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The clan member didn't speak anything. He just looked at Dayus angrily.

He has been hearing this threat for a long time and he is very much tempted to tell him to do it if he dares. But if Dayus really sees through this threat, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Even if the possibility of that happening is less than one percent, he would still not take the risk. So, all he could do is grit his teeth and move grudgingly.

"If we fall in another trap and the other party finds a way to escape completely unscathed and we are injured, then I will use my trump card.

Is that okay?"

"Sure. But if I were you, I will just get ready. There is no way, we are not falling for the next trap."

"Let's hope that doesn't happen. I honestly don't want to kill that guy. Your rivalry is none of my business in any way."

"It is now your business. Or I would do what I told you I would do. So, you better take it seriously and stop taking stupid shots at me. If what you said is anywhere near truth, then your life is in my hands."

"Stop threatening me so much, you sick bastard. I might just fuck it all up and take it out on you. There is a chance that I can fuck all the consequences and only care about dealing with you at the moment."

With those words, he lunged forward to close distance between him and Sam.

Dayus just smiled. It felt good to control someone this much, but he is also a slightly wary of the last threat, which is why, he didn't go on any further with the banter.

Sam noticed that they are coming to him. He got ready with his last trap. He is a bit exhausted setting up. Since he cannot use the formations, all the traps he set up were done through his energy only.

For the quicksand, he spread all of his energy into the rock and made sure everything is ready for him to use the quicksand move in an instant. He also spread his energy to the vines and he also held onto the air pockets filled with poisonous gas.

He did all three of those activities at the same time for one trap. But for the currently trap, things are going to go next level.

All of his senses are occupied as he spread his energy all over the place. But in the most intricate way possible.

Now, all he has to do is wait and execute it at a perfect moment to get some results. The only problem is that it would have been better if his head is not hurting like hell.

While he is enduring the pain, the two opponents finally arrived near him.

Sam took a deep breath as his lungs expanded. His body is covered in golden flames as he applied fire elemental fusion. As he breathed out, golden flames enveloped the surroundings.

Dayus and the clan member easily blocked them without any hassle. Except for the heat slightly effecting their eyes, there is no damage whatsoever.

But that was just the start. As if on cue with the flames, a lot of holes appeared on ground, released high pressure winds, causing flames to act like a typhoon. The flames are now being assisted with the wind.

They stopped in their tracks to avoid the poison and flames. The earth turned into golems as it captured both of them from behind. Before they could break them off, the golems started sprouting vines as they captured both of them.

The vines had a metal sheen. The vines looked and felt more like metal ropes. As if on cue, just when they were about to break them off and almost got out of it, the space around them acted weird. They couldn't move their body no matter how much they tried.

"What the fuck is happening?"

The clan member was stunned. He was never attacked with this many elements at the same time. Fire, wind, poison, space, wood and metal. Everything is attacking them at the same time. Even though none of them are lethal, there are in a situation where they cannot escape if something lethal really happens to them.

They couldn't stay calm.

Dayus didn't dare wait any longer. He circulated his lightning energy and activated full fusion. He brute forced himself out of one strangulation after another. He broke past the spatial lock first and tried to get rid of the metal vines.

His luck didn't allow him to get out of the situation that easily. The vines started sucking the excessive lightning energy out of his fusion.

Sam used his own lightning energy to manipulate and control the lightning energy emitting out of Dayus, reducing his strength.

The clan member who followed Dayus, started raising his aura. His spiritual energy acted crazily as it turned sharper. His sword sense is at its limit and the limitations on him were being released.

Sam noticed this and decided to make his move.

Right when both of his opponents were finally about to release themselves, Sam jumped out of the flaming typhoon.

The clan member was the first to get out of the shackles and stopped Sam's kick that was aimed at him.

He felt like he tackled the charge of a wild beast.

"You are strong, smart, and resourceful. We could have been friends. If you weren't injured, I would have enjoyed a really nice duel with you. But too bad, we cannot."

"Stop talking nonsense and get away from him, you idiot."

Dayus screamed on top of his lungs.

Sam took a step back and threw another kick at the clan member. This time, he was met with a sword instead of a simple block.

Sam changed his leg with partial metal fusion and proceeded with the kick. The blade and the metal leg clashed and sparks flew around.

At this moment, Sam suddenly ducked. Dayus' spear went past him as it brushed against his hair.

Dayus who finally managed to break through from his restrictions didn't want to let this chance go. Sam finally started fighting and stopped running away.

There is no way, he could let this chance go away.

"Seems like you finally stopped being a coward. But how long can you even handle both of us. With your injury and your corrosion with corruption, you are done for."

Dayus spoke coldly as he kept on attacking.

Sam already took out his reaper sword as he fought with them crazily. The only silver lining is that the surroundings are filled with his elemental energies. He could manipulate the environment to his own use and fight back.

But the problem is just like Dayus said. He is very hurt and his body is currently in shambles. His senses are dulling even more as he expended more and more of his energy.

Dayus and the clan member slowly started gaining upperhand.

As the fight progressed, they became more and more sure that they would be able to win.

The thought just planted itself in Dayus' mind. But he didn't feel good as the time progressed, instead he felt bad. He had a really really bad feeling.

Sam is not the person who will fight a losing battle. There is no way, he could just sit back and let Dayus as he wanted.

While those thoughts are running rampant in his head, the clan member managed to get a hold of Sam. Both of their swords fell out of their hands and now their arms are interlocked.

The clan member shifted his weight and got Sam in a submissive position on the ground.

"You are good. But you are too weak at the moment. You won't be able to get rid of me that easily."

As he spoke, he turned the lock into an arm bar and tried to break Sam's arm.

Dayus was in daze for a moment. The thoughts in his head are running crazily. His instincts are screaming like hell. He couldn't shake off his feeling. It is to the point, he couldn't feel a single hint of relief when Sam is literally caught in that arm bar.

"Dayus, are you going to help me or not? I can't hold this guy for long."

The clan member spoke as he tried to put more pressure on Sam's arm injury.

"He won't come that easily. I am sure of that."

Sam spoke through his gritted teeth.

"Why are you so sure?"

"Because, he knows me better than you. And he also knows that there is no way in hell that I would let you catch a hold of me like this. Its that simple."

As he spoke, all of a sudden, his handgun appeared in his locked arm. He aimed the muzzle at the clan member's chest and fired.