Chapter 749: Attention, never showed (1)

With Xuanyuan Zhi and the black armored guards taking action, the shadow guards quickly found some hidden clues.

Although the person who killed Lin Chujiu was not sent by Xuanyuan Zhi, he was inseparable from the Central Empire, and the man who died in the forest was indeed the black armored guard.

It was just that there was no way for the shadow guards to check this matter with the central empire, and they can’t go that far. They can only find out what happened in the eastern country. Who colluded with the Central Empire and gave the black armored guards a convenient way to enter the country and kill silently?

As for the affairs of the Central Empire, they can only pin their hopes on Xuanyuan Zhi. After all, this matter has nothing to do with him. The other party deliberately used the black armored guards not just to ambush and kill Lin Chujiu, but also to plant the dirt on Xuanyuan Zhi. As long as Xuanyuan Zhi was not stupid, he will not give up the investigation.

Xuanyuan Zhi was indeed not a fool. As soon as the commander of the black armored guard said it, he thought of his brothers. His brothers were envious of him being able to bring the black armored guard to the eastern country to do errands, and they made things difficult for him along the way.

This time, he made a small mistake in his errand, and it was passed on to the central empire. His brothers would never miss this opportunity. Even if there was no way to come in person, they would take advantage of him.

The strong dragon cannot repress a snake, and his brothers cannot and dare not come in person, so they want to pick a sharp knife in the east and cause him trouble. And when the central empire comes to investigate the black iron ore mines, their imperial father will learn about the problem and will find him unbearable.

His brothers took a fancy to using Xiao Tianyao as a sword and deliberately got four black armored guards to kill Lin Chujiu so that Xiao Tianyao would have a grudge against him.

He has to say, this plan was not bad enough. Knowing that he suffered a loss at the hands of Xiao Tianyao, knowing that he was not Xiao Tianyao’s opponent, but still causing trouble to Xiao Tianyao, isn’t this an embarrassment to him?

“Fortunately, fortunately… there are some transactions between me, Xiao, Wangye, and Lin Chujiu that outsiders don’t know about, otherwise, it would be troublesome.” Fortunately, those two people understand that he couldn’t take action against them, otherwise, this account may be counted on his head.

“Don’t let this prince find out who moved the hand. You dare to plot against this prince, you’re courting death!” The more he thought about it, the more Xuanyuan Zhi became angry. If it weren’t for his previous connection, maybe Xiao Tianyao thought it was his hand.

At that time, when the imperial inspection team came over, Xiao Tianyao send people to cause trouble for him for revenge. Even if he succeeded in solving it, he would leave a bad impression on the members of the inspection team for causing unnecessary trouble.

If he encounters those people working under his younger brothers in the inspection team, they will make a fuss about it, destroying his impression in their imperial father’s heart and destroying his image in the central empire.

“It’s too poisonous, they are too much. Check it, you must find out who is behind this.” Xuanyuan Zhi couldn’t sit still and immediately wrote a letter, asking his cronies to immediately send it back to the central empire and his grandfather.

After writing the letter, Xuanyuan Zhi thought for a while, then turned back to the desk, picked up the brush, and wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao. The words were very arrogant, but… …

This doesn’t change the fact that he wrote to Xiao Tianyao to explain.

*Cough cough* In Xuanyuan Zhi’s point of view, this was not an explanation, it can only be called sharing information. He didn’t write to Xiao Tianyao to explain, but to tell Xiao Tianyao what he found, lest Xiao Tianyao would be fooled because he didn’t know anything.