"Is she going to wake up soon?" Ling Yun excitedly asked, especially since Xiao Xiao had been hibernating for quite a long time. "But how could she complete the process so fast? I thought she would still need a very long time to complete it."

"If you were still staying in your realm, Xiao Xiao wouldn't be able to finish it this fast, especially since the Qi in your Yin-Yang Chamber matches the quality of the Qi in your realm." Zhou Yu answered by shaking her head. "However, we lived in the lower beast plane for three months, and the quality of Qi there was much better than your realm, plus you also brought her to Yin-Yang Pond. Besides, you have also crossed the middle and upper realms, and the quality of qi in these realms is much better than in the lower realms, which speeds up her process."

Ling Yun nodded in understanding, and his smile widened. "Big Sis Xiao, I missed you so much, and we will meet again soon."

Nangong Nichang was astounded by Ling Yun's expression, and she could see the deep longing in his eyes. 'Even though he is a dual cultivator, he seems to be very affectionate and caring towards his women.'

However, Nangong Nichang was also curious about their conversation just now, especially about the lower realms, and she decided to ask Ling Yun. "Did you come from the lower realms, Mo Chen?"

"Yes." Ling Yun then turned to her. "I arrived in the upper realms a few days ago, so I don't really understand the situation in this realm, and I don't know too many people here."

His answer made Nangong Nichang sigh heavily. After all, she was born and raised in the upper realms, and she had also cultivated longer than Ling Yun, but her cultivation was two stages below him. "You are truly amazing, you know? Usually, cultivators from the lower realms have to go through several stages to be able to ascend to the upper realms, but you can come here with your current cultivation."

"You're wrong about that." Ling Yun replied as he shook his head. "I'm not as amazing as you think, and I was able to ascend to the upper realms faster for several reasons. As for my cultivation, I am a dual cultivator, and I have dozens of women who are always ready to help me, so my cultivation is faster than yours. If I cultivated normally like you, my cultivation couldn't reach this stage now, and it would probably take me decades to reach it."

"I see." Nangong Nichang nodded in understanding. "No matter what, you are still amazing."

Zhou Yu suddenly spoke to him. 'Hey! Xiao Xiao still needs time to wake up, so you should treat Nichang's injuries first, and you might be able to get her heart later.'

Ling Yun turned to Zhou Yu with a raised eyebrow, but she then told him some things about Nangong Nichang. He nodded in understanding and approached Nangong Nichang, and he said to her. "If you want, I can help you recover from your injuries, but you have to take off your clothes, and I will apply ointment to speed up the recovery of your bones."

Nangong Nichang fell into thought after hearing that, especially since she was a woman, and she had only known Ling Yun last night, so she felt uncomfortable and embarrassed about taking off her clothes in front of a stranger like him.

Seeing her expression like that, Ling Yun immediately bought an item that he would use to treat Nangong Nichang's injuries.

[You have successfully purchased the Golden Ointment x1! 100,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted from your account.]

Afterwards, Ling Yun showed it to Nangong Nichang and spoke to reassure her. "You can rest assured, I won't do anything indecent to you, and I will only smear this ointment on your body."

"Hey, little girl! You don't need to doubt my husband, and I will make sure that he doesn't do anything excessive to you." Zhou Yu also tried to convince Nangong Nichang.

After thinking about it carefully, Nangong Nichang nodded to them. "All right, I agree, but you have to help me take off my clothes."

Zhou Yu immediately lifted her up using her aura, and Ling Yun helped her to remove her clothes, but he did not remove the cloth covering her private parts.

Even so, Nangong Nichang's face turned bright red, especially since Ling Yun could see the rest of her body clearly.

"Swallow this healing pill first." Ling Yun said as he handed her an Upper Grade Healing Pill, and Nangong Nichang swallowed it without hesitation after Zhou Yu nodded to her.

Wasting no time, Ling Yun used his heavenly eyes to look into Nangong Nichang's inner body, and he began to apply the ointment to her body. Besides, he also channeled his light qi into her body, surprising her.

