Chapter 747: Dissatisfied, can’t be found (Part 2)

The leader’s face became ugly, “Wangfei is not in the hands of the black armored guards, and can’t be found along the waterway, how could wangfei disappear?”

How much their prince cares about their princess, they all have seen with their eyes. If their princess has three strengths and two weaknesses, they don’t have to go back.

“Look, keep looking. Drain the water, and dig three feet in the ground to find people.” Of course, these words were due to urgency and should not be taken seriously.

The water in the waterfall was living water, and even if they pumped it out to death, it was impossible to drain the water. As for digging three feet in the ground, it was even more unnecessary. Lin Chujiu didn’t hide in the ground.

“Yes.” The first marching army said with a strong fighting spirit.

They walked all day and night. Their legs were as heavy as lead, but before they found Lin Chujiu, they didn’t dare to take a rest. The leader gave an order, and they held up the torches and continued to look for people along the water.

Walking back and forth, over and over, they searched three times and bumped into the two swimmers who were floating along the water. They also “floated” back and forth, but they didn’t find Lin Chujiu.

“No, we searched all the way, there is no trace at all, and there is no sign of wangfei.”

“I sent someone to try it. The long tunnel is full of rocks, and the water is so deep that people can’t get in at all.”

“We can’t find her, did wangfei… ….escaped? Or didn’t jump into the waterfall at all?” The sky became bright, but they still didn’t find her, so they had to boldly guess that Lin Chujiu was not in the water at all.

“The black armored guards didn’t find her either. Wangfei’s footprints disappeared in front of the waterfall. She must be nearby. Keep looking!”

The leader’s eyes were red, and at a glance, he knew that it was not easy, and the others were not much better. They not only didn’t sleep all night, but they were also busy all night, and their spirits were highly tense.

“We went back and forth and looked around. If wangfei is nearby, we will find her.”

“Boss, everyone has been looking for a day and a night. Even if we continue to look for people, let’s rest first, alright?”

They were good soldiers, but they were not iron-clad. They urgently need to rest now. After enough rest, they will have the strength to continue looking for people.

“Rest on the spot for 3 hours, and then look again.” Not to mention the little soldiers who were looking for people everywhere, even the leader himself was tired.

After resting for three hours, the first marching army continued to search for people, until dawn the next day, but still, no new trace was found.

“Leader, 2 days and 2 nights have passed, even if we find wangfei, I’m afraid wangfei is…” The soldier didn’t say the rest, but everyone understood the meaning.

“Leader, the news of the disappearance of wangfei has to be passed back, and it is up to wangye to decide.” No one could be found for two days and two nights.

The leader closed his eyes tiredly and said in a hoarse voice, “Let’s pass it on, send the news back.” They were supposed to pass the news back yesterday, but he wanted to look for people again, but it took another day.

The army was only dozens of miles away from them, and the news was quickly sent back to the barracks, but… …

Xiao Tianyao was not in the army, and no one could make a decision. The hidden guard could only temporarily use Xiao Tianyao’s name to give the order to stop the army and assist the first marching army to find Lin Chujiu.

Although the order to find the person was issued, the hidden guard didn’t dare to hide the matter, and sent the news out as soon as possible, hoping that their prince would come over as soon as possible, otherwise… …