"I see." Ling Yun then looked up at Yue Tu. "I'm sorry for you, but you must be happy with Senior Yu now, right?"

"En." Yue Tu replied with a nod. "Master is very kind to me, so I feel very happy. Anyway, are you a newcomer to this realm? And where is your original realm?"

"I arrived a few days ago from the lower realm." Ling Yun did not intend to cover it up.

"Ah!" Yue Tu exclaimed in surprise. "No wonder your cultivation is still in the mortal realms, even though you have a powerful bloodline."

Ling Yun nodded in agreement. "Even so, my cultivation is much faster than the cultivators in my realm, especially since I am a dual cultivator."

Yue Tu wasn't surprised to hear that, especially since she could feel the various types of Yin Qi within Ling Yun's body, or else he wouldn't have thought of joining her sect. "If you join my sect, your cultivation will definitely improve even faster, and you might be able to break through to the Five God Realm quickly."

Ling Yun just smiled upon hearing that, especially since Yue Tu didn't know him well yet, let alone the many abnormalities in his body.

Soon, they had arrived at another floor, and Ling Yun took a book about the differences in each region from the shelf. As he read it, he asked Yue Tu again. "Can you tell me about your sect? Zhou Yu still hasn't told me about the sect in detail."

"Sure." Yue Tu explained it to him. "I don't know anything about the lower realm, but the sects in the upper realms have very high standards, and they have four categories of disciples: Huang Class, Xian Class, Di Class, and Tian Class."

"Oh?" Ling Yun was surprised to hear that. "On my planet, all sects start with outer, inner, and core disciples."

"En." Yue Tu nodded and continued. "Huang Class are ordinary disciples, and their cultivations are below the Emperor Realm, so they receive ordinary treatment; even disciples from other classes often use their services to help with their daily chores."

"Holy fudge!" Ling Yun screamed, as he didn't expect that the standards were so high. "Even the King Realm cultivators are considered ordinary disciples in here, huh?"

"Haha." Yue Tu laughed at Ling Yun's reaction. "Even though your cultivation is still below the Emperor Realm, you don't need to worry if you join my sect; I will protect you, and those naughty disciples will not dare to mess with you."

Ling Yun smiled bitterly when he heard that. "Then what about the other three classes?"

"Cultivators at the Emperor Realm, the Saint Realm, and the Venerate Realm will join the Xian Class. Perhaps their statuses are like the outer court disciples in your realm." Ling Yun let out a heavy sigh after he heard that, and he thought about the people with him who wanted to join other sects. "As for cultivators at the Heavenly God Realm, they will join the Di Class, and cultivators at the Emperor God Realm inhabit the Tian Class."

"Oh?" Ling Yun looked up at Yue Tu again. "Only cultivators of those two realms are present in those two classes, huh?"

"After all, breaking through to the next stages of the Five God Realms is really not easy, and each stage will take a very long time." Ling Yun didn't deny that, especially since breaking through in mortal realms wasn't easy either, and he was able to cultivate faster only because of his advantages. "After they break through to the Venerable God Realm, they can either leave the sect or become a sect elder like my master."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding and asked her again. "Then what about cultivators below the King Realm?"

Yue Tu thought for some time before answering Ling Yun's question. "Usually, young cultivators in the upper realms will join the Heaven Secret Sect to get formal education first, and they can leave the sect after they reach the Foundation Realm. After that, they will join second and third grade sects depending on their talents, and they will cultivate in those sects until they reach the Emperor Realm. However, many of them were also recruited by first-grade sects, but it actually became their nightmares, especially since they were treated normally, and many of them ultimately failed to meet the sect's expectations. Even so, some of them also succeeded in becoming strong cultivators, but their number was far less than that of those who failed."

"In that case, it would be better if my friends and families joined second-grade or third-grade sects first, or else their development would be hampered if they became ordinary disciples in those first-grade sects." Yue Tu nodded in agreement with him. "Anyway, if the Heaven Secrets Sect only focuses on the younger generation, then how can they obtain first-grade sect status?"

