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Ten minutes later.

Sam sat on the floor and the old man who is on verge of death is lying beside him. A chunk of flesh is missing on his neck.

The flesh on the back of the old man was torn apart. He is barely breathing.

The other captains and vice captains who wanted to stop Sam are now standing as far away from him as possible to not to be his next victim.

Sam's body is riddled with wounds and he is panting heavily.

Blaine looked at Sam with surprise and confusion. He knew that Brice would act up when his buttons are pushed, but this is beyond what he imagined.

After a few moments, he shook his head off of these thoughts. Whatever Sam did is extremely beneficial to him at the moment, so there is no need for him waste his time and mull over useless thoughts. He can save those for later.

"Everyone get down. We are now going to pass judgement on Captain Brice."

All the captains and vice captains thanked Blaine in their hearts before leaving.

Blaine looked at Brice with a smirk and said.

"Brice, you have injured yourself in pursuit of glory, disregarding your importance for winning this war.

You have refused to plead guilty and stubbornly stuck to the thought that you are right.

You have acted up in the middle of a court martial and even attacked a judge over a minor disagreement in your views.

You are to be banished to the Valley of Seven Passages. You and the people who acted as your accomplice in your initial brash actions are to leave this tonight itself and go there.

Depending on the Judge's condition after the treatment, the rest of your punishment will be decided.

You can leave now."

After ten minutes.

Sam is inside his tent once again. He was given some healing potions. But he is still soaked in blood.

He is a bit surprised by Blaine's actions.

After the judgement, Sam clearly understood Blaine's goal. All he wanted from Brice was to create a commotion big enough so that he could justify the punishment of sending him to the Valley of Seven Passages.

As for the forced and unnatural aggressive moment Brice had there with the judge and the other captains and vice captains, it is mere allowed so that there is an incident that Blaine could point out to, when he needed it.

He can easily manipulate and twist the words to fit whatever narrative he wants as long as the final result is what he wanted.

The only variable that Blaine wouldn't know is that Sam actually wants to go to the Valley.

Because that is the name of the task location. At least the name given to the task location by Brice's clan members.

There was a moment of regret for Sam when he was done dealing with that old man. In that moment of clarity he regretted making such a rash move.

But now he is glad. If he knew that the punishment would be him going to the place that he needs to go, he would have complied a lot more faster. He would have just started beating the crap out of people way before than he did now.

Anyway, he was glad that things worked out the way he wanted.

He checked the spatial storage of Brice to see if he could use anything. Apart from the loom there is nothing much he could use. Of course, there are some potions and pills that could help him a bit for his recovery and health.

But there is not much he could with the weapons and other stuff.

Sam really hoped, he at least had his forging skill to use. He would have made some legs and used them to move around. In fact, if these restrictions let him carve some wood, that would have been good enough as well.

He could use the peg legs and some crutches to walk around a bit more freely.

But when he tried to carve the wooden table he had in the tent, he was so clumsy and stupid to the point that not a single proper cut was made on the table no matter how much he tried.

It is almost like he became dumb in a sense.

He felt frustrated and all he could was take out the loom and do something with it. He decided to weave for a while before he was sent to the Valley.

After a long time, he once again fell into a trance. He didn't know he will reach the same state as before, but he is in a really good position as he explored the intricacies of energy in the thread form as kept on weaving the fabric.

Soon, it is almost mid night before people came for him.

"Captain Brice, your team has been assembled and you are to be deployed right away. You cannot come back until further notice and the rest of your punishment has been determined."

One of the guards came and informed.

Brice dragged himself out of the tent. His vice captain, or the current captain of his former team is waiting along with three more people.

"You four are my accomplices? What criteria did they use to determine that?"

Sam asked casually as he moved forward.

"The people who didn't accept their terms and deals are your accomplices, captain. That is it."

"Hmm, not too bad of a criteria then. At least they are straight forward to an extent.

Anyway, how are we going to leave this place? Don't tell me, I have to walk until then. I am not in a mood for it and I don't think I have to explain the reason why, right?"

"Of course not young master. They let us use the space gate to the nearest base of the Valley and from there, they arranged a beast cart to take us."

The Vice captain spoke again.

"Thank you Vice. Since we are five people, there is no need to be so uptight and formal. Be a bit more casual and at the valley do whatever you want in normal time. You just need to act when I need you. Otherwise, you are free to focus on yourself."

Sam said as they made their way to the gate silently.

After using the space gate, they arrived at the base camp nearest to the valley.

"So, the high and mighty captain Brice, finally fell a victim to the shitty politics."

As soon as they arrived at the camp, Sam and the others were received by the camp's person in charge.

Memories went through Sam's mind and he recognized who the other party is. Captain Wolf and he is the captain of the Grey wolf squad of the clan.

The Grey wolf squad, the only squad that is completely devoid of any political affiliations with the clan. They are fierce warriors that only care about their job. Fighting and defending the clan.

They don't give a shit about the accolades or the authority of the clan and they don't support any of the young masters or elders. But that is one of the reasons, they grew to a point that they have utmost credibility and authority in the clan's military. Even the clan head has to take their opinions into consideration before they made any major decision.

If the squad supports a single young master, then it is almost guaranteed that they will become the next head.

They are that influential and powerful.

And currently there are only two young masters they acknowledge. Young master Blaine and young master Brice.

Sam is getting more and more impressed with Brice's track record in the military as he met these people. Even though he has the memories, he didn't really go through them thoroughly.

"Nice to meet you too Captain wolf."

"I told you to relinquish your title as the young master and join my squad. You would have established great many deeds here and you would have been a perfect captain candidate after me.

You could have retired early and become an elder of the clan afterwards. Why do you have to go through all the suffering? An honest man like you is not suitable for the stupid politics. Now look at you, all the potential being wasted."

Sam smiled wryly.

He must say that's the best proposal the original Brice could have gotten. But what can he do. He cannot change the decisions of the body's original owner.

"Anyway, it is all in the past. I heard you are serving the sentence in the Valley of Seven passages. That place is fucking dangerous. So, try to be careful and stay safe. The only thing I can promise you is, when you apply for reinforcement with proper cause and proof, we will arrive there without any delay.

Of course, everything has to go through proper procedure.

Also, no bastard can come and get you from this side of the camp. Nobody can cross us and scheme against you. So, all the best."