"Unfortunately, I have to decline your offer, Senior." Ling Yun unhesitatingly rejected Zhiyu Yushen.

After all, his mother and Mei Yi would learn from Zhiyu Yushen, and Ling Yun thought he could learn it from both of them later.

"What a shame." Zhiyu Yushen said with a heavy sigh. "Does that mean you will join the Eternal Spring Palace?"

"Yes, I will join that sect." Ling Yun turned to his two wives. "Since she is willing to accept you as her disciples, you can stay here and learn a lot from her."

"Are you going to the sect now?"

"En." Ling Yun nodded to them. "We will bring Senior Xiaofei back first, and we will go straight to the Eternal Spring Sect afterward."

Both women nodded in understanding and kissed Ling Yun in turn, and Zhiyu Yushen continued to pay attention to their intimacy. 'Tch! He is unlike any man I've ever met; he appears to be uninterested in my beauty and sexiness. Even though his wives are not as sexy as me, their beauty is extraordinary.'

"Senior, I entrust them to you, and please teach them well." Ling Yun said as he cupped his hands toward Zhiyu Yushen.

"En, you don't need to worry about them." After Ling Yun and the others left, Zhiyu Yushen asked the two women to follow her as she ordered the maids to prepare their rooms. "Anyway, what are your names?"

"Yi Mingxia."

"Mei Yi."

As they followed her, Yi Mingxia then asked Zhiyu Yushen. "Master, why did you immediately accept us as your disciples? After all, you don't know us yet, and you still don't know our medical abilities either."

Zhiyu Yushen sighed softly and told her. "A few days ago, Uncle Tang told me about you guys, and he asked me to accept you two as my disciples. Since he has so much confidence in you, I decided to accept his request, and I hope both of you won't disappoint us, especially you, Mingxia, as you have the best physique for a healer."

"I understand; I will study everything seriously so as not to disappoint you two."

"That's good." Zhiyu Yushen then spoke to Mei Yi. "Even though you don't have a special physique like Mingxia, you can still become an excellent healer as long as you train diligently."

"Yes, Master."

After they arrived in a room, Zhiyu Yushen then took two books from the bookshelf and gave them to the two. "You guys have studied medical knowledge before, but mine is different from others, and these two books are the basics, so I want you to study them for three days, and I will meet you two again to check your progress."

"Yes, Master."




Ye Jing and the other four women were already at the Hidden Sea Sect when Hai Mao, the person Zhao Yao had previously recommended, sat down in front of them.

"Is it true that Lady Xiuxi asked the five of you to join this sect?" Hai Mao asked doubtfully, especially since she didn't know yet that Zhou Yu had returned to the upper realms.

"Yes." They nodded to her, and Yi Shu explained it to her. "She took us to the upper realms and recommended us to join this sect, mainly because we have water elements, and the water techniques of this sect are the best compared to outside, so we want to learn them."

"You are right, this sect does have the best water techniques." Hai Mao said as she nodded, but she immediately released a heavy sigh. "Unfortunately, this sect was destroyed long ago, and it is only a third-grade sect now, so not many cultivators are willing to join us. Besides, those demons are still lurking around this sect, and they are very dangerous for young cultivators like you guys, so I can't understand Lady Xiuxi's reasons for sending you all here."

"Elder Hai, you don't need to think about that, and we can protect ourselves from those demons." Ye Jing calmly said this to her, and Hai Mao could see her confidence. "The most important thing for us is to train our water element to peak level, and the water techniques of this sect can help us with that, so we have all agreed to become disciples of this sect."

Hai Mao continued to look at them with a serious look for some time, but he finally nodded in agreement. "All right, if you guys insist on joining this sect, then I will accept you all. Even so, the number of our disciples is too small, so you will definitely feel that this sect is too deserted."

Ying Zhi then spoke. "Elder Hai, we didn't come here to play around but to train, so the situation in the sect is actually better for us, and we can train in peace without much disturbance."

"Yeah, you're right." Hai Mao then stood up. "Follow me; I will take you to your new residence, and I will explain to you all this sect, but some areas have been destroyed due to the demons' attack back then."

