"Phew." Ling Yun let out a sigh of relief after he entered the hot spring, and Bai Zhongyi immediately sat behind him to massage his body. "I didn't expect there to be such a place in this cold place, and the heat in this water is also perfect for relieving fatigue after training, but it doesn't have the effect of Yin-Yang Pond."

"Hehe." Bai Zhongyi giggled at that. "Master, even though underground volcanoes naturally formed this hot spring, you cannot compare it to the Yin-Yang Pond. The Yin-Yang Pond is formed by the meeting of the extreme Yin and extreme Yang, and not all planets have both of them, so it is very rare and beneficial. Even if other planets have both, the process is not easy, and its formation takes a very long time."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "Do you know the location of the Yin-Yang Pond in the upper realms?"

"Unfortunately, I don't have any information about that, Master." Bai Zhongyi replied in a disappointed tone. "Anyway, you can find out about them from the sixth beast, Tian Lanyi the Sky Lightning Wolf, especially since she has lived on the border of the middle and upper realms for so long. However, you have to break through to the Upper King Realm first, and she will come to you to open the sixth seal."

"A sky lightning wolf, huh?" Ling Yun muttered softly. "Out of all the loyal followers of the Old Dragon, I've found the Celestial Nine-Tailed Fox, the Evil Nine-Tailed Fox, the Seven-Colored Illusion Butterfly, the Celestial Dragon, and you, the Snow White Crane."

Bai Zhongyi hugged Ling Yun from behind and rubbed her ample mounds against her back. "If Tian Lanyi comes to you later, he will definitely monopolize you for a few days, so you should prepare yourself, Master."

"Hmm?" Ling Yun turned to her. "Is she much more lustful than Yu'er and Mingyue?"

"Yes." Bai Zhongyi nodded to him. "The sky lightning wolf is one of the most lustful among all the followers of the Old Dragon, but she is still not as lustful as our leader."

"Your leader?" Ling Yun raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"Haha." Bai Zhongyi laughed and explained it to him. "Like Yi Mingxia, who acts as the leader of your harem, we followers of the Old Dragon also have a leader. However, she never appears before us, and she will only appear at his summons."

Ling Yun felt curious about that, especially since the Old Chaos Dragon never mentioned it. "What kind of beast is she? And where is she now?"

"None of us know her true name or what kind of beast she is, and we never knew her whereabouts." Ling Yun released a disappointed sigh after hearing that, and Bai Zhongyi told him again. "However, the Old Dragon once said that she was the most lustful and strongest among all his loyal followers, and they often spent time together to dual cultivate for several years."

"Several years?" Ling Yun stared at Bai Zhongyi in shock.

Bai Zhongyi smiled and moved to sit on Ling Yun's lap, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "You shouldn't be surprised by that, right? After all, the Old Dragon is the most lustful creature in the entire universe, and we were born to serve him. So we were all born with a special trait, or we wouldn't be able to do it."

Ling Yun shook his head after hearing that. "Honestly, there are still many things that I can't understand about the Old Chaos Dragon, but I'm sure that you guys won't be able to give me a proper answer, so I can only wait for all the seals on my bloodline to open to find out everything."

"Even though we are loyal followers of the Old Dragon, he is also very mysterious, and there are many things about him that we don't know." Bai Zhongyi replied as she nodded. "Everything requires a process, so you don't need to rush, and you will be able to discover everything when the time comes."

"Yeah, you're right, so I'll think things through slowly."

Then, Ling Yun kissed Bai Zhongyi's lips as he lifted her body slightly, and his dick penetrated her butthole, causing her to let out a muffled moan.


Unlike when he dual-cultivated with Yi Mingxia and the others, Ling Yun didn't hold back when he did it with Bai Zhongyi, especially since her physique was much stronger than theirs.




Yi Mingxia and the others had returned to the cold valley after they finished their training, and Ling Xi directly informed them. "Anyway, Bai Zhongyi found a hot spring not far from this place, and he has already brought our husbands there."

