"No." Ling Yun answered by shaking his head. "However, this wife of mine really needs to be taught a lesson, for she never acts like a real wife, and her mind is only filled with sex."

"Isn't that your fault?" Long Qiu shouted at him. "If- Argh!"

Ling Yun, without hesitation, smacked her buttocks again. "From now on, you have to start acting like a true wife, or I will punish you by not dual-cultivating with you for a long time."

"No!" Long Qiu looked at him with puppy eyes. "Do you really have the heart to do that? If I don't dual-cultivate with you, then my cultivation will lag behind them."

"I don't care." Ling Yun answered her in a firm tone. "If you don't want to fall behind them, then you know what you have to do, right?"

Long Qiu pouted her lips and nodded repeatedly, but Ling Yun didn't seem to believe him, and Xiao Xi intervened between them. "Hey, Qiu'er! Over the past few months, I noticed that you never behaved like a proper wife, and I will support him in punishing."

"Mom!" Long Qiu shouted as she turned to Xiao Xi. "I'm your daughter! You should support me!"

"Humph!" Xiao Xi snorted at her. "Yun'er is your husband, so he is my son, and I support him completely!"

Long Qiu looked frustrated after listening to her mother's words, and she turned to Yu Die to ask for her help, but she turned her head away instead.

"Don't look at me." Long Wei said this when Long Qiu looked at him. "You are married to Yun'er now, so you have to handle your private affairs yourself."

"Haha!" Long Yuyi laughed at that. "Big Sis! I will also support Brother Yun to punish you! Otherwise, you will never change."

"You- Mhn."

Ling Yun immediately covered Long Qiu's mouth with his hand, for he knew that his wife would curse at his sister-in-law, and he spoke to her again. "You better remember my words well, or I will really punish you. Do you understand?"

"Mhn!" Long Qiu mumbled as she nodded repeatedly, and she immediately ran away as soon as Ling Yun let go of her. "You are evil, husband!"

"Pfft! Haha!" They all burst out laughing at Long Qiu's behavior.

Ling Yun just shook his head and turned to the Zhang Clan's members. "Then what about you guys? I remember that you wanted to establish your new clan, and it could only be done in another region. However, we just arrived in this realm, so I think it will be dangerous for you."

"You're right about that, son." Zhang Wei answered him with a soft sigh. "I know it's dangerous, but I can't put it off forever, right? Maybe Long'er and I will go to explore various regions in this realm first, but we won't go near those big cities, and we want to find a small and quiet area."

Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "In that case, you guys should wait for a while, and I will give you clear information after I go to Xinxi Tower, so you don't have to wander too long to find a suitable location for the new Zhang Clan."

"I think Yun'er is right, husband." Lan Meng said to Zhang Wei. "For now, we don't have any information about this realm, so you'd better wait for him to get detailed information first, and we'll discuss everything later."

"I agree with my mother, and we don't need to rush to establish our new clan in this realm." Zhang Long also tried to persuade his father. "After all, there are too many strong cultivators and beasts in this realm, and the resources we bring from the earth are insignificant here, so we have to think and prepare everything carefully."

Zhang Xingcai then moved to sit beside Zhang Wei and spoke to him. "Father, I know you are eager to establish the new Zhang Clan, but all of us here are family, and we also don't mind you staying here with us, so there's no need for you to rush into it."

As for Wang Lin, she didn't give her opinion, and she left all the decisions in their hands.

Zhang Wei sighed softly after listening to their words. "All right, I will follow your words, and we will stay here to focus on cultivating first. Once we are completely ready, I will take Long'er to explore this realm, and we will establish our new clan in a region here."

Lan Meng and the others let out a sigh of relief after listening to Zhang Wei's answer, and they nodded in agreement with him. Even though Ling Yun was their son-in-law, they felt uncomfortable continuing to live with them, so they wanted to establish their own clan.

As for the people who previously lived in the modern world, Ling Yun knew for sure that they would not be ready to face the harshness of the cultivation world, especially since they continued to live in the fortress after they became cultivators, so he would not let them go to other regions.

Suddenly, Qin Shuang asked him. "When are you going to Xinxi Tower, Ling Yun? I will go with you there to learn everything about this realm, and I will leave after I understand everything."

"Hmm?" Ling Yun still couldn't understand why Qin Shuang was so eager to leave, especially since she was alone. "I'm still waiting for Zhou Yu to come back from another realm, and I'll go to Xinxi Tower after that."

"I see." Qin Shuang nodded in understanding. "All right, I will wait to hear from you."

Ling Yun sighed softly before turning to Shi Yao and Shi Xiaoyin, especially since the two of them had planned long ago to explore the new realm. "Do you two really want to leave here?"

"Yes." They nodded to him, and Shi Xiaoyin explained it to him. "Even when I was on earth, I always went exploring to various places, and I was itching to explore this realm as quickly as possible, especially after I was trapped in space for months."

"Me too." Shi Yao replied with an impatient look.

Liu Qiyue let out a heavy sigh after she saw her mother's expression, and she had repeatedly tried to persuade her mother not to leave her for fear of something bad happening to her, but Shi Yao remained unmoved in changing her decision.

"I know that you are worried about me, but I want to broaden my horizons, and I can only do that by wandering in this realm or another realm." Shi Yao said as she pulled her daughter into her embrace. "Moreover, you two haven't given me a grandchild, so I will take good care of myself, and I will not die before I have a grandchild."

"Cough… Cough…" Ling Yun choked and looked at his wives, but their expressions made him smile bitterly, for they looked eager to have children with him, especially Yi Mingxia. 'If I impregnate them, that means I will immediately get dozens of children from them.'

"Haha." Liu Qiyue giggled at her husband's expression, and she then said to her mother. "Promise me to take good care of yourself."

"I promise." Shi Yao nodded to her daughter before speaking to her son-in-law. "Hey, Yun'er! I want to see my grandson after Ancestor Xiaoyin and I return from our wanderings, understand?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't promise you anything, mother-in-law." Ling Yun apologetically replied to her, and he then looked at Yi Mingxia and the others before continuing. "Honestly, I want to have children from all of you, but I'm still too weak right now, and I'm not sure if I can protect you all from the strong cultivators in this realm."

Suddenly, Bai Zhongyi spoke to him. "Why are you thinking so much about it, Master? You own the fortress, and your children can live in it, right? As long as they stay in the subspace, they won't be able to harm them."

"You're right." Ling Yu nodded in agreement with her. "However, I don't want my children to continue living confined in the fortress, and I want them to be able to enjoy a free life like when I was little."

Yi Mingxia and the others could only sigh after hearing their husband's words, but they themselves were also well aware of their situation, so they had no intention of forcing Ling Yun to impregnate them too soon, and they chose to wait for their new life to be more stable first.

Yi Mingxia then spoke to them. "All right, we don't need to talk about children for now, and we can talk about it again in the future."

All of them nodded in agreement with Yi Mingxia, which made Ling Yun let out a sigh of relief, and he then asked Ling Xiaofei. "What about you? Are you going or staying?"

"I will stay here with you." Ling Xiaofei answered him without hesitation, for she had already decided it a long time ago, especially since Ling Yun was the direct descendant of her big brother, so she decided that way.

Ling Yun nodded in satisfaction after he heard that. "Anyway, there is the best healer in this realm, so I will take you to see her soon, and she might know something about your eyes."

"Hmm?" Ling Xiaofei raised her eyebrows for a moment. "Okay, I will go with you to see that healer, for I am also curious about my eyes."

- To Be Continued -