"As for the demi-humans in Hidden Valley Sect, they can be said to be multi-talented and have mastered almost everything, including alchemy and blacksmithing, but they never want to have anything to do with us." Bu Tianbeng added as he sighed heavily. "We've tried to establish communication with them many times, but they always chase us away from their sect, so we don't have much useful information about them."

However, Ling Yun felt that there was something unusual about the demi-humans' attitude. "Could they come from another realm? Or could it be that they have a bad past with humans? Otherwise, they wouldn't shut themselves off from us, right?"

"You're right." Zhou Yu answered Ling Yun's question instead of them. "The demi-humans do come from another realm, and they also have a dark past history with humans. After all, humans are greedy and disgusting creatures, and they never hesitate to sacrifice anything or anyone for their insatiable ambitions."

Not only Ling Yun, but Fei Hong and Bu Tianbeng also turned to him, and Zhou Yu continued. "Long ago, demi-humans had their own realm, but humans invaded their realm and killed too many of their kin, and their birthplace was destroyed because of them. Those humans used male demi-humans as labor slaves for various purposes, and they forced female demi-humans to become their sex slaves; they even killed them after they got bored of them."

They sighed heavily, and Ling Yun muttered to himself. "No wonder they hate humans so much, and everything happens because of humans themselves."

"Humph!" Zhou Yun snorted at him. "Fortunately, there were two powerful warriors born in their races, and they were born with extremely strong physiques, which made their bodies and strength far above their race. However, their characters were completely opposite; one of them still had compassion and forgiveness, but the other one was truly evil and truly merciless."

"Oh?" Ling Yun raised his eyebrows in surprise. "What are their physiques?"

Zhou Yu smiled faintly. "One of them has the Dragon God Body, and the other one has the Demon God Body."

"What?" The three of them exclaimed after hearing that, and Ling Yun opened the physique list in the system. "I didn't expect that they owned two of the ten very rare physiques."

After all, they have so much information on Xinxi Tower, so the owners also know about those physiques, and Fei Hong then asked Zhou Yu. "Are any of them related to the dragon race?"

"One of them is indeed related to the dragon race, but that person is not of the pure dragon race." Zhou Yu responded with a nod. "The other person is related to the dark abyss tiger race, and only they have both physiques in this universe."

"Huh? Is that person really related to the demon abyss tiger race?" Bu Tianbeng asked in disbelief, especially since it was very strong, but it was also very brutal.

"That's true." Zhou Yu then sighed before telling them. "Back then, they held themselves back for so many years, and they increased their strength secretly. Once they became truly powerful, they led a great rebellion to liberate their kin. Otherwise, humans would still colonize the demi-humans, and they would never be able to gain their freedom. Since their realm was destroyed, their kin were scattered in various realms, but they chose to distance themselves from humans. As for those two, they live in the Supreme Realm now, and they are two of the strongest cultivators there, but they are divided into two opposing camps."

Ling Yun fell into deep thought after he heard that. During this time, he had never met other owners of very rare physiques apart from his mother and half-sister, but their physiques were not fighter physiques. Yi Mingxia's Holy Sacred Body is more related to healing, and Ling Xiya's Natural Yin Body is more useful for assisting him in dual cultivation.

As for the two people, their physiques were fighter physiques, and Ling Yun was sure that they were powerful, especially since they were related to powerful beasts. "Hey, Zhou Yu, can you take me to meet those demi-humans in the future?"

"Sure." Zhou Yu replied with a nod. "Even though they refuse to establish relationships with other humans, I am sure that they will not reject you, and they can be useful allies if you can build good relationships with them."

"En." Ling Yun nodded in agreement with that, for he needed many allies to face the enemies who would stand in his way.

Hearing that, Bu Tianbeng and Fei Hong exchanged glances, especially after they saw that Zhou Yu was so confident that Ling Yun could establish a good relationship with the demi-humans.

