"Haha." Ling Yun laughed at their attitude and pulled both his arms out of their embrace, which surprised both women, especially since they were hugging both of them very tightly, but he was able to pull them away easily. "I'm sorry, senior sisters. It's not that I'm not interested in you two, but I've just arrived here, so I want to go to my residence first, and I also still have to report to the Elder Xu to get my uniform and the others."

Once again, the two women embraced Ling Yun's arms, and they pulled him away with them. "We will accompany you to look for your residence, and we will also take you to the public hall to report to Elder Xu later."

"All right then." Although he could get away from the two women easily, Ling Yun didn't want to act too flashy, especially since there were too many cultivators much stronger than him in the sect, so he immediately followed them with a helpless sigh.




Before long, they had arrived at the residence, and the two women immediately turned to Ling Yun in disbelief.

"Do you really live in this building?"

Ling Yun showed them his jade. "It showed me the way to this building, so it shouldn't be wrong, right?"

"Yes, your jade identity can't be wrong."

Ouyang Wanqing then asked him. "Do you have a close relationship with Sect Master Tian? After all, this building is not far from his private place, and it is usually used to receive his guests, so no disciple has ever occupied this building before."

"Not really." Ling Yun replied by shaking his head. "I only met Sect Master Tian today, so I don't know much about him, but I've heard many stories about him before."

"Sect Master Tian is indeed amazing and wise as a sect master, but he is too rigid as a man." Qi Hong'er blurted out.

Ouyang Wanqing immediately warned her. "Hey, he will punish you if he hears what you said just now."

"Isn't that true?" Qi Hong'er replied with a shrug. "Many female disciples, especially the seniors from the Di and Tian classes, are crazy about him. Many of them even openly express their feelings for him, but he acts like a promiscuous virgin."

"That's true." Ouyang Wanqing nodded in agreement. "Many of them are beautiful and sexy, but he was frightened by them instead, which makes me think that Sect Master Tian is gay."

Ling Yun laughed in amusement as he listened to their conversation. "I don't think Sect Master Tian is that kind of man, but he probably doesn't want to be romantically involved with women. Even in my realm, there are so many men who prefer to live alone, and they consider romantic relationships a burden."

"Those men are complete idiots!" Both women shouted at him.

"You don't judge people because of their preference." Ling Yun then said to them. "Aren't you two like that? There are a lot of male disciples here, but you two actually chose to be lilies."

"Although Wanqing and I love each other, we are also interested in men,

you know?" Qi Hong'er then showed her pinky. "Unfortunately, most of the men in this sect are too weak, and their dicks are this small. That's why we don't want to have a serious relationship with them, and we only dual cultivate with them if we want to enjoy other activities."

Ling Yung naturally knew that, especially since he could feel the Yang Qi of several men within their bodies. Beside, their sect was a dual-cultivation sect, so he didn't hope too much of finding a woman who had never been touched by another man. Even if there were still women like that, he was sure that there would definitely not be many of them.

"Wow!" Ouyang Wanqing suddenly exclaimed as she shamelessly grabbed Ling Yun's dick . "It is much bigger than I've ever seen before!"

"Is that true?" Qi Hong'er asked as she also held his dick, and her eyes glistened as she licked her lips. "Hehe, how about we dual-cultivate now? I want to feel this monster messing with my body, and it will definitely be very satisfying."

'Tch! They are as shameless as Nangong Ying'er and the others back then.' Ling Yun then shifted their hands from his dick. "I'm sorry, but I have to decline for now."

Qi Hong'er smiled at that and twirled her fingers around Ling Yun's chest. "Does that mean you are willing to dual-cultivate with us later?"

"You have to keep your word, okay?" Ouyang Wanqing asked with a flirtatious smile.

Ling Yun nodded to them. "All right, I will definitely dual-cultivate with you guys later."

"That's great!" The two women then pulled Ling Yun into the building, but they still didn't realize that there were several women also living there.

