Chapter 746: Resentment, will not die (Part 2)

The three of them went along the river, but the river seemed to have no end. They went from afternoon to evening, seeing that it was about dawn, but no one can still be found.

“Does this water flow connect with the river we traveled during the day?” The sky was getting brighter and the visibility of his eyes was higher. The black armored guard vaguely feels that the road they were taking now was familiar.

“It seems so.” The other two also felt the same way, but there was no trace left in the river, and they were not sure for a while.

“If it is, we should be able to see the traces left by the day and look for it again.” After walking all day and night, the black armored guard was tired and hungry, but he had to persevere.

With the goal, the black armored guard had a little motivation, and the three walked forward in silence. After two hours, they saw the traces left by the day.

“Sure enough, it came here. It seems that Xiao Wangfei has not been washed to the shore.” The water from the waterfall, in the end, flowed into the river. Although the river has branches, the water flow in the river was not fast. If people fall into the water, they will only be drowned, but cannot be washed to the shore by the current.

“One day and one night have passed. If Xiao Wangfei hadn’t been washed to the shore by the water, she would have already died by this time.” If her body was in the water, the current flow too long for them to find it.

“When a person dies, the corpse will surface. We walked all the way, but we didn’t see a floating corpse.” He wanted to see the person. The black armored guard still didn’t dare to leave without seeing Lin Chujiu’s corpse.

As soon as these words came out, the other two were silent for a long before they said: “Maybe she was caught by something. When Xiao Wangfei fell into the water, she was hit by an arrow in her leg. She was likely stuck by a reef in the water.”

There was no need to keep searching like this. Seeing that it will be noon soon if they don’t leave, they will encounter Prince Xiao’s army, and they will not be able to leave even if they want to.

“Then… let’s go.” The other person was persuaded and said with his eyes closed.

The other two secretly breathed a sigh of relief, patted him on the shoulder, and said: “Although it’s a little regretful that we didn’t catch her alive if Xiao Wangfei is dead, Xiao Wangye will put this account on the eldest prince.”

The black armored guards were currently operating on the Eastern and Northern border under the leadership of the eldest prince. If Prince Xiao’s men see the equipment of the black armored guards, they would only think that the eldest prince sent the black armored guards to kill Lin Chujiu.

“Well, let’s go.” After the three black armored guards discussed it, they turned their heads and walked to one side, avoiding Prince Xiao’s army as much as possible.

Not much after the three black armored guards left, the first marching troops in Prince Xiao’s army rushed to the scene of the incident at the fastest speed, that was, where Liu Qi sent the signal.

The first marching army found the body of the dead black armored guard in the forest, but he could not see his appearance. His face was gnawed by wild beasts. Only the black iron armor on his body could prove his identity.

Not long after they found the black armored guard’s body, they found Liu Qi’s body. Liu Qi’s corpse was also devoured by wild beasts. Without the protection of black iron armor, he only had a few bones and a few pieces of broken clothes.

“Bury them.” The head of the first marching army saw Liu Qi’s tragic appearance, and his eyes were slightly red.

He knows Liu Qi, and it can be said that he knows all the people who were chosen by Prince Xiao to protect Princess Xiao because they were all outstanding in the army and had an unlimited future.

If, if they weren’t called out by the prince to protect the princess, they wouldn’t have died… …