact, there is still one dual cultivation sect in these three realms, the Yanluo Sect, but it is located in the Earth Cloud Realm, and those dual cultivators are truly evil."

"Are they also kidnapping people to become their cultivation furnaces, Senior?" Yi Mingxia asked him with a serious look. "On earth, there used to be the Hundred Flower Sect, and those women kidnapped men to use as their cultivation furnaces."

"Yes, but they are much more vicious than any others." Tang Chen sighed heavily before continuing. "Yanluo Sect doesn't have any female members, and those men repeatedly kidnap many women from various realms and use them as cultivation furnaces. They treat those women savagely and mercilessly, and they use clone techniques to suck their Yin Qi dry. Even after they died, those evil cultivators still used corpse techniques on them and used their corpses to do evil things in many realms."

"What?" Yi Mingxia screamed in shock after she heard Tang Chen's last sentence, and she then said it in a trembling voice. "Weren't their actions too heinous? They had already sucked their Yin Qi dry, but they still didn't let those women die in peace."

"I know that you will feel that way, but that is the reality of life in the upper realms, and there are too many vile cultivators here." After he let out a heavy sigh, Tang Chen immediately warned them sternly. "Even though the situation in the Sky Cloud Realm is relatively safer and calmer compared to this realm or the Earth Cloud Realm, you guys still have to always be careful, especially since people from the Yanluo Sect also often roam around in that realm, and they'll definitely be very tempted to capture you guys."

Sensing Yi Mingxia trembling so intensely, Ling Yun hugged his mother tighter and rubbed her back. "Relax, Mom. I will definitely protect you and the others, and I will never let anything bad happen to all of you. Senior, if they are so evil, why don't the other cultivators destroy the sect?"

"Kid, people in the upper realms are different from those on earth, and they are very selfish. As long as the matter is not directly related to them, they will not move to do anything." Ling Yun frowned upon hearing that. "However, many cultivators have tried to stop the people from Yanluo Sect, especially the people from Sunset Valley. Even your master once tried to infiltrate their sect, but she almost fell into their hands instead."

"Eh?" Ling Yun was surprised to hear that. "How-"

Before Ling Yun could ask him, Meng Xianzi suddenly appeared in the room, and she said it with an annoyed look. "Old Chen! You have ruined my reputation in front of my disciple!"

"Haha." Tang Chen laughed at her words. "Didn't I tell the truth?"

"Tch!" Meng Xianzi gritted her teeth. "If you dare bring up that matter again, I will lock you up in my dream realm indefinitely!"

Instead, Tang Chen laughed louder after hearing her threat. "Hahaha! You certainly realize that won't be a problem for me, right?"

"Humph!" Meng Xianzi snorted at him and turned to Ling Yun. "This old fogey is indeed right; the Yanluo Sect is truly evil, and they use many strange items within their sect, so I almost fell into their hands once. Fortunately, I quickly noticed the strangeness that was happening to me at that time, so I immediately escaped into my dream realm. However, I was tormented for a very long time by those effects, and I have never tried to infiltrate there again."

"What kind of items do they use in their sect, Master?" Ling Yun asked as he raised his eyebrows.

Meng Xianzi shook her head at him. "Unlike in the lower realms, there are many strange things in the upper realms, and I'm not a healer or alchemist, so I don't know about them. However, if Zhiyu Yushen is willing to accept your mother as her disciple, she will be able to learn many things that I don't know."

"That's true." Tang Chen nodded in agreement with her. "Zhiyu Yushen has a lot of knowledge about weird things, and I'm sure that she will teach your mother everything."

Suddenly, Feng Ruxue asked them. "Seniors, do you know the best alchemist in the upper realms?"

"Her name is Qu Qiyue; she is not the best alchemist, but her alchemy abilities cannot be underestimated." Meng Xianzi answered her question directly. "However, she lives in Yuanshi Realm, and it will take us a week to get there. I can take you to that realm if you want to learn alchemy from her, but you will most likely have to be separated from my disciple for a long time, for she won't let you return until you meet her standards."

Feng Ruxue sighed heavily after she heard that. She naturally wanted to learn from Qu Qiyue to deepen her alchemy abilities, but she didn't want to be separated from Ling Yun, and she also wanted to establish the new Yunlong Chamber of Commerce in Sky Cloud Realm.

Seeing her expression, Ling Yun approached Feng Ruxue and took her hands. "If you want to learn alchemy from her, you can go to that realm for now, and you can return to my side again after you have successfully learned all her alchemy knowledge."

"No." Feng Ruxue rejected him directly. "I do want to improve my alchemy skills, but I am your wife, and we are about to start our new life, so I have to stay by your side to help you first. After everything is settled, I might go to that realm to learn alchemy from her."


"You don't need to persuade me, Yun'er." Feng Ruxue interrupted him directly. "As a wife, it is my duty to accompany you, and my interests are secondary."

"Why do you guys like this?" Ling Xi asked as she appeared before them. "If Ruxue wants to learn alchemy from Qu Qiyue, then I have a way to do it, and I'm sure that she won't be able to refuse it."

"Hmm?" They immediately turned to Ling Xi.

Ling Xi then took out some pills. "I'm sure Qu Qiyue has never seen these pills, and she will be interested in them, so we can use them to make a deal with her."

"That's true." Meng Xianzi said as she nodded repeatedly. "Qu Qiyue's interest in alchemy is very high; she will definitely be interested in all the pills she has never seen before, and we can give them to her in exchange for teaching Ruxue."

Ling Yun thought deeply for some time before taking a decision. "All right, we will use your idea, so you can contact Zhou Yu and ask her to go see Qu Qiyue, and I hope she will really be interested in these pills."

Without wasting any time, Ling Xi immediately contacted Zhou Yu, and she appeared before them some time later.

Tang Chen shook his head after he saw Zhou Yu. "Hey, Kid! You are really a lucky person; even the spirit of void is on your side."

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed at that. "You are indeed right, Senior. I also think that I am the luckiest person in this universe, and it all began with my meeting with one of my wives, which brought about very big changes in my life later on."

"Hey, have you found a suitable location for us in that realm?" Ling Xi asked Zhou Yu, especially since she had been gone for three months.

Before Zhou Yu could answer her question, Ling Yun had already conveyed his decision. "We will be staying in the northern region of the Sky Cloud Realm, and we will go there straight after leaving this realm."

- To Be Continued -