As they followed Hai Mao, Ye Jing and the others kept sighing in their hearts, especially when they passed through the destroyed areas, and all of those areas were still not repaired. Even so, they didn't seem bothered by it, and they couldn't wait to learn the Hidden Sea Sect's water techniques.




Currently, Ling Yun was already in the Eternal Spring Sect, and Tian Ya continued to watch him seriously.

Zhou Yu shook her head and spoke to him. "Hey, Little Ya! Why do you keep looking at Mo Chen like that? Somehow I feel like you have an orientation disorder with the way you look at him like that, and don't tell me that you are gay."

Not only Ling Yun frowned after hearing that, but Tian Ya also frowned at Zhou Yu. "Why do you say such things, My Lady? Even though I have never had a lover, I am a normal man, and I like women."

"Who knows?" Zhou Yu replied with a shrug. "Have you prepared everything?"

"Yes." Tian Ya told her directly. "I've placed them in a special place, and it's not far from my place, so no disciples will disturb them."

"Then-" Zhou Yu had not finished speaking, and they already heard someone shouting from outside for Ling Yun.

"Mo Chen!"


The door to the room suddenly was breached from the outside, and Yue Tu was flying towards Ling Yun, so he immediately caught her.

"Haha." Yue Tu laughed as she rubbed her head against Ling Yun's chest. "I have been waiting for you for a long time, and you have finally come to this sect."

"You're so impatient to meet me, huh?" Ling Yun said with a smile as he stroked Yue Tu's fur.

"En." Yue Tu looked up and nodded to him. "Since you're already here, I'll stay with you later."

"Eh?" Ling Yun was surprised to hear that. "I joined this sect together with my three wives, so I will live with them."

"It doesn't matter to me." Yue Tu then snuggled into Ling Yun's arms.

"Even so, you have to ask Elder Zhong for permission first, or she will look for you."

Tian Ya raised his eyebrows after seeing their closeness, and he then turned to Zhong Chenyu, who had just walked into his room. "It seems that your contract beast prefers Mo Chen over you now."

"I can't do anything about them." Zhong Chenyu replied with a heavy sigh. "This brat's bloodline is superior to Tu'er, so it's natural that she would prefer to be with him."

"That's true." Tian Ya nodded in agreement with her. "Anyway, I want to hand over some disciples to you, and I hope you can train them."

"Hmm?" Zhong Chenyu was taken back by his request. "Who are those disciples? Why do you give them special treatment?"

"Three of them are his wives." Zhong Chenyu turned to Ling Yun with a raised eyebrow, and Tian Ya told her again. "The other two are Nangong Nichang and Qiao Lingzhi, and their cultivation is in the mortal realms, except for Xiao Xiao, who is already in the Lower Heavenly God Realm. As for Yueling, you don't need to pay attention to her, and no one will dare mess with him."

"Eh?" Zhong Chenyu immediately turned to him in surprise. "Is Yueling really in this sect now? How could Chenxin allow her to join us?"

Tian Ya pointed at Ling Yun. "Aside from being a disciple of our sect, Mo Chen is also Uncle Huang's sole disciple, and he wants to hand over Yueling to him."

Hearing that, Zhong Chenyu fell silent and looked at Ling Yun with a strange look, especially since she was Zhong Cunhai's aunt, and Tian Yueling was his former lover.

"Hmm?" Ling Yun looked at her and asked her. "Why are you looking at me like that, Elder Zhong?"

"Nothing." Zhong Chenyu shook her head at him, and she then asked Tian Ya. "Where are the five women now?"

"I placed them near my private place, so you can look for them there."

"I see." Zhong Chenyu nodded in understanding and glanced at Ling Yun, but she did not speak further and immediately left the room. "Tu'er! Come with me now."

Yue Tu grumbled after hearing that, but she immediately flew after Chen Yu. "Mo Chen! I'll see you later!"

After they left, Ling Yun asked them. "What actually happened? Why did her attitude suddenly become strange?"

- To Be Continued -