After the Corpse Gu came out of Tian Yueling's body, Zhou Yu immediately sealed it before throwing it into the void. "That Gu insect caused your daughter's body to smell like carrion, and the Xin Clan's Corpse Technique made her appearance ugly."

"Bastards!" Tian Kong instantly cursed after he heard that, and killing intent leaked from his body. "The Gu and Xin Clans! I will destroy both of your clans!"

"Calm down! I know you are very angry towards them, but you must not act rashly by going to Earth Cloud Realm to challenge them, or you will suffer losses yourself." Ran Chenxin said as she held her husband's hand firmly, but she then turned to her daughter and sniffed her scent. "Our daughter's body doesn't smell bad anymore."

"Hmm?" Tian Kong sniffed toward his daughter before letting out a breath of relief. "I'm glad your body is back to normal, Ling'er. Ouickly, swallow the pill; I want to see the effect."

Tian Yueling nodded and swallowed the pill, but she immediately covered her nose as black liquid began to cover her body. "Ugh! This black liquid smells much smellier!"

"Haha." Zhou Yu laughed softly. "Just hang in there for a while; you'll return as beautiful as ever again."

Minutes later, Tian Yueling's body turned black because of the liquid, and Ran Chenxin used her qi to clean it.

They were stunned after they saw their daughter's change, but Tian Kong immediately hugged Tian Yueling and laughed from ear to ear. "Hahaha! This is truly a miracle! You have returned to normal again! You're even more beautiful!"

"Ugh! Father! You're hugging me too tightly!" Tian Yueling complained as she tried to push her father away.

"Hahaha!" Tian Kong let go of his daughter and then turned to Zhou Yu before throwing a storage ring. "You can keep everything! My daughter's future is worth more than anything!"

Zhou Yu immediately stored the storage ring as she inwardly laughed. 'Hehe! As expected! This guy is willing to give anything for his daughter!'

"I will order the servants to prepare a banquet, and we will celebrate our daughter's recovery!" After he said that, Tian Kong immediately left the room with a look of excitement.

"Thank you, Senior Yu." Ran Chenxin sincerely said as she looked at her daughter. "Your father is right; you have become much prettier now, and those men will definitely admire your beauty very much."

"Really?" Tian Yueling took a mirror and looked at herself in amazement, but her tears flowed out, especially since she had been tormented for hundreds of years. "Is this really me?"

"Haha, if it's not you, then who else?" Zhou Yu said as she laughed. "However, you still need to do some exercise and diet, or-"


Zhou Yu dodged the mirror, and Tian Yueling angrily shouted at her, "Big Sis Yu! You are so mean! You don't even give me a chance to feel my happiness!"

"Haha." Zhou Yu actually laughed even louder seeing her angry like that, causing black lines to appear on Tian Yueling's forehead, and she took out her whip. "All right, you don't need to do that; I won't tease you anymore."

"Humph!" Tian Yueling snorted and put away her whip. "Thank you, Big Sis Yu. If it weren't for you, I would definitely continue to suffer."

Ran Chenxin smiled at their interaction, and she then asked Zhou Yu. "Who exactly is the alchemist? I didn't expect that such a miracle pill existed in this world, and my daughter can become herself again."

"I can't tell you her identity, or people will look for her later." Ran Chenxin nodded in understanding and did not ask further. "Anyway, you should warn your husband strictly not to go to Earth Cloud Realm; those demons are much more terrifying than we all imagined, and they are also getting stronger."

"Do you have much information about them?" Ran Chenxin asked with a serious look.

Zhou Yu shook her head at her. "Back then, I infiltrated there to look for the source of Yueling's illness, but I didn't have time to look for much other information, especially since surveillance in both clans was very tight."

"I see." Ran Chenxin nodded in understanding. "All right, I will warn my husband about that, and I will also discuss this matter with my in-laws and the others."

"That's good." Zhou Yu then thought for a moment. "Anyway, I think you guys should go to the Star Cloud Realm to meet Tang Chen, and you can discuss everything with him before making a decision about those demons."

"Does Tang Chen also know about this matter?"

