Sam looked at her and sighed.

Maya really did go through a lot and just like he imagined, the situation is something he really hated.

Right now, his heart is boiling with inexplicable rage. He is trying his best to control it. Sam is a cynic and he never held anything in this world in high regard. Very few people's problems were his concern.

And he was never a hero or a rescuer for the weak. He never tried to be one and he is sure that he wouldn't be one in the future.

Everything he had done until now was always for personal gain. He was very sure of that and always made sure the other people understood it.

The only thing people still do deals with him is that he was always fair. He never tried to rip people off and he never bothered to pull the wool over one's eyes. It was beneath him.

But in this stone cold-hearted life of his, he only had soft spot for a few things. Orphans and children and that extended to the helpless mothers a bit. Right now, the woman in front checked all the boxes if he took all of her children into the account.

He knew how nuts the religious people usually are. For a woman who practically grew up worshipping gods and getting their blessings, he can understand how much she has to suffer to give that up and start worshipping the Devil.

In his previous life, he never knew who his mother was, it was a lifelong pursuit and even when he had all the power in the world, he was unable to find her. But here, seven children are being separated from their mother and he has the power to stop it.

He just felt like he should do it. Coincidentally, it seems like it is the task as well.

He sat in front of her and said.

"What do you want me to do? What do you need?"

She looked at Sam and said.

"I don't know why the Devil answered by calls, and I don't know why he sent me. But you are my last hope.

Please save my kids. I don't want them to be grown as tools for these clans. They will be fought over by dozens of organizations. They will be fighting for their lives every second. I don't want them to have that life.

I don't care whether I live or die, but I don't want them to experience the cruelties like I did. Please save them."

She knelt on the floor as she pleaded.

Sam touched her head and helped her sit up.

He wanted to wipe her tears off, but he stopped himself from doing it and told.

"I will."

Those are the only two words he spoke. He didn't say anything else. He went to the corpses and absorbed their memories before walking out of the door. The guards that were unconscious were all killed as he absorbed their memories as well.

Then he went back in and looked at her as he contemplated on how to proceed. From the memories of the dead, he is sure whatever she is saying is true.

He also now understood what the boon is and what exactly lucifer meant by the guarding and assassination missions.

This woman's life is in danger. At least one person outside of this cave knows that she is alive. Father of one of her seven children must be now panicking not knowing where she is and must have already started searching.

This means, sooner or later other people will also know this as well.

This will increase the risk to her life, which Sam should minimize. And then, he has to kill at least a few people before getting those kids and bringing them back here.

All of this should happen when twenty-five organizations that are almost on the same level are fighting together.

Each organization has at least one Divine Plane cultivator. This means, there are twenty-five Divine Plane cultivators watching over the whole thing.

This is a very complicated and difficult mission.

But he didn't want to delay this much longer. He needs to start somewhere and he felt that the first order of business is to reduce her risk.

He walked towards her slowly and spoke.

"I will undo your seal now. Even though your body is physically very weak, it will still recover. Unfortunately, recovering your uterus will take a lot longer and I might not even be capable of it. It seems like Divine Plane cultivator caused that.

My divine energy is neither adequate nor potent enough to undo it.

But you will recover your strength slowly."

As he extended his hand, she let her guard down.

Sam closed his eyes and gradually unlocked the seal bit by bit. For some reason, he trusted the woman. He felt that her tears as a mother are not false. Even if he is fooled, he could live with it afterward, but at the moment, he trusted her and unlocked her powers.

On top of it all, the seal is not even that sophisticated. The seal placed on Marian was way more powerful and complicated.

Sam set her free as she slowly recovered her energy.

"You can settle down first. I will go out and investigate the situation from the information I have. You can give me the rest of the details later and we will come up with a plan."

She thanked him and almost wanted to ask if he could really do this.

She can see that Sam is powerful, but she can also see that he is not a Divine Plane cultivator. There is a limit to his power.

Sam didn't see her dilemma, he just went outside using the stream that went through the caves.

He took off on harbinger cutting through the wind as he made his way towards the target.

The first step in this whole process is to minimize the life threat. So, the first target is actually the fourth father. Father of the fourth kid. His name is Chasin. Luckily, he is also the nearest to them. Only three cities away.

Sam went to the nearest city that is also under the control of Chasin's organization.

It didn't even take an hour for him to be there. Sam did his usual thing. He went to a bar and ordered a drink as he listened to the conversations around him.

Of course, he also let out his specter and shadows to do a thorough search and find out any useful information.

One thing he immediately understood is that the organization is recruiting. They are being targeted by two organizations.

Currently, this city is one of the closest to the main headquarters of their organization, it is currently full of people that are trying to make it big and people that are trying to get some information.

Sam stayed there for a few hours as he kept on drinking. He is trying to see if he could find any inkling of opportunity.

At this moment a waitress came to him with his next drink and asked.

"Are you here to join the army of the young master?"

Sam looked at her in confusion.

"Young master Chasin is actually trying to recruit youngsters of your age. They should be at Astral Plane cultivation.

But it has become hard for the young master to screen every tom dick and harry. You seem like a great guy, so I don't want you to waste your time here. If you want to try your luck, you can go the Myriad inn, that is where the recruiters are staying.

Of course, the threshold to get a room is very high."

"Why are you giving me this information?"

Sam asked with a raised eyebrow. The lady blushed a bit and just took the empty glass before it went away.

"Well, that is a first."

Sam chugged the drink and paid the bill. He also left a large tip for the waitress before making his way to the Myriad inn.

There are a lot of people gathered outside of the inn. At the entrance, there is a young man standing with a long sword in his hands.

After some snooping, Sam understood what is happening.

Anyone who wants to enter the inn a person has to meet three criteria.

The first one is to be of late-stage Astral Plane cultivation at least.

The second one is to defeat the young man standing in the front.

The third one is that they have to be rich enough to pay for one month's stay as a deposit.

Only after meeting these three could one make it in.

It seems like the information that Sam thought that the waitress secretly slipped is not that big of a secret.

A lot of people here seemed to know it, but everyone acted as if they don't know it. They must have also gotten a tip just like he did.

Sam went through the crowd and went to challenge.