Wasting no time, Zhong Chenyu cleaned up the black liquid. She then took a mirror and looked at her reflection, and her smile grew more beautiful than before.

"Incredible! I always felt that my face was so old before, but a pill turned my face young again, and my body was rejuvenated by it." Zhong Chenyu spoke as she gently massaged her skin. "If people discover the identity of the alchemist, the entire upper realms will be in an uproar, and they will definitely rush at him."

"That's true." Fei Hong replied with an affirmative nod. "I have lived for so long, and there are many records in this tower, but I only learned that there is such a pill today."

Zhao Yu just smiled while listening to them, but she was sure that no one would find out that Ling Yun was the owner of the pill, and she then asked Fei Hong. "Do you want the pill too?"

"How many pills do you have now?" Fei Hong asked him back.

"Not much." Zhou Yu replied with a fake sigh. "That person only gave me three pills, so I can only sell one to you. As for the other one, I plan to sell it to the Tian Clan."

"Oh?" Both women were surprised to hear that, and Fei Hong nodded understandingly at Zhou Yu's intentions. "If you bring that pill to the Tian Clan, I'm sure that Tian Kong and Ruan Chenxin will dare to pay dearly for it, especially since they have tried various ways to cure Tian Yueling's illness, but no one has succeeded in curing her, including Zhiyu Yushen."

"That's true." Zhong Chenyu nodded in agreement with him. "Even though Yueling is a little tomboyish and rude, she is actually a kind-hearted girl, and her face is also quite pretty. However, she was suddenly affected by a strange disease, which turned her ugly and caused her body to smell like carrion. Since then, she never left her clan, and she even tried to commit suicide many times."

Zhou Yu himself already knew that, so she had intended from the start to sell one pill to them, and she knew that Tian Kong and his wife would definitely pay a high price for it.

Suddenly, Fei Hong passed a storage ring to Zhou Yu as she snatched the pill from her hand, and she immediately swallowed it without hesitation.

Minutes later, Fei Hong had already completed his transformation, and she smiled in satisfaction after seeing her youthful face. "If Liangxin saw me now, she probably wouldn't be able to recognize me."

Zhou Yu and Zhong Chenyu smiled in amusement at her expression, and they said to Fei Hong. "Since my business is finished, I will leave now."

"Once we get information about that, I will immediately send word to you, Elder Zhong." Fei Hong then said to Zhou Yu. "It would be best if you helped Mo Chen convince your big sister, so his cultivation could advance faster if he joined the Eternal Spring Sect."

"I know." The two of them immediately left the room afterward.




"Master!" Yue Tu called out as soon as he saw Zhong Chenyu.

Zhong Chenyu could only shake her head, seeing Yue Tu so close to Ling Yun. "What makes you so attracted to this young man? It's really unusual for you to leave my side for so long, and you guys even get along so well, like friends who have known each other for a long time."

"Haha." Yue Tu laughed and moved to Zhong Chenyu's shoulder. "Little Chen is truly interesting, so you must do everything you can to get him to join our sect, master!"

Hearing that, Zhong Chenyu raised her eyebrows and looked at Ling Yun. "What exactly did you use to attract Tu'er?"

"Eh?" Ling Yun was taken aback by her question, and he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Senior. I didn't use anything on her, and I don't know how she could be so interested in me, but we're good friends now."

"Hmm?" Zhong Chenyu then turned to her contract beast. "Did he really not use anything on you?"

However, Yue Tu shook her head at Zhong Chenyu, for Ling Yun had asked her not to tell anyone that he had a dragon bloodline, or else he would be in danger if the strong cultivators knew about it. "Master, my cultivation is much higher than Little Chen, and I would definitely know if he used something on me, so you don't need to suspect him."

Zhou Yu spoke to her too. "Your beast has sharp instincts, and it would be impossible for her not to notice if Mo Chen used something on her. Moreover, I have lived by his side for a long time, and he is not a man who likes to use underhand methods against others, so you don't need to worry about anything unwarranted."

Even though they had said that, Zhong Chenyu still felt suspicious of Ling Yun, and she released his aura to suppress him. "I'll believe them for now, but Tu'er is a part of my life, and I won't hesitate to beat or kill you if you dare to do something bad to her. Do you understand?"

"Don't worry, Senior. I don't have any bad intentions towards her, so I won't do anything bad to her." Even though he was afraid of Zhong Chenyu, Ling Yun still answered him with a smile.

"Let's return now, Tu'er."

Zhong Chenyu immediately withdrew her aura and walked away from them, but Yue Tu waved her long ears at Ling Yun as she shouted at him. "Little Chen! I'll be waiting for you at the Eternal Spring Palace, so you should join there as soon as possible, okay?"

"All right." Ling Yun simply nodded at her.

Zhou Yu suddenly spoke to Ling Yun. "Hehe, the little rabbit must be attracted to you because of your bloodline, right?"

"Yes." Ling Yun replied with a nod. "After all, he is the ancestor of the beasts, so his bloodline easily attracted the beasts to me, including Yue Tu."

"That's true." Zhou Yu agreed with that. "However, your charm is useless in the upper realms, especially since the mental and soul strength of the female cultivators here are very strong, so it won't be easy for you to get women here, but I still believe that you can conquer them with your seduction."

Ling Yun smiled after hearing that, but he was sure that it was only temporary, especially since his charm would continue to increase as his cultivation increased. "Anyway, sooner or later, you too will fall into my arms."

"Humph!" Zhou Yu snorted at him, but she did not refute Ling Yun's words. "Have you got all the information you need?"

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded to her. "For now, I have obtained various basic information about this realm, including about the clans and sects, but I will come here again in the future to look for other information."

"En." Zhou Yu then handed the two storage rings to Ling Yun. "The total is four billion middle grade orofound stones, and you can use them to buy some equipment you will need in Tian City. However, I will leave you in the city, and I will go meet the Tian Clan people."

[You obtained 4,000,000,000 Middle Grade Profound Stones.]

Ling Yun felt very satisfied after getting so many profound stones. "All right, let's go to Tian City right now."

Wasting no time, Zhou Yu grabbed Ling Yun's shoulders, and they immediately disappeared from Xinxi Tower.




Sometime later, the two of them had already come out of the void, and they arrived at the outskirts of Tian City. However, Ling Yun was instantly stunned, especially since the city was really big and spacious; even the buildings in the city were not inferior to those on earth, even though their buildings looked ancient.

"Ha ha." Zhou Yu laughed and smacked Ling Yun's back. "You don't need to be surprised like this. After all, this realm is much bigger compared to your planet, but the population is not as large as there, and they are mostly gathered in a few main cities."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded and said to her. "All right, you can go to the Tian Clan now, and I will look for the best blacksmith in this city."

"Wait a minute." Zhou Yu immediately stopped Ling Yun and informed him. "You should go to the south of the city, and you will find a blacksmith workshop there. Although the place is very small, Old Man Tian Huang is the best blacksmith in this realm, and he can definitely make you some equipment according to your wishes."

"All right then." Ling Yun immediately rushed into the city after he paid the entrance fee of 1000 Lower Grade Profound Stones, and Zhou Yu immediately disappeared again.




Before long, Zhou Yu had appeared again in a room, and the room was filled with various kinds of fragrant flowers.

Even so, the flowers were still unable to cover up the smell of carrion that filled the room; even Zhou Yu had to use her qi to cover her nose. 'Tch! Even though I've met him many times before, this smell is really strong.'

"Why did you suddenly come here?" Suddenly, the young woman who was lying on the bed asked her. "I thought you hated me as much as the others, so you haven't visited me for hundreds of years, Big Sis Yu."

- To Be Continued -