"Forget it; I want to meet them soon, but I can't possibly convince them with my current strength, so I'll meet them once I'm truly able to do so." Ling Yun then asked the two seniors. "Then what about the sects in Star Cloud Realm and Earth Cloud Realm?"

"There is only one First Grade Sect in the Earth Cloud Realm, the Demon Sect, which is controlled by the Gu Clan." Ling Yun frowned after he heard that, and Bu Tianbeng explained to him. "Actually, there are many sects there, such as the Marionette Sect, Yanluo Sect, and many others. However, they are only subsidiaries of the Demon Sect, and the dark clans there also completely submit to the Gui Clan, including the Mo Clan."

"The Mo Clan?" Ling Yun was quite irritated after hearing the clan name. After all, he had already dealt with that clan on earth, and the person who destroyed the Mu Shu family also came from that clan.

Fei Hong then asked him. "Since Little Shu'er is your wife, she must have told you about the destruction of her family, right?"

"Yes." Ling Yun answered with a nod. "Honestly, I met Shu'er because she went to my planet to chase down her family's murderer, but later she found out from Tang Jingling that the person wasn't the real culprit, and the real murderer was still alive within that clan."

"That's right." Bu Tianbeng then took out a sketch from her storage ring and gave it to Ling Yun. "His name is Mo Guai, and he is one of the higher-ups in the Valley of Doom. However, you should not look for trouble with him with your current cultivation, especially since he is the second strongest cultivator in the Earth Cloud Realm, and his cultivation is almost on par with Tang Chen."

Ling Yun nodded in understanding as he looked at the face of the man in the sketch, and Mo Guai's face looked very ugly with a disgusting wound on his cheek. "Can I have this sketch?"

"Sure." And Fei Hong warned Ling Yun. "However, you should not show this sketch to Little Shu'er, especially since she is hot-headed and reckless, and she will definitely go straight to Earth Cloud Realm to look for Mo Guai."

"I know." Ling Yun then stored the sketch in his item box. "Then what about the sects in Star Cloud Realm?"

Fei Hong took out a fairly large map and opened it on the table, and he marked out several areas as he explained to Ling Yun. "In the northern region, there is the Poison Sect and several second-grade sects. In the southern region, there is the Sky Martial Sect and a few second-grade sects. In the eastern region, there is the Moon Palace Sect, but it is exclusively for women, and Jingling is one of their disciples. Besides it, there are two second-grade sects in that region, Medicine Sect and Sunny Pavilion Sect."

Ling Yun wasn't too interested in other sects, and he was more focused on the Moon Palace Sect, especially since some of the women living in his residence intended to join a sect. "Does the Moon Palace Sect focus on one element? Are there certain requirements to join there? I brought a few other women with me, and they were used to living in the all-female sect, so I thought the sect would be suitable for them, but all of them are ice qi possessors."

"Nope." Fei Hong answered by shaking her head. "The Moon Palace Sect is open to all female cultivators of various elements, and they have no specific requirements to join them, but the Dongfang Clan maintains full control of the sect."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding.

Fei Hong then continued. "There used to be a first-grade sect in the western region by the name of Hidden Sea Sect, but the sect had long since declined, especially after the Demon Sect's cultivators killed their sect's powerful cultivators. Since then, they can't restore the glory of their sect anymore, and they are now no different from third-grade sects. Even so, they have many unique techniques, all of which are related to water elements."

"Unique techniques related to water elements, huh?" Ling Yun muttered as he thought about Ye Jing.

Seeing his expression like that, Bu Tianbeng asked him. "Are you interested in that sect?"

"Yes." Ling Yun immediately used his water qi, and a waterball appeared in the palm of his hand, surprising Bu Tianbeng and Fei Hong, especially since they could feel that his water qi was really strong, and it had also reached the upper rank. "As you can see, I have water qi, and one of my wives also has strong water qi, but I don't have many water techniques, so I'm very interested in that sect."

- To Be Continued -