After they talked for a long time, those people decided to return to Yunlong Zuzhai and the Celestial Fortress, especially since the temperature in the cold valley continued to drop to its lowest point.

Although Feng Bing'er's phoenix flames could warm them, they still felt uncomfortable with the cold temperature.

Bing Xue, Lian Bing, Ling Ling, and the former disciples of the Lotus Sect remained in the cold valley; some of them even shut themselves inside their ice caves while cultivating naked, for the cold greatly benefited their cultivation.

Just as Ling Yun was about to enter Lian Bing's ice cave, he heard her talking to Ling Ling and Bing Xue. He smiled faintly, listening to the topic of their conversation, especially since they were talking about his yang qi.

'Bing Xue really enjoyed swallowing my Yang Qi, huh.' Ling Yun muttered softly in his heart and turned to leave.

However, Lian Bing suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled him into her ice cave, and Bing Xue immediately averted her gaze to the side, for she realized that Ling Yun was already listening to their conversation.

Ling Ling chuckled at Bing Xue's expression. "Grandmaster, since you are eager to swallow Yun'er's Yang Qi, and I don't have any stock, you can just swallow it straight from the source."

A faint smile appeared on Lian Bing's face, and she shamelessly removed Ling Yun's clothes. She herself hoped that Bing Xue would be willing to become his wife, especially since her extreme yin physique would complement him.

Seeing that, Bing Xue immediately stood up and rushed out, but Lian Bing immediately grabbed her hand and spoke to her. "Master, you don't need to be embarrassed with us, and it doesn't matter if you want to swallow Yun'er's yang qi directly. Besides, his yang qi is very helpful for you to control the cold in your body, and he will not force you to dual cultivate with him as long as you don't want it."

"Bing'er is right." Ling Yun also said to her. "I will never force you to be my woman, so you don't need to worry about that."

Ling Lin then tried to persuade Bing Xue. "Grandmaster, you really have nothing to be embarrassed about, and no one will know about this except us. Moreover, Yun'er's yang qi is much stronger and fresher if you swallow it directly, which will make your body strong too."

Listening to their words, Bing Xue sighed in her heart, especially since she was really eager to swallow Ling Yun's yang qi, which was very addictive for her after she swallowed it repeatedly. "Don't tell anyone about this, okay?"


Ling Yun then lay down on Lian Bing's ice bed, and Bing Xue sat beside him as she leaned towards his dick. Even so, her heart was beating fast when she held her sleeping dragon, especially since she had never been in contact with a man before, let alone do such a lewd thing.

Without wasting any time, Bing Xue put Ling Yun's sleeping dragon into her mouth, and her head moved up and down rapidly as her cheeks dipped deeply as she sucked it hard.

Seeing that, Lian Bing and Ling Ling exchanged glances as they smiled at each other, and they were sure that Bing Xue would sooner or later fall into their husband's arms.

'Damn! Even though she is human, the inside of her mouth is much colder than Zhongyi's.' Ling Yun cursed and used his erection, or else his dick would not be able to erect because of the extreme cold from within Bing Xue's body.

Bing Xue was shocked to feel her mouth so full by Ling Yun's dick, but she actually carried out her action more vigorously, and her expression showed the impatience to enjoy his yang qi.

Even so, Ling Yun didn't want their intimate session to end quickly, so he held back his orgasm on purpose.

Sometime later, Bing Xue looked annoyed because Ling Yun still hadn't reached her orgasm, even though she had been sucking his dick for so long, amusing him.

Suddenly, Ling Yun held Bing Xue's head and inserted his dick quite deep into her mouth, startling her. She had no time to protest, as his dick was already repeatedly shooting his cum.

Bing Xue didn't think twice and swallowed every drop of Ling Yun's yang qi, and she enjoyed it so much, especially since her body became so warm due to the effects of his yang qi.

After Ling Yun finished with his orgasm, Bing Xue immediately took his dick out of her mouth, and she looked at him for some time before running out of the ice cave, causing both women to laugh at her antics.

