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"Do you guys have any information on who is coming from the other six clans?"

Sam asked as he munched on the meat.

"No young master. But there are very few options for the other clans to send. So, it wouldn't be hard for us to find. But we are not at any base right now, so it would be a bit troublesome.

Maybe we could go back to the Grey wolf base and get some info."

"No need. Don't go to the Grey wolf base unless I tell you to and certainly don't go for some reason as petty as this.

Anyway, we don't have to worry about who is coming from the other side any time soon.

We have a certain goal in mind. And the first of them all is to scout the surroundings.

Explore every single part of it. All the beasts that are there, all the herbs, that are part of it, you should be aware of every single thing about the terrain here. One person for each section. Divide the area and Explore as much as you can."

"Okay, Sir. But what about you sir? We need to place someone here to keep an eye on you. We cannot leave you unattended in your current situation."

"Don't worry about me. I am also going to go for the exploration. Just do as you are told."

"Sir, but…"

"I told you. I am also going for exploration. So, just start as soon as you are done. Don't make me repeat myself. I am pretty pissed about everything and I have limited patience."

The three of them looked at Sam with confused expressions. They couldn't understand the way Sam is speaking to them. His behavior has changed. The change is so drastic that they would have mistaken him for another person.

Sam noticed that his behavior doesn't align with the behavior of Brice, but he didn't care. One day is already up since he came here. He only has six more days. So, he has to finish the task as soon as possible.

Unlike him, the rest of the players will be coming here with support. Even if they didn't get into the bodies of the young masters that are coming, he is sure that they will find a way to be part of the entourage of the young masters.

They are going to be here sooner or later and if his guess is right, they definitely will have full bodies.

Sam neither has the time nor manpower to conquer enough land. Of course, it would be a general case. But he always has a way around these things and even now, he is going to find one. But for starters, it is better for whatever manpower he has to go and scout the area so things would get started.

After their meal, they immediately made their move.

Sam pushed himself in his wheelchair. The terrain is obviously not comfortable, but he still managed to get by.

He spread his spiritual sense wide open as he tried to scout as much area as possible.

While he is doing that, he is also mulling over what kind of beasts he will come across.

The Liger actually triggered some curiosity in his head. It is not every day that he comes across such a unique variant hybrid creature.

After that, while having his meal, Sam skimmed through Brice's memories one more time to find out more about the situation of this realm.

Since this is an isolated world, there are many unique pieces of information that caught Sam's eye. One of them is obviously their knowledge of formations and inscriptions. They are limited to a certain school of thought. This can be said about the rest of the arts too.

There is very limited knowledge and research that happened within the realm.

And then, there is information he gathered about the resources here.

This information shocked Sam.

This realm is full of valuable minerals. Whether they are metals suitable for weapons or rocks suitable for construction, this place has everything.

And this rich resourceful terrain also has unique vegetation which led the whole world to have a very unique flora and fauna that evolved over time.

There are some unique beasts in Brice's memories that Sam was not exactly aware of. As for this Liger, even Brice doesn't know anything about it.

It is a whole new species. Sam examined the body after they killed it, but he wasn't able to identify the parent beasts of this hybrid. It was that unique.

In a way, in Sam's opinion, this is one of the biggest treasure troves he has ever come across. The realm doesn't have any other connection to the rest of the world. The only way out is that they hit the Divine Plane cultivation and tear open the void before they leave this place.

But it is hard for them to come back.

So the strongest peaks at the peak of the Astral Plane and the tiny gap between that peak and the start of the Divine Plane cultivation.

By sheer luck, Sam is here.

In this treasure trove and to his bad luck he didn't come here with his real body. He came here like a soul and Sam couldn't use any of the skills he had accumulated from his original body. The only good thing is that he is resourceful enough to think of a way out.

He decided that he will gather every possible resource this land has to offer. And he will start by marking down whatever resources that this valley has to offer.

One of the reasons the clans coveted this place is because the valley is one of the resource-rich areas.

He believes that this would be the biggest slap in the face of Hel who made him go through this plight. He will conquer this whole place. Not just for the task. He will invade this place with the Dusk organization and establish a connection with the outside world.

He will colonize the place and share these people's faith in the gods that are involved in this round of the competition.

He will slap them in their and whatever he gets from here, he will use it against the gods. He will use every single last resource he gets here will be used against the gods and will aid in their destruction.