"Since your water qi is very strong and has already reached the upper rank, the techniques from the Hidden Sea Sect will be useful for you." Bu Tiabeng then warned Ling Yun. "However, you have to be very careful, and I heard that people from the Demon Sect are still monitoring that sect, but I don't have exact information about their purpose."

"I understand." Ling Yun certainly wouldn't take Bu Tianbeng's advice lightly, especially since he understood the situation in the three realms much better. "So-"

*Knock... Knock...*

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. "Patriarch, Elder Zhong Chenyu wants to meet you to discuss something."

The two seniors were surprised to hear that, and Fei Hong spoke to Ling Yun. "You are lucky, Mo Chen. She is one of the elders of the Eternal Spring Palace, and she also comes from a first-grade clan, the Zhong Clan. If you attract her interest in you, then it will be easier for you to join the sect, and you don't need to go through various complicated tests."

"She's right, Ling Yun." Zhou Yu said to him. "You should try to get close to Zhong Chenyu."

Ling Yun nodded in agreement, as he said. "Even though I haven't decided to join that sect, there's no harm in trying to attract her attention first."

"That's good." Fei Hong then answered that person. "Let Elder Zhong come in."


Soon, Zhong Chenyu entered the room, and she was wearing a long light blue dress with a black silk belt wrapped around her perfectly curved waist. Her long black hair was silky smooth, falling down to her waist, and a silver tiara adorned her head. But what made her undeniably beautiful was not only her appearance; her beauty didn't have a single flaw without any make-up, and everything about her was absolutely flawless. Her eyes were as crystal clear as pure water, and her soft lips bloomed with a alluring smile.

Besides, there was a white rabbit beast with a moon symbol on its forehead in her arms, and Ling Yun could feel that its cultivation was far above his. 'Hey, system! Scan them!'

Name: Zhong Chenyu

Age: 300000+

Race: Human

Cultivation: Lower Venerable God Realm

Veins: Wood Spiritual Veins

Physique: Human Physique

Body Technique: Tianyue Body Technique

Bloodline: Moon Rabbit Bloodline

Element: Air (Peak Rank)

Innate Abilities: Air Manipulation, Air Shield

Partner: Kang Ming

Name: Yue Tu

Age: 200000+

Cultivation: High Emperor God Realm

Veins: Wind Spiritual Veins

Physique: Rabbit Beast

Body Technique: Soft Bone Rabbit

Bloodline: Moon Rabbit

Element: Air (Peak Rank) Ice (Peak Rank)

Owner: Zhong Chenyu

Ling Yun was surprised after reading their status, and this was the first time he had met cultivators who possessed the air element. Besides, their cultivations were several levels above his, so he felt quite wary of them.

However, Yue Tu suddenly sniffed at Ling Yun, and she disappeared from Zhong Chenyu's arms before reappearing on his lap, surprising them.

Bu Tianbeng and Fei Hong exchanged glances for a moment before they smiled at each other, and they were thinking the same thing. 'In this way, Zhong Chenyu definitely wants to recruit Mo Chen.'

"Tu'er?" Zhong Chenyu called out softly as she looked at Ling Yun with a look of disbelief, especially since her beast had never liked anyone else, and she had never left her side either.

As for Ling Yun and Zhou Yu, they were not too surprised by Yue Tu's behavior. After all, she was a beast, so she could sense his bloodline, even though they had tried to cover it up.

Yue Tu pointed her ears towards Ling Yun and said to Zhong Chenyu. "Master, you must recruit this brat to our sect first."

'Tch!' Ling Yun gritted his teeth after hearing a rabbit call him a brat, but he didn't say anything and rubbed Yue Tu's smooth fur, and she also rubbed her head against his hand.

Zhong Chenyu was even more surprised after seeing their closeness, especially since they didn't know each other, and Yue Tu had never allowed anyone other than her to touch her before. 'What actually happened here? Why is Tu'er acting spoiled with this young man?' "Do you really want me to recruit him? After all, I didn't feel any god aura from him, so his cultivation is still in the mortal realm, but I don't know his exact cultivation level, especially since this spirit woman covered it."

"Ha ha." Zhou Yu laughed after hearing that. "Hey, Chenyu! We've known each other for a long time, but you act like this is our first meeting instead."

