Seeing Tian Yueling frown, Ling Yu'er immediately asked her. "Who is she? Why don't you seem to like her?"

"His name is Zhong Chenyu, one of the elders." Tian Yueling replied with a soft sigh. "She is my ex-lover's aunt, but she could never accept our breaking up, and she kept trying to bring us together again."

Ling Yu'er nodded in understanding. "Anyway, my husband has arrived at the sect, and he's looking for us now, so we'll go meet her."

Ling Xiya and Xiao Xiao also agreed with her, but Zhong Chenyu suddenly moved in front of them. "The four of you will be under my supervision from today onwards, but Xiao Xiao and Yueling will join the Di-Class disciples."

"Huh?" Ling Xiya, Ling Yu'er, Nangong Nichang, and Qiao Lingzhi were surprised to hear that.

Xiao Xiao is also the same as them, but she doesn't mind that, and she also can't wait to meet the disciples in that class.

"Wow! You are Mo Chen's wife, right? I can smell his Yang Qi inside your body, so I can't be wrong with that." Suddenly, Yue Tu said as she jumped into Xiao Xiao's arms and sniffed her scent, causing her to smile in amusement. "Hehe, you are also a beast like me, and your bloodlines are stronger than mine, but I can't recognize what kind of beast you are."

Xiao Xiao was not surprised that Yue Tu could recognize her, but she breathed a sigh of relief nonetheless because Ran Chenxin's necklace had such an extraordinary effect.

However, Zhong Chenyu was surprised by that, and she observed Xiao Xiao's body before nodding in understanding, but she did not comment on it.

"You are such a cute rabbit, and your fur is really soft." Xiao Xiao said as she enjoyed stroking her fur. "What's your name? Anyway, you shouldn't call me a girl, especially when I'm disguised as a guy like now."

"I am Yue Tu, a Moon Rabbit, and I am Elder Zhong's contract beast." Yue Tu then turned to Ling Yu'er. "Wow! You also have beast bloodline."

"Haha. You're right, I have a fox bloodline in my body." Even so, Ling Yu'er had no intention of telling Yue Tu that her bloodline was not ordinary fox bloodline but a Celestial Nine-Tailed Fox.

"Hehe, I'm glad that you guys joined this sect, so I have fellow beasts as my friends."

"En, you can come see us often later." Xiao Xiao and Ling Yu'er said to her.

Zhong Chenyu couldn't help but sigh after hearing that, but she knew that Yue Tu was often lonely, so she had no intention of stopping her from befriending them.

"Did Uncle Ya order you to be their supervisor, Aunt Chenyu?" Tian Yueling suddenly asked her.

"Yes." Zhong Chenyu then said to her. "Their cultivations are still in the mortal realms, so the sect master assigned me to supervise them. Meanwhile, you and Xiao can do whatever you two want, but I hope you guys don't cause chaos, especially you, Yueling."

"Tch! Why do you all always think that I'm a troublemaker?" Tian Yueling grabbed her with an angry look.

"Aren't you a troublemaker?" Zhong Chenyu shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway, I heard that your grandfather wanted to hand you over to Mo Chen. Is that true?"

Tian Yueling nodded helplessly. "Yes, but I won't accept him as my husband right away, and I choose to wait for our relationship to improve first."

"I see." Zhong Chenyu replied as she smiled faintly.

Tian Yueling noticed her smile, and she dropped her hopes. "Aunt Chenyu, you should forget about that; my relationship with Cunhai ended long ago, and I will never again accept a man who abandoned me when I was at my lowest."

Zhong Chenyu looked at Tian Yueling seriously, but she neither agreed nor rejected her words, as she said to the other four women. "You guys can come with me now, and I will explain to you all the rules that apply to disciples of the Huang-Class. Besides, I will take you all to meet your fellow disciples."

"Master, you can go with them, and I will stay with Brother Xiao."

Zhong Chenyu just nodded to her and led the four women to another area. "It seems she really wants you to be her nephew's wife."

"Yeah, you're right about that." Tian Yueling sighed softly before telling her. "Aunt Chenyu is actually very good to me, and she even scolded Cunhai for a long time after he ended our relationship. Even so, broken glass can't be put together again, right? I've been too disappointed in him; even if he prostrates himself at my feet, I will never accept him again."