"Hahaha." Yue Tu laughed out loud before telling him. "Little Chen, the strength of a sect's elders and sect masters is what counts, not the strength of their disciples. Although the Heaven Secrets Sect focuses more on the younger generation, their sect master and elders are very strong; even the evil cultivators of the Demon Sect don't dare underestimate them, and they prefer not to clash with them head-on."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding before asking again. "How does the strength of the Eternal Spring Palace compare to the Heaven Secrets Sect?"

"They are much stronger than us." However, Ling Yun was not too surprised, especially since the Eternal Spring Palace was a second-grade sect, and Yue Tu continued. "Even so, the people of that sect respect our sect very much, especially since our sect master is no less powerful than their sect master, and he is also a member of the Tian Clan."

"Huh?" Ling Yun was surprised again after he heard that. "Who is the sect master of the Eternal Spring Palace? Why would a member of the Tian Clan like him join the dual cultivation sect?"

"His name is Tian Ya, but he comes from the Tian branch clan." Ling Yun nodded repeatedly. "In fact, our sect master is not a dual cultivator, and he chose another cultivation path. As for his reason for joining our sect, I don't know for sure about it; even my master doesn't know about it either."

Ling Yun became curious about Tian Ya's reasons, especially since he chose to join the dual cultivation sect, but he himself was not a dual cultivator.

Yue Tu then spoke to Ling Yun again. "Little Chen, I want to see you every day, so you should join our sect, okay?"

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed wryly. "I'm actually very interested in joining your sect, but I have to discuss this matter with my wives first, so I can't promise you anything."

"All right then." Yue Tu replied as she nodded in resignation.

After he finished reading the book in his hand, Ling Yun walked around the inner area of Xinxi Tower, and he read various books as he continued to chat with Yue Tu.




In the top room, Bu Tianbeng decided to leave after they had talked for a long time, and Zhou Yu decided to take out two beauty returning pills and show them to the two women.

"Eh?" Fei Hong and Zhong Chenyu were shocked to see the pills, especially since they were flawless grade, and Zhou Yu told them the effects of the pills, but she didn't tell them that Ling Yun was the owner. "I got these pills from a famous alchemist, and she asked me to help sell them, so I'm offering them to you now."

"Is the effect really that great?" Zhong Chenyu asked with a doubtful look.

Fei Hong agreed with her, for she had never heard before about a pill that could restore people's youth. "What is the alchemist's name?"

"She wanted to focus on her alchemy, so she asked me to hide her identity, or people would flock to see her, which would disturb her concentration." The two women nodded in understanding, and Zhou Yu spoke to them again. "As for the effect, you don't need to doubt it anymore, for I have seen the results myself. If you two still don't believe me, you guys can swallow it first if you are really interested in being young again, but the price of this pill is really not cheap, especially since the ingredients are really scarce and there are only a few pills available."

"How much is the beauty returning pill?" Zhong Chenyu asked her, and her gaze never moved from the two pills in Zhou Yu's hand.

Seeing her expression like that, Zhou Yu smiled faintly and answered her. "2 billion Middle Profound Stones, or 2 million Upper Profound Stones. Although the price is very expensive, I think it's not a problem for the two of you, right?"

The two women looked at Zhou Yu in a daze; even their mouths were wide open. However, Zhong Chenyu suddenly took out a storage ring containing 2 billion Middle Profound Stones and gave it to her, and she took one pill from her hand before swallowing it directly.

'Haha! This way, Ling Yun can buy some equipment from that old blacksmith.' Zhou Yu said as she laughed in her heart.

Fei Hong continued to look at Zhong Chenyu, and her expression turned shocked after her body was covered in a smelly black liquid. "Ugh! Elder Zhong, you better clean your body quickly!"

- To Be Continued -