Tian Huang's face darkened after he listened to his family members explanations, and he then said to them. "Order our people to check this entire city; I'm sure that their spies are still hiding in our city, for they wouldn't dare infiltrate our clan to check Yueling's condition."

Tian Kong turned to his brother. "Yifan, lead our people to look for them, but you don't need to kill them and arrest them for interrogation."

"Yes, Brother." Tian Yifan answered as he stood up, and he pulled their brother named Tian Ye with him.

Ran Chenxin then informed Tian Huang. "Father, Senior Yu told me that we should go to the Star Cloud Realm to meet Senior Tang Chen, and we need to discuss the matter of the demons with him."

"Oh?" Tian Huang was taken back for a moment, but he immediately agreed with that. "Indeed, we should discuss this matter with him. Even though my cultivation has reached the Supreme God Realm, it is impossible for me to face those demon clans, and we need the help of other clans, especially the Tang Clan."

"So when are we going there, Father?"

"I still have to make some equipment for Mo Chen, and he will come to pick them up in three days." Tian Huang then turned to one of his children. "Sha'er, you can take Yueling to the Eternal Spring Sect and tell Tian Ya to protect her, and you should also tell him to keep those male disciples away from her."

"Yes, Father." Tian Sha answered her father as she looked at her niece in astonishment, especially since Tian Yueling would be the first member of the Tian main clan to join the dual cultivation sect.

Tian Yueling sighed helplessly before speaking to her grandfather. "Yeye, you don't need to go that far, and I can protect myself. If those disciples dare to mess with me, I will kick their ass and beat them black and blue."

"Hahaha!" Tian Huang laughed when he heard that. "Yueling, you are a woman and old now, so you have to change your attitude, and you have to act like a graceful lady."

"I'm not old! All of you are much older than me!" Tian Yueling refuted him as she frowned. "Anyway, I will be going to the sect after three days, and I want to meet Mo Chen first."

"Are you impatient to meet your future husband?" Suddenly, Tian Huang's wife, Hou Jia, asked her in a teasing tone.

Tian Yueling turned to her and denied it. "Nainai! I haven't met Mo Chen, and I'm not necessarily interested in him, so he's not my future husband yet." (A/N: Nainai = paternal grandma.)

"Haha." Hou Jia laughed softly. "Honestly, I myself am curious about Mo Chen, especially after your grandfather spoke highly of him, and he even has a good relationship with Senior Yu."

Tian Yueling nodded in agreement with her. "Actually, I'm also curious about Mo Chen, especially since no human has ever been able to establish a good relationship with the spirit race, including Grandpa Chen. However, Big Sis Yu is actually so close to him, and he is also married to her big sister."

"Huh?" Hou Jia and the others turned to Tian Yueling in surprise.

Ran Chenxin then told them. "At first, I also found it hard to believe that Mo Chen could marry a spirit woman, but Senior Yu told Yueling about it herself, so I thought their relationship was real."

"Regardless of whether their relationship is real or not, we should not talk about it outside, and we should keep everything in our circle." They agreed with Tian Huang, especially since Ling Yun's relationship with the spirit race would provoke the jealousy of others. "I'm going back to my workshop to make some equipment, and I'll stay there for three days."

"Yeye! I'll come with you!" Tian Yueling shouted as she followed Tian Huang.




Ling Yun was relaxing on a tree as he read the books that Tian Huang had given him before, but he didn't expect that becoming a blacksmith was quite complicated. Not only did he need high raw power to forge equipment, but he also had to memorize so many types of materials, and each material had its own tier and quality.

All materials are divided from tiers 1 to 10, and they are further divided into three quality levels: impure, half-pure, and pure.

"What do you think about blacksmithing?" Zhou Yu suddenly asked him.

Ling Yun sighed softly and closed the book in his hand. "Blacksmithing sure is complicated, but I think it's also interesting."

"Yes." Zhou Yu nodded to him. "However, blacksmithing is much better than alchemy, especially since you have to memorize thousands or even tens of thousands of types of herbs, and each herb also has its own grade and quality."

Ling Yun agreed with her because he had already witnessed Feng Ruxue and Su Fei concocting pills before, and alchemists also required extremely high levels of concentration, so he was well aware that alchemy was much more complicated than blacksmithing.

That was why Ling Yun had no interest in becoming an alchemist, as his mind was always occupied with various things, which made it difficult for him to concentrate. As for blacksmithing, he doesn't really need mental strength, plus the number of women by his side is too many, and he would need a lot of money to provide them with the best equipment, so he is more interested in learning it.

Ling Yun then stood up and checked the beasts under them with the system scan, but he frowned because their level was at the Five God Realm, and he was no match for them. "Where are the King Realm-level beasts located, Zhou Yu?"

"You shouldn't expect to find a beast of that level in this forest." Zhou Yu then pointed to the area around the forest. "This central region is only filled with beasts at the Five God Realm, but you should be able to kill them using your bloodline power."

"What's the point of me doing that?" Ling Yun asked with a shake of his head. "I came here to train, and it would be a waste of my time if I used my bloodline power, so we should go to another region."

"All right then." Zhou Yu immediately took Ling Yun to leave the forest through the void.




Sometime later, they had arrived at the forest in the western region, and it was not far from Hong City.

"Greencloud Forest, huh?" Ling Yun muttered to himself after he saw the name of the forest on the map, and he then analyzed the strength of the beasts in the forest. "This place is really suitable for me to practice, especially since the cultivation of these beasts is at King Realm and above, and there are some beasts at Five God Realm in other areas."

After that, Ling Yun immediately took out the chaos dragon scythe and started fighting with those beasts, especially since he had to kill two hundred and fifty beasts in two days.

As for Zhou Yu, she was only watching him from the top of the tree, but she was also observing the movements of the beasts in the Five God Realm. Even though she was confident that Ling Yun could defeat them using his bloodline power, she still did it to protect him.

Suddenly, Zhou Yu raised her eyebrows, especially after she sensed the movements of many cultivators from outside the forest, and she immediately used her senses to peek at them. "Hmm? Aren't they disciples of the Heavenly Secret Sects? But I don't need to worry about them, especially since they can't possibly enter the heart of this forest with their strength, or they will die at the hands of powerful beasts."

In the end, Zhou Yu ignored them and focused on Ling Yun, who had already killed several beasts at the King Realm. However, she sighed softly and muttered to herself. "What can I do now? A week left before the Spirit Emperor comes out of his seclusion, and he will definitely send the spirit guardians to hunt him and Big Sis down. His best choice is to join the Eternal Spring Sect as soon as possible, and his cultivation can improve even faster."

Zhou Yu then contacted her big sister via voice transmission to discuss the matter with her, and she asked Ling Xi to persuade Yi Mingxia and the others to allow Ling Yun to join the Eternal Spring Sect.

Ling Xi herself agreed with Zhou Yu's idea, and she gathered all of Ling Yun's women to discuss it with them. Even though they found it difficult to separate from their husband, they also realized that the situation that awaited them was very precarious, and they finally agreed for him to join the sect.




In the outer area of Greencloud Forest, several disciples from the Heaven Secrets Sect walked together very carefully, and they were already preparing to fight the beasts that might attack them.

"Senior brother Guan Peng, why did our master suddenly send us to this forest?" A young male disciple asked his sect brother, who was standing at the very front. "Moreover, he didn't send an elder to escort us, even though he knew that the beasts in this forest were very strong."

"I don't know, Ouyang Hong." Guan Peng answered by shaking his head. "Perhaps our master wanted to test our abilities, so he sent us to this forest on purpose."

- To Be Continued -