Xiao Xiao smiled when she heard that, especially since she had been in almost the same situation as Tian Yueling. Even though she is a strong cultivator, she loves her ex-lover so much, and she chooses to live as an ordinary human for him. Unfortunately, he betrayed her with another woman, which made her heartbroken, and she decided to break up with him.

"So what are we going to do now? Do you want to go meet those Di-Class disciples?" Tian Yueling asked her.

Xiao Xiao nodded at her and placed Yue Tu on his head. "Let's go; I want to see the cultivators from these upper realms."




Ling Yun continued to pay attention to every area he passed as he leisurely walked to the location his jade identity indicated, but he shook his head at the behavior of the disciples, especially since many of them did intimate things in public places. Even more so after he saw a female disciple flanked by two male disciples, which disgusted him. 'They are complete cucks! The other guy should look for another female disciple instead of sharing the woman with another man.'

Ling Yun ignored them and continued his journey to his residence. 'I should invite my cousin, Zhang Bing, and Jiang Chen to join the sect, so they can find other partners, and their cultivation will improve faster, but I don't know if their wives will agree to my idea.'

When he arrived at another area, Ling Yun actually saw a pair of female disciples making out under a shady tree. 'Hey! I didn't expect to find a pair of lilies in this sect.'

Even though their faces are not beautiful, their bodies are quite sexy and attractive, especially the woman with wavy black hair that flows down to her hips. Meanwhile, the woman with long and straight brown hair is slightly inferior to her, but she still looks attractive.

'They are the Xian-Class disciples, huh? They are stronger than me, but I didn't expect that one of them came from the first-grade Ouyang Clan.' Ling Yun inwardly muttered as he read their status. 'Qi Hong'er's cultivation is at the Upper Saint Realm, and Ouyang Wanqing is at the Middle Venerate Realm.'

The two women turned to look at Ling Yun when they sensed his gaze, and his handsomeness piqued their interest. However, they could sense that he was weaker than them, especially since Zhou Yu was not by his side.

Ling Yun smiled awkwardly after seeing them turn to him. "I'm sorry, senior sisters. I didn't mean to peep or disturb you, and I was looking for my residence."

Hearing that, the two women immediately stood up and straightened their dresses, and both of them approached Ling Yun as Ouyang Wanqing asked him. "What's your name? Are you a new disciple in this sect?"

"My name is Mo Chen, and I have just joined this sect, so I am still not familiar with this area of the sect." Ling Yun, with a casual smile, answered his question.

"Mo Chen?" Both women frowned after hearing that.

"You guys don't misunderstand me." Ling Yun hurriedly explained it to them. "My surname is Mo, but I am not a member of the Mo Clan from the Earth Cloud Realm, and I come from a faraway realm."

"Is that so?" They still didn't believe his words.

Ling Yun sighed in his heart, seeing that their expressions were still like that, and he stretched out his hand before using his light qi, surprising them. "See? If I were a demon like them, I couldn't possibly have the light element, especially since it's their dark element nemesis."

"That's true." Qi Hong'er suddenly moved to Ling Yun's left side and hugged his left arm between her cleavage. "Since you just joined the sect, that means you don't have a dual cultivation partner yet, right? Do you want to have fun with us?"

"That's true; you might as well have fun with us, Mo Chen." Ouyang Wanqing said as she hugged Ling Yun's right arm.

"Haha." Ling Yun laughed at their antics. "Honestly, I joined this sect with my two wives, so-"

"Huh?" They looked at him in surprise, and Ouyang Wanqing asked with a doubtful look. "Do you really have two wives?"

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded to her. "They are with Elder Chenyu now."

"Does that mean it was Elder Chenyu who recruited you three into our sect?" Qi Hong'er asked him in surprise.

"Yes, I met Elder Chenyu at Xinxi Tower some time ago, and he invited me to join the sect after she found out that I was a dual cultivator."

Ouyang Wanqing spoke again. "It's really unusual for Elder Chenyu to recruit disciples, so I'm sure you must be very good at dual cultivation, which makes me want to have fun with you now."

- To Be Continued -