After Ling Yun checked his own room, the two women then took him away to report to Elder Xu and retrieve his sect uniform.

Along the way to Elder Xu's place, they explained to Ling Yun about every area they passed, and they also told him about all the facilities in the sect.

Although he had heard everything from Tian Ya, he had not explained it in detail, especially about the dual cultivation hall, so Ling Yun still listened to them. However, he could also hear people whispering about him, and they assumed that he was the new victim of Qi Hong'er and Ouyang Wanqing. 'Heh! All of them look down on me, huh? I'll definitely open your eyes by making these two women submit to me later.'




Before long, they had arrived at the public hall, and the two women pulled Ling Yun to approach a man sitting in the distance. "Elder Xu! We brought a new disciple to see you!"

"Hmm?" When Elder Xu saw the two women sandwiching Ling Yun, he looked at them and raised his eyebrows. "Do you guys want to take that new disciple as your dual cultivation partner?"

"Elder Xu! You already know about us, so you shouldn't ask that, right?" Ouyang Wanqing replied as she smiled.

Qi Hong'er also answered him. "Whether he will be our partner or not, it all depends on his ability in bed, but I think he will be able to satisfy us."

"You two are as shameless as ever, girls." Elder Xu then turned to Ling Yun. "Give me your jade identity."

"Here, Elder." Ling Yun directly handed it to him. "My name is Mo Chen."

"Oh?" Elder Xu was taken back for a moment. "I see, so you are the husbands of the two female disciples that Elder Zhong brought here before."

"Yes." Ling Yun nodded to him. "Ling Yu'er and Ling Xiya are my wives, and they followed me here on purpose."

"You are truly a lucky man, Brat," Elder Xu said as he took out several items from his storage ring and gave them to Ling Yun, who immediately kept them all. "Your two wives are very beautiful, and these two little girls can't compare with them."

"Elder Xu!" They shouted loudly at him, startling the disciples in the hall, and they looked at the three with questioning looks.

"Do you think I'm very ugly?" Qi Hong'er asked with a frown.

Ouyang Wanqing also crooked her face after hearing that. "Are his two wives really that much prettier than us?"

"Yes." Elder Xu, without hesitation, answered him. "I'm not saying that the two of you are ugly, but their qualities are far above yours. If you don't believe my words, then you can ask Mo Chen to take you to meet his two wives."

"Is that why you don't want to dual-cultivate with us directly? Is it because we're not as beautiful as them? Or is it because they forbid you to dual-cultivate with other disciples?" Both women asked with dark faces.

"You two are wrong about that, and I don't want to dual cultivate with you guys straight away because I'm not comfortable, especially since we just met for the first time." Ling Yun answered them by shaking his head. "Anyway, they didn't forbid me from dual-cultivating with other women, and they actually supported me in doing so."

"That's good! You promised us, so you have to fulfill it later." Qi Hong'er said to him with a sigh of relief, and Ouyang Wanqing nodded in agreement with her lover.

Ling Yun simply nodded at them. "Don't worry, I will definitely see you two again later, but I have to go to see Elder Zhong now."

Without waiting for their reply, Ling Yun immediately rushed out of the public hall and went to look for Zhong Chenyu. The two women sighed upon seeing him leave them, and they also immediately left that place.

However, Elder Xu wondered to himself. "Even though that brat is still weak, he seems to be very experienced with women, and he even has amazing wives. I can't imagine if those lone girls met him later, and they might all fall into his arms."




In another area, Xiao Xiao and Tian Yueling were walking around looking at the area for the Di-Class disciples, and Yue Tu told them about many things, including the identities of several important disciples from that class.

However, Tian Yueling frowned after she saw her acquaintance, even more so when the man turned to her, and she immediately hugged Xiao Xiao's arm intimately.

"Hmm?" Her action surprised Xiao Xiao, and she followed Tian Yueling's gaze. "Do you know that guy?"

- To Be Continued -