"Why do you keep sighing?"

Tian Yueling turned to Zhou Yu. "Even though those people have said a lot of good things about Ling Yun, it's still difficult for me to understand everything, especially his incestuous relationship. Besides, his women are too many, which is almost fifty people."

"Ha a." Zhou Yu laughed at his words instead. "Ling Yun is as horny and strong as a dragon, and he is too powerful in bed. Even with so many of them serving him at once, they are always overwhelmed by him, so you should be able to imagine a woman serving him alone."

"Is he really that strong?"

"Yes." Zhao Yu replied with a nod. "Among all of them, only my big sister is able to serve Ling Yun for so long, especially since she is the spirit of lust."

"The spirit of lust, huh?" Tian Yueling muttered softly. "Does that mean Ling Yun became so lustful because of your big sister's influence?"

"Even though their souls are bound to each other, my big sister doesn't have any influence on Ling Yun, and it is due to the influence of something else, but I can't tell you about it." Zhou Yu then teased her. "If you dual-cultivate with him, your body will shrink quickly, and you will become beautiful again."

"Big Sis!" Tian Yueling shouted at her. "Why do you always insult my physique? If Ling Yun can't accept my physique, then he doesn't deserve me, and I won't waste my time joining the Eternal Spring Sect."

"Does that mean you're starting to be interested in him?"

"No." Tian Yueling denied it. "I am not a detestable bitch like Du Yanyao; I will not develop an instantaneous crush on him."

Suddenly, Zhou Yu felt something and asked her. "Do you want to wait in this residence? Or do you want to go to the sect?"

"Why do you suddenly want to go to the sect? Do you want to see Uncle Ya?" Tian Yueling asked back with a raised eyebrow.

"Nangong Nichang just summoned me, and she has decided to join it."

Tian Yueling was surprised after hearing that, and Zhou Yu told her about Nangong Nichang's problem. "I'll go with you to pick her up, especially since Ling Yun wants to go to Dongfang City tomorrow, and we'll go straight to the sect after."




A few seconds later, Zhou Yu brought Tian Yueling out of the void, but he was surprised by the presence of Qiao Lingzhi. "Do you also want to join that sect?"

"Haha." Qiao Lingzhi laughed and hugged Nangong Nichang. "She is my beloved sister, and she is facing problems now, so I won't leave her alone, and I will accompany her there."

Zhou Yu nodded smilingly, and she was truly pleased by Qiao Lingzhi's loyalty. "Have you contacted your parents?"

"My lady, I've talked to Qiao Junhai and Sha Xiaoran, and they agreed to let their daughter go to the sect." Ye Zhong answered his question instead.

"Hmm?" Zhou Yue squinted her eyes toward him.

As he broke out in a cold sweat, Ye Zhong explained to her. "I didn't tell them about your return, and they agreed to it because of Sect Master Tian Ya."

Zhou Yu nodded in understanding and asked the two young girls. "Are you ready to go there now?"


At first, Nangong Nichang wanted to leave early tomorrow morning, but Qiao Lingzhi actually asked her to go to the sect as quickly as possible. They then kneeled and kowtowed to Ye Zhong. "Master, you have cared for and raised the two of us since childhood, and we will never forget your care and teachings. We will be leaving this sect today, but we will return again in the future, so you must take good care of yourself."

"All right, you guys can stand up now." Ye Zhong said as he lifted them to their feet, and he hugged them. "Even though you two are my disciples, I always consider you like my own granddaughters, so I hope you guys can conduct yourselves well in the sect, especially since I won't be able to protect the two of you anymore."

"Haha." Qiao Lingzhi laughed at that. "Don't worry, Master. We will take good care of ourselves, and we will surprise you with our strength the next time we meet."

"Master, I will miss you very much." Nangong Nichang softly said as she hugged Ye Zhong tightly.

After they finished saying goodbye, Zhou Yu immediately took the three women away from that place, and he brought the three of them directly to the Eternal Spring Sect.