"Eh?" Ling Yin then asked her. "Where's the hot spring, Sister Xi? I'm really tired after fighting those beasts for a few days, so I want to have some fun now."

"Me too!" Ling Xiya said as she raised her hand. "Sister Xi, please take us all there, or Big Sis Zhongyi will monopolize our husband for herself."

"I agree with Xiya." Yun Mingyue said it with a nod. "That lecherous crane is always like that! She always takes advantage of our busy training to have fun with our husband."

Yi Mingzhu and the others also agreed with the two of them, but Lian Bing and Ling Ling did not intend to join them, and they chose to cultivate in their ice cave.

Ling Xi shook her head, seeing them like that. "So who else wants to go there?"

"I want to come with you, Sister Xi." Mu Lingxue answered him; even Qiao Yan and Sun Xinxin looked excited to go there.

However, Su Ling did not join them, for she had no interest in Ling Yun, but she also felt annoyed that Long Zhan never left Long Yuyi's side.

Feng Qiong, Feng Xiu, and Feng Yao also decided to have fun with them, for they had also been training hard for the past few days.

Ling Xi immediately brought them all to the hot spring, including Ling Yun's slaves and servants, and she asked Meng Xianzi to protect the rest of the people, especially since Mu Shu and Lei Lin also went with them.




When they arrived there, the women could only shake their heads after they saw Ling Yun and Bai Zhongyi so engrossed in their activities, but they ignored the two of them and entered the hot spring.

"Fuah! This hot water is really comfortable!" Qiao Yan said as she buried her entire body into it, and only her head was on the surface.

Sun Xinxin also did the same as her. "You're right, this hot spring is much better compared to the one in our sect before, and the minerals in it make my fatigue disappear quickly."

Even though Bai Zhongyi's moans continued to ring in their ears, all the women didn't seem to care about it, especially since they had heard such things too often.

However, Mu Lingxue kept glancing at them, especially since she had accepted Ling Yun as her lover a long time ago, but they still had never dual-cultivated.

Ye Jing then approached Mu Lingxue and put her arm around her shoulders. "If you can't wait to become his woman completely, then you should try harder to reach the upper level of the Ice Heart Lotus technique as quickly as possible."

"I know." Mu Lingxue replied with a soft sigh, then turned to Ye Jing. "Does doing that really hurt?"

"En." Ye Jing nodded to her. "The first time I did it with Yun in the past, it caused me a lot of pain, but things changed drastically once we got used to it, and we would only feel pleasure."

"Haha." Li Na, who was sitting nearby with Mei Yi, laughed at that. "Ye Jing is right, Sister Lingxue. Dual cultivating with Brother Yun is really fun and fulfilling, and you can see for yourself that they always can't wait to do it with him."

"I agree with them." Mei Yi said with a red look, and her expression showed that she herself couldn't wait for her turn to dual-cultivate with Ling Yun.

Mu Lingxue could only sigh in her heart after listening to their words. 'Sigh, I will enter seclusion again after this, and I hope to reach that stage soon, or else my cultivation will fall behind them.'

Sometime later, Ling Yun was already content to have fun with Bai Zhongyi, but he laughed after seeing the expressions of his mother and the others. He, as their husband, would naturally not let them be disappointed, and he dual-cultivated with them in turn.

However, the three women from the Feng Clan, and the three former female disciples from the Lotus Sect did not join them.




At midnight, they all returned to Yunlong Zuzhai, and the women immediately rested in their respective rooms, especially since they felt so exhausted.

Unlike them, Ling Yun, who was lying on a large snowy tree branch, looked still so fresh. However, he remembered that he had not yet opened the three rewards of the daily quests, so he immediately opened them.

[You obtained Heaven Grade - Golden Yin-Yang Sword x1.]

[You obtained Heaven Grade - A Broken Mirror x1.]

[You obtained Heaven Grade - Suppressing Tablet x1.]

"Hmm?" After those three notifications appeared, Ling Yun immediately frowned after he read the second one. "A broken mirror? Why did I get such a broken item? Even so, its grade is Heaven Grade."

- To Be Continued -