"Humph!" Zhong Chenyu snorted at her. "How long has it been since you last came to visit me?"

Zhou Yu shrugged her shoulders. "One hundred thousand years, perhaps?"

"More than that, you know." Zhong Chenyu replied by shaking her head. "However, I didn't expect that you would stay by the side of a mortal now, let alone a man."

"Haha." Zhou Yu giggled at that. "You don't misunderstand me, okay? Mo Chen is my big sister's husband, and I only accompany him here to look for information about this realm."

"Oh?" Zhong Chenyu immediately observed Ling Yun seriously before asking him. "Do you know the rules in the spirit realm?"

"I only know a little, Senior." Ling Yun respectfully replied to her. "I know that there is a prohibition for the spirit race to have relations with humans, but Ling Xi is different from other spirits, and the prohibition does not apply to her."

"Ling Xi?" Zhong Chenyu turned to Zhou Yu with a questioning look.

Zhou Yu explained it to her directly. "Ling Xi is the name he gave to my big sister, and her real name is Luxuria. As Mo Chen said before, the prohibitions really don't apply to her, especially since she is one of the seven spirits born from human emotions."

"Luxuria? Isn't that the name of the Spirit of Lust?" Fei Hong asked in surprise as he looked at Ling Yun.

"Yes." Zhou Yu nodded to her. "Big Sis is indeed the Spirit of Lust, but I hope you guys don't talk about their relationship to anyone else, especially since that guy has been eyeing her for a long time. If he finds out about their relationship, then he will definitely come here to look for her and also to kill Mo Chen."

"Hmm?" Ling Yun turned to Zhou Yu with a frown. "Who is that man?"

"We'll talk about him later." Zhou Yu then said to Zhong Chenyu. "For now, he hasn't decided to join your sect, but you can give him your token first, so he can join there directly after he discusses it with my big sister."

"All right." Zhong Chenyu then took out a token and gave it to Ling Yun. "If you have decided to join my sect, then you can come there directly, and you can show it to the gate guards, so they won't make things difficult for you."

"Thank you, Senior." Ling Yun happily accepted and kept the token, and he then stood up and spoke to them. "Since you guys have important matters, I will leave the three of you now, and I will look for other information about this realm downstairs."

Just as Ling Yun wanted to hand her over to Zhong Chenyu, Yue Tu immediately jumped on his head and said to him. "Hey, Brat! Their conversation is very boring for me, so I'll accompany you to look for the information you need downstairs."

'I will skin you and eat you if you dare call me a brat again!' Even so, Ling Yun only dared to say it in his heart, especially since Yue Tu was much stronger than him. Although he could use his bloodline to suppress her, he did not intend to do so.

Zhong Chenyu then said to him. "I'll leave Tue'er to you."

"All right." Ling Yun left the room, but Zhou Yu did not follow him, preferring to listen to their conversation.




As he walked down the stairs, Yue Tu asked Ling Yun. "Why don't you use your bloodline to suppress me? Although I don't know exactly what type of dragon your bloodline is, I can feel that it is much stronger than mine, and you can definitely suppress and subdue me easily."

"You're right, I can do it easily." Ling Yun replied with an affirmative nod. "However, we just met for the first time, and you don't have any bad intentions towards me, right? So why would I suppress you with my bloodline? Moreover, you are Senior Yu's beast contract, so I have no intention of subduing you."

"Haha." Yue Tu laughed at that. "I really like your character, Brat! Usually, cultivators who have strong bloodlines will use them to suppress us beasts, and they will definitely force us to submit to them."

"Can you stop calling me that?" Ling Yun asked in an annoyed tone. "I know I'm much younger than you, but I'm really uncomfortable hearing you call me like that."

"Humph!" Yue Tu snorted softly. "All right then, I will call you Little Chen!"

Ling Yun sighed helplessly. "Anyway, have you become Senior Yu's beast contract for a long time?"

"Yes." Yue Tu nodded to him. "Back then, those cruel hunters killed my parents, but they first hid me in a hole under a tree, where my master later found me. Since then, I've been living with her, and I decided to become her beast contract for the sake of repaying her."

- To Be Continued -