"Hehe. I think soon my grandmaster will definitely become your woman, Yun'er." Ling Ling said as she took off her dress and let it fall to the floor, and she immediately joined her little brother on the ice bed. "Aren't you going to join us, Sister Bing'er?"

"En." Lian Bing simply nodded at her and took off her dress, and she laid directly on Ling Yun's other side. "Yun'er, you have to continue supplying my master with your yang qi, okay?"

"You two really want Bing Xue to become my wife, huh?" Ling Yun said as he hugged the two women, and they nodded to him. "All right, I will continue to give my yang qi to her, but I will never force her to be my woman."

"It's fine."

After that, Ling Yun laid Ling Ling on top of Lian Bing, and he began to dual cultivate with them, but without them realizing it, their moans could be heard outside, which made the faces of the former Lotus Sect core disciples turn red.




Unknowingly, three days had passed since they arrived at the Sky Cloud Realm, but they still had not left the cold valley, and they spent their time training in the surrounding area.

However, Ling Xi and the others forbade them from going too far, especially since there were some beasts in the Five God Realms that were no match for them.

In the end, Meng Xianzi and the others helped them to look for beasts that were equal to their cultivation or slightly higher, and they brought those beasts closer to their living areas.

As for Ling Yun, he trained separately from them, and the presence of those few powerful beasts didn't matter much to him, especially since he could pay attention to their movements through his map, and he also had his own movement techniques to escape.




Meanwhile, Zhou Yu had arrived at Yuanshi Realm and was standing on top of a fairly tall tower, and she checked inside using her senses to look for the alchemist, Qu Qiyue.

After she found the woman's location, Zhou Yun immediately disappeared into the void, but she immediately appeared again in the top room of the tower.

Inside, there was only a woman with shoulder-length brown hair who was serious in front of an alchemy furnace, so Zhou Yu didn't disturb her and waited for her to finish concocting the pill.

Even though Qu Qiyue was so serious, her round face looked childish. Her light brown eyes looked narrow with thin eyebrows adorning them, and her nose looked small with thin lips beneath it.

Qu Qiyue's figure was like a 17-year-old girl, and a plain red dress smothered her slim body. Her soft mounds are not big but not small either, but she has beautiful curves and long legs.

Qu Qiyue had noticed Zhou Yu's presence, but she didn't pay attention to her, especially since her pill concoction was in its final stages, so she had to fully concentrate or fail.

Zhou Yu shook her head and muttered in her heart. 'If I bring this woman to Yunlong Zuzhai, I'm sure that hungry wolf will be eager to eat her.'

Minutes later, Zhou Yu smelled the fragrance of the pills in Qu Qiyue's alchemy furnace. 'This woman is not the best alchemist, but her alchemy skills are truly extraordinary. If she went to the supreme realm later, that person would definitely be very interested in recruiting her.'

After the pill was perfectly formed, Qu Qiyue immediately withdrew her fire qi and opened the furnace cover, and she smiled with satisfaction at the five pills inside.

"You are indeed amazing, Qu Qiyue." Zhou Yu said as she floated beside her. "You were even able to concoct five Peak Grade pills so easily."

Qu Qiyue only smiled at that, for she was used to hearing praise from others, and she then turned to Zhou Yu. "Aren't you more amazing than me? Who exactly are you? You were able to infiltrate this Alchemist Tower without alerting anyone."

"Haha." Zhou Yu giggled at that. "Of course they couldn't detect my presence, for I am a spirit woman."

"Huh?" Qu Qiyue was surprised to hear that. "Are you really a spirit woman? I've often heard about that race, but this is the first time I've met their kin."

"My name is Zhou Yu, the spirit of void."

"No wonder you were able to infiltrate here so easily." Qu Qiyue then asked her again. "So what is your purpose in coming here? Since I didn't detect any malicious intention from you, I thought you came here to ask for something from me."

Zhou Yu nodded and answered her. "I came here to ask for your services, and my big sister wants you to teach someone about alchemy."

- To Be Continued -