'He has light qi, huh? No wonder he wants to treat me, and the effect of his healing pill is also extraordinary.' Nangong Nichang inwardly muttered as she continued to look at Ling Yun. 'If I look closely, he's really handsome, so it's no wonder he has so many women by his side.'

After a while, Ling Yun said to her. "Nichang, I have to open the cloth on your chest a little, because your sternum is also fractured."

"En." Nangong Nichang nodded at him, but her face became redder than before.

'Damn! She hides such huge assets under her clothes!' Ling Yun inwardly shouted as soon as he loosened the cloth on Nangong Nichang's chest, causing her breasts to immediately bulge out.

Even so, Ling Yun didn't do anything to them and smeared the ointment around her cleavage, but his action still made Nangong Nichang let out a soft moan. "Mhn~"

Nangong Nichang immediately closed her mouth tightly to hold back her moans. 'Ugh! This is truly embarrassing!'

Sometime later, Ling Yun had finished applying the ointment to Nangong Nichang's injuries, and he then helped her dress again. "All right, you can rest again now, and all your injuries will definitely heal in a few days."

Nangong Nichang breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

"It's just a small thing, so you don't need to thank me." Ling Yun smiled back, and he looked at Xiao Xiao again, but his expression became increasingly impatient as he waited for her to wake up.

Meanwhile, Nangong Nichang's gaze never left Ling Yun's face, and a gentle smile appeared on her face, but she didn't say anything to him.

Noticing her gaze, Zhou Yu smiled faintly and inwardly muttered. 'Even though Ling Yun's charm has no effect on Nichang, I'm sure that she will fall for her sooner or later, especially after she stays by his side for a while.'




After they had waited for quite a while, they suddenly felt that the place had become very hot and very cold at the same time; even some of the trees around them had turned to ashes, and some had frozen.

Nangong Nichang stared at Xiao Xiao in shock. She had repeatedly seen cultivators break through to the Five God Realms, but none of them could match her breakthrough.

Suddenly, a collection of black clouds appeared above the Greencloud forest, and lightning began to flash above them. "Hey, wife! Will Xiao'er be strong enough to face her lightning tribulations? After all, she hasn't woken up now, so she can't possibly be ready to face those lightning strikes, right?"

"You don't need to worry about her." Zhou Yu shook her head at him before explaining. "Xiao Xiao's physique is not inferior to yours, and her lightning tribulations are also not as strong as yours, so she can pass through them easily."

Even so, Ling Yun still felt uneasy about Xiao Xiao's breakthrough, so he immediately put on his Tiankong equipment set to prepare for the worst possibility, and he could immediately help his wife if that really happened.

'He really loves and cares about his wife, huh?' Nangong Nichang muttered as she let out a sigh of relief, especially after Zhou Yu took her aside and protected her with her aura.

*Zap... Zap...*


Instantly, Ling Yun frowned as those lightning bolts descended from the sky and struck Xiao Xiao, and both hands clenched into fists. "Relax, Big Sis Xiao. I'm here, and I will protect you from heaven's wrath."

In various parts of the forest, all the beasts knelt on the ground, including the beasts in the Five God Realms. They felt pressured by Xiao Xiao's continuously strengthening aura, coupled with the effects of her two mythical beast bloodlines.

Unlike when Ling Yun broke through, Xiao Xiao's lightning tribulations were much faster than him, especially since the heavens did not intend to kill her as they did towards him.

After the lightning bolts descended several times, the black clouds gradually disappeared, and Xiao Xiao's aura also began to stabilize, which made Ling Yun feel relieved and smile with satisfaction after feeling that his wife's cultivation had reached the Lower Heavenly God Realm.

Minutes later, the cocoon of lights that had evolved Xiao Xiao's body for months finally disappeared, and she landed on the ground. However, Ling Yun was stunned to see his wife's new appearance, especially since her long black hair turned half red and half blue.

Soon, Xiao Xiao opened her eyes, and a happy smile graced her face because the first person she saw was Ling Yun. "I'm back, husband."

- To Be Continued -