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Next morning.

Sam is sitting on a cart that is being dragged by some panther-type beasts.

This is the beast cart arranged by the wolf squad to send him to the valley. His subordinates or rather his 'accomplices' are sitting alongside him.

The Grey wolf squad let them stay there for the night and arranged their journey at dawn so that they could get adequate rest.

Sam was really grateful for that as he got a few hours of Weaving done.

Even at this moment, as they are traveling, he is playing with the energy threads in between his fingers.

He is trying to see what he can do with these energy threads, what he could do with a fabric of thread that he could control through his loom. He is really looking forward to it. Even more than winning the task, he felt like a new door opens up to him once he realizes these skills.

Within a few minutes, they reached a large mountain with a tunnel entrance.

"You need to pass through that tunnel. Then you will reach the Valley. This is one of the seven passages leading to the valley.

Even though it is called a valley, it is a massive area surrounded by mountains. It is as big as three cities and it is ruled by all kinds of strong beasts. Even our squad will have a hard time if they want to survive there.

So, be careful and don't go around causing yourself the trouble. Focus on surviving.

And also, the captain told me to share this intel with you.

Young masters of the other six clans are also coming here. But their purpose is different. They are here to conquer this area so that they can take over the valley and use the remaining six passages to deal with the other clans.

As you can understand this is a strategic point. We think that Captain Blaine left this place in your hands, hoping that you will die in the hands of other clans. Even by any chance you manage to survive this, you will be taking the blame for letting such a vital strategic place go to the other clans.

You already have so many cases on you. So, it will be detrimental to you going forward. So, please be careful and try to hold your ground around the passage for a while.

Wolf squad has been trying to get the right to open a base in the valley for a long time. And this time we are not going to stop until the clan approves. So, you have to hold on until we come here. Understood?"

Sam looked at the Vice-captain of the Grey wolf squad who accompanied them.

"Don't you think you are being too biased toward me? You guys will be in trouble if word goes out."

"Who has balls big enough to trouble us? Let them say what they want. No matter what the report says, we know that you lost your legs fighting for the clan. You should have been rewarded. But instead, you are being toyed around with because of these shitty politics.

Captain got so furious that he wanted to bash Blaine in the face. He had to control his urge because of the war situation. He might just do it after things calm down a bit.

Just be careful. It would be a pity for a guy like you to die with just this. All of our squad believes that you will make a comeback even in your condition."

"Thank you for your trust. And I will keep what you said in mind. Thank you so much."

The vice-captain of the wolf squad left after that.

Vice, Sam's current subordinate took out a wheelchair and helped Sam get on it.

Sam used his hands to ride it into the passage followed by four of his subordinates.

Vice, is obviously the vice-captain. The remaining three are Erb, Rec, and Rib.

Even though their names are weird, it is because of their situation as orphans as kids. They are really good in combat thought. In fact, that might be the reason they were too stubborn to accept the deal like the rest of his squad.

After they reached a certain distance within the passage, it went completely dark. They used their spiritual sense to stay vigilant and move forward.

They came across some beasts in the middle. They were also of Astral Plane, but much lower in terms of cultivation compared to them. So, they were easily dealt with.

After traveling for almost two hours, they finally saw the other end of the tunnel.

But as soon as they came out of the tunnel, they were greeted with a loud roar.


Vice lunged forward as he covered Sam and attacked the claw that came at them.

It is a large beast that looked like a liger. Flames are coming out of its fur and at the point of impact of the claw and Vice's spear, a flaming storm was created.

The remaining three people immediately came forward and covered Sam up to shield him.

Sam just sat there without doing anything.

But he was surprised to see a beast like this here. One must say that very few people have the same level of knowledge as him regarding beasts. But this is one that he couldn't identify. The only thing he managed to identify about it is that it looked like a Liger.

A crossbreed between a Lion and a tiger. But apart from that, he couldn't figure out what type of lion crossed with what type of tiger to create this.

He must say that the beast is in a league of its own though.

It is powerful, and skilled and its instincts are off the charts.

There is no information about that even in the memories of Brice. This is definitely one of the hybrids that haven't been identified and added to the book yet.

The team cooperated well as they fought with the beast.

Sam thought of something and said.

"Don't defend me. Go and fight it directly. I can handle myself."

As he spoke, Sam pushed himself down onto the ground and took out his loom.

The team was surprised, but they were not in a position to be distracted. The beast is literally on the same level as them, but it is still handling three people on a proper equal footing. One mistake and they will be its meal of the day.

As they are fighting, Sam set up the loom and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and started weaving.

The weaving started.

The fabric slowly formed as Sam rapidly operated the loom. And the spiritual energy that enveloped every part of the fabric thread by thread is laced with fire elemental energy.

The fabric formed and took shape within no time. Even though it looked slow, within the next two minutes there is a square foot of fabric and he controlled the energy of the fabric to make it float.

The loom and the threads attached to the fabric and the loom acted as a medium as he carefully controlled the energy concentration.

He changed the energy and concentrate it in different positions of the fabric. Within a moment.


A large fiery explosive bullet was shot out of the fabric as it was blown into pieces. The bullet hit the liger on the side and made it crash into the forest.

The team members were shocked.

They didn't expect that Sam would be providing backup like this. But the surprise is a pleasant one. So, they are delighted with this as they continue to fight.




The explosions kept on coming and before they knew it the Liger was down.

"What kind of technique is that captain? I haven't seen that before."

Vice ran to Sam and asked.

Sam kept his loom away inside the storage before he opened his eyes.

"I don't have legs, I need to compensate for it with something else. So, I am exploring options. Anyway, don't waste any time. The beast here is dead. Scout the area and lure any of the beasts here one by one. We will create a perimeter around this point and create our base camp right at the entrance of the passage.

That is our first task and it should be done by the afternoon. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

All four of them saluted and went on to do their tasks. There are indeed some beasts left over in the surroundings. So, they lured them one by one and finished them off at the entrance. After some time, they made sure that there are no more beasts in the area before they set up a perimeter.

They stripped the beasts' corpses of anything edible and useful. They used the rest of the carcasses to create the barricade around.

After finishing the barricade, they settled down and one of the team members who had a fire element started cooking some fresh meat they just farmed from these beasts.