Ling Yun was walking around in a city in the western region, but he did not bring any of his women with him, and he was only accompanied by Zhou Yu.

Even Ling Xi did not go with them, especially since only she, Meng Xianzi, and Mu Shu could protect Yi Mingxia and the others.

Even though the city was not the main city in the region, it was still very large and bustling, and its location was around five hundred kilometers from Hong City.

Based on information from the locals, Ling Yun knew that the name of the city was Huang City, and there was a tall black tower in the middle of the city, which was his destination for coming to the city, the Xinxi Tower.

Soon, Ling Yun and Zhou Yu had arrived in front of the Xinxi Tower, which consisted of several floors, and they immediately entered it before meeting the old man in charge of that place.

"What can I do for you, Young Master?" The old man politely asked.

Just like Ling Xi usually did for him, Zhou Yu also used her aura to hide Ling Yun's cultivation, and she did so because there were quite a lot of strong cultivators in the city.

Ling Yun showed the plaque that Bu Liangxin gave Ling Xi before. "Senior, Aunt Liangxin gave it to me, and she asked me to come here."

The old man looked at the plaque for a moment before asking him. "Are you Mo Chen?"


The old man then pointed towards the top floor. "The Patriarch has informed me about you, and he asked me to contact him when you arrive, so I will contact him now, and you can wait for his arrival in the top room."

"Thank you." As they walked upstairs, Ling Yun's eyes kept looking at every area they passed, but he was quite surprised by the interior. "This tower is much more like a library, but it's much bigger, and there are many books that contain various information."

Zhou Yu nodded and spoke to him. "After all, this tower is an information center in the upper realms, but this tower is not the only one, and the Bu Clan also still has several towers in other realms, especially since gathering information is their specialty, so you can almost find all the information you need through their network."

"That's good." Ling Yun then asked him. "Do you know about all the sects in this realm?"

"Not really." Zhou Yu shook her head at him. "I only know of a few sects here, and one of them is the Eternal Spring Palace, which is the most suitable sect for you as a dual cultivator."

"Is that sect really not evil?"

Zhou Yu explained it to him directly. "Even though the Eternal Spring Palace is a dual cultivation sect, they are one of the righteous sects in the upper realms, and they have very strict rules regarding dual cultivation partners."

"I've heard that from Senior Tang Chen before." Ling Yun then asked her again. "Does that mean they will arrange dual cultivation partners for each disciple?"

"No." Zhou Yu immediately said it again. "Their sect master and elders give each disciple the freedom to choose their own partners, but they will not allow anyone to snatch another disciple's partners."

"Oh?" Ling Yun was surprised to hear that. "Does that mean each disciple only has one dual cultivation partner?"

Zhou Yu shook her head again. "Each disciple can have more than one dual cultivation partner, but they can only choose those who don't have a partner, and the method of selecting partners in the sect is a little unique."

"How do they choose partners in that sect?" Ling Yun curiously asked.

"Hehe." Zhou Yu giggled and teased him. "Are you interested in joining that sect? You will meet many women with high cultivation if you join that sect, and I'm sure that you can subdue them easily."

Ling Yun scratched the back of his head as he smiled. "Honestly, after I thought things through, I think joining that sect is the best choice for me now, especially since the spirit race will soon come to us, so I have to improve my cultivation and abilities even more."

"You're right." Zhou Yu answered with a heavy sigh. "The current you are no match for one of the spirit guardians, and they can kill you easily, even more so if the Spirit Emperor personally steps in to hunt you down. In my opinion, it would be better if you joined that sect, but Yi Mingxia and the others seem to have reservations about it, so you should discuss it with them first."

Ling Yun sighed and agreed with her. "You're right, I do have to discuss this matter with them first."

"En." Zhou Yu then explained it to him again. "If you join the sect and you are interested in one of the female disciples, then you have to fight hard to get her, especially if there are other male disciples who are also interested in her."

"Why is that?" Ling Yun asked with a raised eyebrow.

Zhou Yu then continued. "If there are male disciples who are also interested in the female disciple, then the elders will ask you guys to get her through fighting in the arena to avoid future commotion, and the winner can get her as a partner."

"Isn't that rule really weird?" Ling Yun frowned upon hearing that. "If I am interested in a female disciple, and she is also interested in me, the elders should immediately allow us to become dual cultivation partners, right?"

"You're not wrong about that." Zhou Yu answered as she nodded. "However, the women in the upper realms are cunning like foxes, and they have high self-esteem, so they won't accept you just like that. Even though they are dual cultivators, they definitely want to choose the best partner for them, so they use it as a test to choose their partners."

Ling Yun could only shake his head after hearing that. "Even though I feel that the rule is strange, I don't think it's bad either. Moreover, I heard from Senior Tang Chen that they will severely punish disciples who dare to steal other disciples' partners, so I think that rule actually makes the situation in the sect more conducive."

"That's true." Zhao Yu then said it again. "As far as I know, there were fifty disciples who had received heavy punishment before, and a quarter were female disciples."

"Oh?" Ling Yun turned to Zhou Yu in surprise, but he remembered Hua Yue's hostility towards Ye Jing in the past. "Even women also have their own egos, and some of them have a strong sense of jealousy."

Zhou Yu then teased him again. "Anyway, I heard that there are several beautiful female disciples in that sect, and they don't have dual cultivation partners yet, so you should join there and get them."

Hearing that, Ling Yun asked her with a look full of curiosity. "How do you know that sect in such detail? Do you have any connections with them?"

"Secret!" Zhou Yu replied with a wink. "Trust me, you won't regret joining that sect, especially since there are several women with high status and high cultivation there, and they will be very useful to you."

"I will talk to my mother and the others first before deciding on this matter."

Soon, they had arrived at the top floor and entered the only room on that floor, and Ling Yun approached a shelf filled with books. "Hmm? A beast encyclopedia book?"

Without thinking twice, Ling Yun took the book and read it one by one, but he stopped flipping it after he saw a picture of a phoenix on one of the pages and read the details carefully.

Seeing him like that, Zhou Yu walked next to Ling Yun and read along, but she then said, "I didn't expect that the Bu Clan had such accurate information about the Phoenix World, and they even knew about the crimson sphere, but they don't have any clues about it either."

"Don't you know anything about that?" Ling Yun asked as he rubbed the phoenix image.

Zhou Yu sighed and shook her head. "Even the Spirit Emperor doesn't have information about the crimson sphere, let alone a young spirit like me."

Ling Yun turned to her with an amused smile, especially since Zhou Yu was also very old, even though she was not as old as Ling Xi. "If you call yourself a young spirit, then how old is the Spirit Emperor?"

"Hahaha." Zhou Yu laughed before answering him. "In fact, no one knows about the Spirit Emperor's age, and he has existed for too long. Unfortunately, we are different from you humans, and our cultivation is much slower than yours, or else he would already be the strongest in the universe by now."

Ling Yun certainly understood that, especially since Ling Xi had lived for billions of years, but her cultivation was still below that of Tang Chen, who was much younger than her.


Suddenly, two people came into the room, and the woman said to him. "I've heard some things about you from my daughter, especially about the phenomenon you had to face when you broke through to Middle King Realm."

"Haha." Ling Yun smiled wryly after he heard that, and he returned the book to the shelf before greeting them. "I'm sorry to disturb your time, Seniors."

- To Be Continued -