"Yes, I have discussed this with my master." Lian Bing answered with a nod. "This northern region is the best choice for us to cultivate, and we will never leave this region. Besides, our Ice Heart Lotus technique is not inferior to high-level techniques, so I think young cultivators with ice qi in this realm can also learn it."

"Does that mean you will only accept female disciples like before?"

Lian Bing smiled, knowing her husband's thoughts. "Yes, we will only accept female disciples."

Ling Yun nodded and spoke again. "Since there is no specific sect for ice element possessors in these three realms, I will support your decision. However, it won't be easy for us to convince people to join us, especially since our cultivation is still in the mortal realms, and we also don't have many resources right now, so they will definitely be more interested in joining the sects that have existed here for a long time."

Lian Bing herself had thought about it, but she didn't have a solution for it yet.

"Since we will only accept cultivators at the mortal realms, I think resources are not a problem, and Ling Yun still has a lot of reserves for cultivators at those levels." They turned to Ling Xi directly. "Besides, his yang qi is an invaluable resource, so we can use it for the disciples, and they will be stronger than cultivators in general."

Ling Yun raised his eyebrows. "Isn't your idea too crazy? If we use my yang qi on them, they will become addicted to it."

"That's not a problem, right?" Ling Xi asked back as she shrugged. "I'm sure they won't think too much about it as long as they can become stronger faster, and you can continue to supply them with your yang qi if they are addicted to it. Regardless of whether they will be willing to dual-cultivate with you or not, we will at least gain a lot of allies."

"I think I can help with that." They turned to Feng Ruxue, and she explained to them. "Even though I've only learned a little from my master, I already know a few new things, and I can use your Yang qi to concoct pills by combining it with several other herbs, which can reduce its addictive effect."

"Can you really do that, Sister Ruxue?" Yi Mingxia asked her.

"Yes." Feng Ruxue then turned to Ling Yun. "You can give your Yang Qi to me later, and I will discuss the pill with Master later. That way, we can prepare them as our allies, and we also don't have to worry about them getting addicted to it."

"All right, you can do it later." Ling Yun then looked at his other women. "Do you guys also want to join those sects?"

"Brother, how about I come with you to the Eternal Spring Palace?" Ling Xiya asked him.

"Oh?" Ling Yun was taken back for a moment when he heard that, but he immediately agreed to his half-sister's request. "Okay, you can come with us to that sect."

"In that case, I will also go to that sect with you, or else you will bring back more women from that sect later." Ling Yun just shook his head and agreed to Ling Yu'er's request.

Mei Yi then said to him. "Husband, I want to go with you and Aunt Mingxia to see Zhiyu Yushen, and I want to learn to be a healer from her."

"I will take you to see her, but you have to prove yourself to Zhiyu Yushen to become her disciple." Mei Yi answered with a firm nod, and Ling Yun then said to the beast women. "I know a sect that is suitable for you guys, but I'm not sure that they are willing to accept you all."

"Which sect, husband?" Helena asked him.

"The Hidden Valley Sect." Ling Yun answered with a smile as he imagined the female demi-humans. "That sect doesn't accept humans, and its members are demi-humans."

Hearing that, Feng Ling'er conveyed her idea. "In that case, we will join that sect, husband. If I show them the power of my bloodline, I'm sure that they will be willing to accept us."

"You can't do that, Ling'er." Ling Yun rejected her idea directly. "If you do that, those male demi-humans will definitely want to get you, and they will do everything possible to do so. Even though you are a pureblood phoenix, their cultivation is far above yours now, and you won't be able to fight them."

All of them agreed with their husband's words, and they also thought that it would put Feng Ling'er in danger, causing her to sigh helplessly.

Ling Yun then said to them. "I will ask Zhou Yu to bring you guys to that sect later, but I will also ask her to bring you all back here if they are not willing to accept you."


As for the demon women like Zoe, Kate, Lillith, Hua Ning, and Hua Yue, all of them decided not to join any sect, especially since people in the upper realms are very hostile towards demons.

Not only them, but other women such as Zhang Xingcai and others decided to stay in Yunlong Zuzhai, especially since they weren't used to sect life, and Ling Yun didn't mind that.

As for Tang Zhiyi, only Zhou Yu could teach her about the space element, so she also decided to go to the Eternal Spring Palace because she would protect him there.

Besides, the women who possessed lightning elements also did not join any sects, and Lei Lin would focus on training them.

After they finished discussing some other things, Ling Yun started to dual cultivate with them, but he mostly helped them with his yang qi, especially since his Ying-Yang World Ring had almost reached its limit. Besides, his cultivation had also almost broken through to the next stage after he had done it with Xiao Xiao, so he chose to hold himself back because his oddities were still unstable after he broke through last time.




A man walked into the Tian Clan, but his expression was nervous, especially after he had not come to the clan for so long.

The three people who were talking inside the main hall frowned upon seeing the man's arrival, and Ran Chenxin coldly asked him. "What are you doing here, Cunhai? Didn't I forbid you from coming here again?"

Zhong Cunhai sighed softly and answered her. "I'm sorry, but I came to see Yueling, Aunt Chenxin."

"Humph!" Ran Chenxin snorted coldly at him. "If that's what you came here for, then you can return to your clan right now, and you can forget about my daughter. Back then, when Yueling fell ill and needed you by her side, you ended your relationship with her instead."

"Aunt Chenxin, I know that I have wronged Yueling, so I came here to apologize to her, and I also want to mend our relationship."

"Too late!" Ran Chenxin shouted angrily at him. "For now, Yueling already has a future husband, and she has gone with him."

"Who is that man? Is he one of the two men from before?" Zhong Cunhai asked with a frown.

"Yueling's future husband is Mo Chen, and he is my only disciple." Zhong Cunhai immediately turned to Tian Huang in surprise, especially since everyone in Tian City knew that he had never taken any disciples before. "I took him as my disciple three days ago, and I have also approved his relationship with my granddaughter, so you should return to your clan now and forget about her."

"Where are they now, Grandpa Huang?" Zhong Cunhai didn't want to give up so easily.

"I won't tell you the location of his residence, and you'd better not think about interfering with their relationship." Tian Huang then released his aura to suppress Zhong Cunhai, causing him to break a cold sweat. "Back then, I gave you one chance to be with Yueling, and I approved your relationship with her because you are a good man, but you have disappointed me greatly by deciding to end the relationship between the two of you. As for now, I gave Mo Chen a chance to be with her, and I am sure that he will not disappoint me like you. So I hope you can act like a gentleman by not disturbing them, or else I will kill you with my own hands."

Hearing his threat, Zong Cunhai clenched his fists tightly, but he immediately turned around and left without saying goodbye to them.

After he left, Tian Kong said to them. "Judging from his expression, I'm sure that Cunhai won't give up just like that, and I'm afraid there will be a conflict between him and Mo Chen in the future."

"You're right." Tian Huang replied with a soft sigh. "Even so, it won't happen anytime soon, especially since Mo Chen and Yueling will stay in the Eternal Spring Sect for quite a long time, and Cunhai is a disciple of the Sky Sect, so the chances of them meeting will be very small."

"Even if there is a conflict between them, I believe that Senior Yu will definitely protect Mo Chen, and Cunhai will not be able to do anything to him."

The two men nodded in agreement with her, but Tian Huang then looked far away. "It seems that their life in the sect will not be peaceful, and that Du Yanyao will definitely cause them trouble."

- To Be Continued -