After all, Kang Ming came from a first-grade clan, and he was also an elder, so he could recognize it. Even so, he found it hard to believe that Bu Tianheng and Fei Hong would give Ling Yun the Xinxi Tower special token, which meant he had access to all the information there.

"If you don't believe me, you can ask them directly." Ling Yun then kept the token as he smiled faintly. "One more thing: one of my wives is a member of the Tang Clan, so Aunt Liangxin recommended me to meet them."

After that, Ling Yun left him and looked for techniques that might be suitable for him and his wives. Even if there wasn't a single one that was suitable for them, he was sure that there were some techniques that were suitable for people close to him, like Zhang Bing and the others, especially since they didn't have high-level techniques like them.

After he returned to his senses, Kang Ming briefly looked at Ling Yun and went to look for Zhong Chenyu, as he wanted to confirm the truth of his words.

"Hmm?" Ling Yun raised his eyebrows for a moment when he saw a book hidden behind another book, and he took it out of curiosity. "Lighting Flame Incantation? Who is this Lightning Flame Lord?"

Without further ado, Ling Yun read every detail in the technique book, and the technique itself had four levels: initial, small perfection, great perfection, and consumption.

In the initial stage, it teaches a cultivator with lightning and fire elements to combine the two into the true lightning flame, and it has extraordinary explosive power. Besides, it can help one to open the sea of consciousness, and it is also useful for blacksmithing.

However, Ling Yun chose to ignore the latter stages, as he needed lightning and fire seeds to learn them, and he still didn't know where to get them.

"Isn't this technique actually very good? Why do they have to hide it behind other books?" After he understood everything, Ling Yun returned it to its original place, as he didn't have the points to borrow it.

Ling Yun immediately looked for other techniques and found a technique book on another shelf, which piqued his interest, so he immediately read it without hesitation, but it only had one level.

"Oh?" Ling Yun looked surprised after he read the beginning of the technique. "Hey! This couple heart art is really good! The effect is almost similar to the Soul Link that Ling Xi once used on Xiao'er, but it focuses more on linking my heart with theirs, so I can feel which of them is in a critical situation, and vice versa."

"Are you interested in that technique, kid?"

Ling Yun then turned to the owner of the voice, and a male elder walked over to him. "Yes, Elder, I am interested in this technique; it can help me monitor the situation and condition of my wife at all times."

"Yeah, you're right." The male elder nodded to him. "Even though that technique is ordinary, it is very useful for us. Unfortunately, not many dual cultivators care about their partners, and many of them always think that partners can be replaced easily, so they are not interested in learning it."

Ling Yun agreed with him. "How should I address you, Elder? Anyway, my name is Mo Chen, and I only joined this sect today."

"Zhiyu Haoming, and you can call me Elder Zhiyu."

"Are you a member of the Zhiyu Clan, Elder?"

"I am indeed a member of that clan, but I am not interested in medical techniques, so I joined this sect."

"I see." Ling Yun nodded in understanding. "In fact, before I came to this sect, I first went to the Zhiyu Clan to meet Senior Yushen."

"Oh? Do you intend to learn medical techniques from her?"

"No." Ling Yun shook his head at him. "I'm not interested in medical techniques like you, but my two wives are interested in them, so I brought them to see Senior Yushen, and he has accepted them."

"Yushen is the best healer in our clan, and your wives are lucky that she is willing to accept them." Zhiyu Haoming then extended his hand towards one of the shelves, and the Lighting Flame Incantation Book flew towards him. "Since you are interested in the couple heart art, then you can take this book with you too."

"Eh?" Ling Yun was surprised to hear that, but he still accepted it. "Are you sure about this, Elder Zhiyu? I just joined today, so I don't have the points to borrow either of them yet."

Zhiyu Haoming nodded to him. "I'm the elder who takes care of this place, so you don't need to worry about it. Besides, I can see that you care about your partners, and two of them are Yushen's disciples, so you can just treat this as my treat."