Ye Zhong then turned his head in a certain direction. "Are you two going to continue hiding there, Peng'er and Xu'er?"

"Haha." The two men laughed as they came out of their hiding place, and Guan Peng said to him. "Master, I didn't expect that Nichang and Lingzhi would leave so soon, let alone join that dual cultivation sect."

"That's true." Dongfang Xu nodded in agreement with that. "I will miss them both, especially Nichang."

"You kid!" Ye Zhong rubbed Dongfang Xu's head roughly. "I know you love Nichang very much, but you can never be with her."

"Why is that?" Dongfang Xu asked with a frown.

Ye Zhong sighed softly and told him. "Nichang joined that sect not of his own accord, but she joined there to hide from her father. Nangong Yuhai wanted to marry her off to Huang Ba, but the Huang Clan was a heretical clan in disguise, so she was forced to leave us so quickly."

"The Huang Clan of the Star Cloud Realm, Master?" Ye Zhong nodded to Guo Peng. "I've heard about that clan from my father, and he told me that Huang Ba is truly detestable. He often seduces women, but after they fall into his arms, he gives them to other men, including his subordinates. Ultimately, they become depressed, and some of them even choose to commit suicide."

"Is that true?" Dongfang Xu asked with a dark face.

"I heard it from my father, so it can't be wrong."

"Not only Huang Ba, but his little sister Huang Zhuxian is also very famous for her ugliness and cruelty, and she has a hobby of torturing men who are captivated by her charm." Dongfang Xu was really shocked by that, and Ye Zhong sternly warned them. "If one day the two of you meet that girl, then you guys must immediately leave her, and you must not even talk to her, or you will suffer the same fate as those men."

"I understand, Master."

Guan Peng then asked him. "What about Ouyang Hong, Master? Are you going to continue punishing him?"

"You guys don't need to think about Hong'er; let her reflect on her cowardice first." Ye Zhong released a heavy sigh after saying that. "So when will you two leave the sect?"

"My parents will pick me up the day after tomorrow, and they will take me straight to Sword Sect then." Dongfang Xu was the first to answer him.

Guan Peng also told him. "An elder from the Mountain Sect will pick me up in three days, so I will accompany you until that day comes."

"That's good." Ye Zhong patted their heads. "Like my advice to Nichang and Lingzhi earlier, you two must also take care of yourselves in the two sects, and I hope that you guys can become stronger than me in the future."

"Don't worry, we won't disappoint you, Master."

"All right, you guys go back to your rooms now, and I will train Xu for the last time tomorrow."





Tian Ya was surprised to see Qiao Lingzhi, especially since Zhou Yu didn't tell him that she would also join his sect. "My lady, why have you also brought the young miss from the Qiao Clan to this sect?"

"The relationship between these two little girls is very close, and Lingzhi didn't want to leave Nichang, so she decided to join your sect too."

Qiao Lingzhi then spoke to him. "Sect Master Tian, my parents have agreed for me to join this sect, so don't reject me, okay?"

"I see." Tian Ya nodded in understanding. "Since Junhai and Xiaoran have agreed with your decision, I don't have the right to refuse you from joining this sect. However, the cultivation of both of you is still in the mortal realms, so you will join the disciples in Huang Class for now. Even though you two are young misses from first grade clans, I will not give you special privileges, and your status in this sect is the same as that of other disciples. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sect Master Tian." The two young girls answered with a nod.

Tian Yueling then asked him. "What about me, Uncle Tian? I don't want to join those disciples."

"That can't be done." Tian Ya immediately refused. "Your grandfather asked me not to treat you specially, and I didn't dare to go against his orders, so you are also the same as these little girls, but you will join the disciples of the Di-Class."

"Ugh! Yeye is really cruel to me!" Tian Yueling grumbled as she stomped her feet. "I'll definitely scold him when I return to the clan later!"

Tian Ya and the others shook their heads after hearing that, and he then asked an elder to bring the three women to a special residence that he had prepared beforehand. On the other hand, Zhou Yu went straight back to Yunlong Zuzhai.

- To Be Continued -