"Yes." Zhou Yu nodded to her. "For now, Tang Chen and his wife are preparing some things, but they won't make a move anytime soon, and they will wait for someone first."

Ran Chenxin was surprised to hear that. "Who is that person?"

"I won't tell you now, for that person isn't ready to appear in public yet." Zhou Yu replied as she shook her head. "Even so, I believe that person will bring about great changes in the upper realms, and those demons will definitely be wiped out in the future."

Hearing that, Ran Chenxin looked at her curiously, but she knew that she couldn't possibly force Zhou Yu to tell the truth. "All right, we will go to the Star Cloud Realm to meet Tang Chen soon."

Unlike her mother, Tian Yueling looked at Zhou Yu suspiciously, and she thought to herself. 'Could that person be Mo Chen?' "Are you leaving again?"

"Yes, I still have some other things to do, so I have to go again." Zhou Yu then said to her. "Anyway, you're healed now, so you have to keep your promise to me."

"I will definitely fulfill my promise."

"That's good."

After Zhou Yu disappeared from their sight, Ran Chenxin immediately asked her daughter. "What have you promised her?"

"Mother, I have promised Big Sis Yu to join the Eternal Spring Sect." Before Ran Chenxin interrupted her, Tian Yueling directly touched her mother's forehead, and she gave her some images of Ling Yun. "She told me that his name is Mo Chen, and he just ascended from the lower realm, and even his cultivation is still in the mortal realms."

"Hmm?" Ran Chenxin raised her eyebrows after she heard that, but she admitted that Ling Yun's figure wasn't bad. Instead, he was much better than the younger generations she knew. "Why did you promise her that? Are you already attracted to that man just by looking at his images? Since that man is going to join that sect, which means he's a dual cultivator, right? Besides, he probably already has a lot of partners, so I think you shouldn't meet him."

"No, I admit that he is handsome and attractive, but I can't possibly be attracted to a man that I've never met before. However, Big Sis Yu's confidence in him piqued my interest towards him, so I decided to join the sect to meet him." Tian Yueling then fell silent for a moment. "Anyway, you are right that he already has many partners, and Big Sis Yu's big sister is one of his women."

"Huh?" Ran Xing was surprised again. "Are you serious about that? Is Senior Yu's big sister really one of that man's women?"

"Big Sis Yu told me herself, so it can't be wrong. That's why I want to meet Mo Chen, especially since no male human has ever been able to have a relationship with spirit women, let alone take them as their wives." Tian Yueling then got out of bed and pulled her mother up. "Let's meet my father and grandparents; I want to discuss this matter with them."

Ran Chenxin immediately followed her daughter, but her mind was filled with various questions about Ling Yun, especially about his relationship with the spirit race.




Ling Yun had arrived in the south of the city, and he saw a middle-aged man forging equipment in front of a hut.

However, Ling Yun immediately took a deep breath after he checked Tian Huang's status, especially since he was already very old despite his young looks. Even his strength was almost on par with Tang Chen, and their cultivation only differed by one minor stage.

'Cultivators in the upper realms are indeed amazing.' Ling Yun muttered in his heart as he paid attention to Tian Huang's activities.

Sunddely, Tian Huang turned to him and asked. "Why do you keep watching me like that, young lad? Do you want to buy equipment from me?"

"Yes, Senior." Ling Yun respectfully answered and immediately approached Tian Huang. "I was looking for some equipment, and a friend of mine recommended me to come here."

"I see." Tian Huang nodded and asked him again. "So what kind of equipment do you need?"

"Senior, do you have very heavy equipment?"

"Oh?" Tian Huang raised his eyebrows. "How heavy do you want the equipment to be?"

"As heavy as possible." Ling Yun himself didn't know the exact weight of the Chaos Dragon Broadsword, but he knew for sure that it was very heavy, so he was hard-pressed to find some other equipment that was much heavier than it.

Hearing that, Tian Huang immediately stopped what he was doing and stood in front of Ling Yun, and he then extended his hand to him. "Since you don't have a benchmark for how heavy the equipment you wanted is, you can test it by lifting me from the ground using your raw strength."

- To Be Continued -