"Thank you, Elder." Ling Yun said as he stored the two books with a look of excitement.

"It's just a trivial matter." Zhiyu Haoming then took out a book from his storage ring. "This concealing method will be useful for you, so other people will not be able to notice those oddities on your body, and only certain people will be able to detect them."

Ling Yun became excited after he received and read the book, especially since the method could help him conceal many things, including his cultivation, so he didn't need to rely on Ling Xi and Zhou Yu for that. "Many thanks, Elder."

"Anyway, I heard your conversation with Kang Ming earlier; is it true that you are a member of the Tang Clan?"

"Yes." Ling Yun replied with a nod. "In fact, we came from the lower realms, and my master took us to these upper realms a few days ago. Since Wan'er was a direct descendant of Senior Tang Chen, I brought her and her clan members to the Star Cloud Realm before, and most of them were living there now."

"Oh?" Zhiyu Haoming was surprised to hear that. "Can you tell me the name of your master? I know several cultivators who often travel to the lower realms, but none of them intend to take disciples from there."

"My master is Jiange Xiuxi." Without thinking, Ling Yun told him Zhou Yu's second identity, especially since it was impossible for him to tell that his master was Meng Xianzi.

"What?" Zhiyu Haoming exclaimed softly, and his eyes widened after he heard that. "Is it true that you are her disciple?"

"Elder, I don't need to lie to you, and the Sect Master already knows about it."

"I see." Zhiyu Haoming nodded in understanding. "All right, you can go back now, and you can learn those three. Anyway, don't forget to check the missions in the mission hall, and you can bring your partners to help you complete them."

"Thank you for your advice, Elder." Wasting no time, Ling Yun left the book hall, as he couldn't wait to learn those three techniques, but he couldn't show him the Yin-Yang Chamber.

Zhiyu Haoming sighed softly after Ling Yun disappeared. "Kid, I hope your mindset will never change, and you must continue to care for and respect each of your partners before it's too late."




"What are you doing at my place?" Zhong Chenyu asked Kang Ming, who had just arrived, with a frown.

Even so, Kang Ming did not answer his question, and his eyes continued to focus on Ling Yu'er's figure as her beauty captivated him greatly.

'Humph!' Ling Yu'er inwardly snorted when she noticed that. 'If I were stronger than you, I would definitely gouge your eyes out and cripple your dick!'


Suddenly, a small qi wave slammed into Kang Ming's chest and brought him back to his senses, and he glared at Zhong Chenyu. "Is it true that you recommended a disciple named Mo Chen to join our sect?"

'This old man is jealous!' The four young women exclaimed inwardly.

"Tu'er and I went to Xinxi Tower, and I met him there. Mo Chen is a dual cultivator, and they treated him special, so I recommended him to join us." Zhong Chenyu then pointed to Ling Yu'er and Ling Xiya. "Apart from that, he is Senior Huang's sole disciple, and they are both his wives, so you should not think anything bad of them. Even though your Kang Clan is very strong, you guys are still not as strong as those of the Tang Clan."

Kang Ming frowned after hearing that, and he couldn't refute Zhong Chenyu's words that his Kang Clan was still inferior compared to the Tang Clan, but he didn't expect that Ling Yun had such extensive relations.

"Humph!" Kang Ming snorted softly and immediately left the place, causing Zhong Chenyu to shake her head.

Ling Yu'er then asked her. "Is he your husband, Elder Chenyu?"

"No." Zhong Chenyu replied by shaking her head. "Even though the relationship between my Zhong Clan and his Kang Clan is very good, I never intended to marry him, and our relationship is limited to dual cultivation partners."

"Why are you willing to be his partner, Elder Chenyu?" This time, it was Ling Xiya who curiously asked her. "After all, you are quite beautiful, but that old man looks ugly, so I don't think he is worthy of you."

Zhong Chenyu turned to her. "Remember, he is an elder, so you shouldn't talk about him like that, or he will punish you."

- To Be Continued -