Sam stepped forward and issued the challenge.

The young man took out his long sword and rushed forward.

Sam slowly tapped on the ground and he disappeared from the opponent's line of sight. Before he could realize it, he is already hit with a stunning kick on the side of his head. He was done for.

He fell on the floor face unconsciously.

Sam walked inside without caring much. He threw a spatial ring with the payment and walked into the inn.

The inn manager was stunned by the development. He went to check on his candidate.

The young man woke up in a daze and he seemed to have forgotten why he was in there in the first place. Sam's hit is just precise enough to make him sleep.

The manager immediately ran inside to a room within the inn. He knocked on the door and said in a very low voice.

"A young man appeared and defeated our target in just one hit."

A paper slip came from under the door which the manager picked up and left.

Meanwhile, an attendant escorted Sam to his room where he settled down for now. He spread his spiritual sense deliberately without hiding as if he wanted to look at every single room within the inn. Many people are of course offended by that.

But they are also a bit vary. They didn't want to provoke someone mindlessly. Particularly when that someone is so bold enough to provoke everyone else like this.

Meanwhile, one shadow after another started returning to Sam as he waited.

He got some of the information he required.

It turned out, the waitress didn't explicitly slip this information because she liked him. It is because there is someone in the bar who is monitoring all the youngsters and then instructed the waitress whenever someone caught his eye.

Sam felt a bit amused by this mindless and unnecessarily tedious procedure. Chasin and his organization seemed to be scared that someone they didn't want will enter their forces in their vulnerable time.

Sam never really understood why these people even recruit mercenaries in the first place. In a state of war, it is always best to use their most loyal forces. There is no point in having this extra manpower that could just be bought with some money.

As he was thinking about this after a few hours, someone came to meet him.

It is the manager of the inn.

"Hello, sir. I am here on behalf of the Young master Chasin's right-hand man. Captain Ross.

From what we know, you might be interested in joining young master Chasin's forces. Is that true?"

Sam looked at him calmly and nodded.

"That is great to know. But as you might know, there are a lot of enemies of the young masters that want to take advantage of this current situation. We might be in dire need of strong men like you, but we cannot expose ourselves that easily.

So, Captain Ross gave you a task.

If you accomplish it, not only would you be given a permanent position as an associate of young master Chasin, but you will also be given a town for you to rule.

Please consider this."

He gave a scroll to Sam and left.

Sam looked through the scroll and chuckled.

The scroll has details of the mission along with a picture of a person. Sam's mission is to basically take the head of a youngster from one of the Chasin's enemy forces.

There are even some details regarding the kid's location.

Sam shook his head and sighed. This is tedious and idiotic.

He just left the inn immediately and got out of the city while collecting all of his specters and shadows. He gathered enough info which he went through while going to the required location.

The whole city is currently filled with Chasin's forces and they are trying to recruit new people into their forces.

One of the specter souls managed to get some information from Captain Ross and his team directly.

They were discussing Sam, they also discussed their current predicament. It turned out, Chasin is actually not recruiting people as forces for his organization.

Instead, he is trying to use them to find out the whereabouts of Maya and the people that kidnapped her. Just like Sam expected, he is indeed focusing on finding Maya.

And this is the perfect opportunity.

Sam arrived at the location within half an hour. Which is actually very long. This location is near the second city that Sam wanted to visit initially. But anyway, now he doesn't even need to focus on scouting that much.

He thought for a moment and opened his dimensional drifter. He used it to arrive back in the cave.

Maya who is meditating already recovered half of her spiritual energy, but she is still weak because of mental and physical fatigue.

She was alerted by Sam's presence.

Sam just nodded at her and went to collect the corpses of the men that he had killed. Before he was about to leave, he turned to Maya and thought of something.

He took out a spatial ring and a pair of fresh clothes for her.

"Can you change into these and give me your clothes? Also, your spatial ring and if possible, I would like your hair and some of your blood too."

Maya was stumped. She didn't even know what to say about that. But Sam didn't plan on explaining much. He just asked her to trust him.

Maya hesitated before going into a corner and changing quickly. She also cut a bit of her hair. The hair that was initially reaching her knees is now cut to her shoulders.

Sam took the long hair and some of her blood along with her clothes and the spatial ring.

He used the dimensional drifter again to go back.

While traveling here, he figured something out that will help him divert Chasin's attention away for a bit.

So, he decided to implement the plan without any delay.

Sam went to the destined location and spread out his insect puppets to look for the target. The target is not that strong. Even with all of his entourage, it wouldn't take much effort for Sam to deal with him.

He located their base of operations immediately and reached there.

Sam's appearance was direct and from the front. He didn't bother hiding his own presence too much. He just arrived there as if he is going for a walk.

When these people saw him, they were a bit shocked. But soon they all gathered in front of him and initiated the confrontation.

Sam looked at the target who is at the back of the whole crowd.

"You know, if you really want to be a good leader, you should be at the front of your group. Not at the rear."

"Who the fuck are you? What are you doing here?"

"Captain Ross, the right hand man of the Chasin group sent me here. To take your head."

Everyone frowned. They became cautious. No guy with a sane mind will announce their arrival like this unless they are extremely confident in what they are doing.

Sam raised his aura without even waiting for their reply.

He is using wind elemental energy. His spiritual energy condensed in the form of a bird. It is almost a replication of the Roc. It densely condensed together with his own spiritual energy and Sam took a deep breath as he moved his fingers.

The roc started flying around in the air as it cut through the surroundings. As the bird started moving, his energy from his body is not being consumed anymore.

Instead, the spiritual energy and the wind at the surroundings started responding to the changes. It gathered around the bird projection making it grow bigger. Along with that another bird projection appeared beside it.

It is also growing rapidly almost matching the size of the first one.

And not a single or drop of his own spiritual energy is being affected.

The birds zoomed toward the group in front and cut the throats of two people.

All Sam did is move his fingers and as he is doing, he could feel the mental strain a bit, and also there is a weird strain on his spiritual core.

This is part of the new techniques that he developed from the learning of Osiris' city formation.

Even though this doesn't seem like much, this is the foundational principle of what he is planning to do next and he is right now trying to practice and strengthen the foundation.

What is happening is Sam is trying to utilize the external spiritual energy without using any of his own. Of course, apart from the initial expense.

He is using his mental strength and used the initial spiritual energy that formed the attack as a medium to communicate with the surrounding spiritual energy.

And he is making that external spiritual energy resonate with the spiritual energy attack to make it act as he wanted to.

As he kept on doing that. The two wind birds turned to four in no time and they turned to eight in just two minutes.

Only Sam started having a very slight headache. But the task didn't take long for him to accomplish and soon only the target is alive. The rest of the group is dead.