Lucifer disappeared after his end of the deal.

Sam looked at Maya who is still looking at her child. The answers he got from Lucifer are too surprising. He shook his head and sighed before taking out his reaper and slashing his own shoulder.

A deep gash appeared damaging his feather coat and cutting off the flesh on his shoulder.

Maya was shocked.

"Sam? What happened?"

"Don't worry about this. This is for the next step of the plan."

As he spoke he disappeared.

This is just a couple of hours after midnight. It would be great if he could get some rest. But the weakness will play out great for the next phase of the plan.

He used the dimensional drifter to appear at the meeting point where Karn and Shijin are supposed to meet after Shijin settled things at the clan.

When he arrived there Karn is waiting anxiously along with some of his clan members.

Karn looked at Sam and was shocked.

"What happened?" Karn asked anxiously.

He saw Sam's strength himself. In his opinion, it is hard for anyone below Divine Plane to injure him this badly. Even for the people in his clan that are strongest below Divine Plane, things will not be easy if Sam decided to show off his strength.

To see Sam in this state made him have an extremely bad feeling.

"I got betrayed and so are you guys."

He said as he sat down and took some healing potions.


"Shijin's plan. He is trying to use us to take the blame. His father already got the information regarding the plan so he shifted the whole blame onto me and you.

He will probably take forces from his clan and say we colluded together to take the child away."

"What? How can he do that? We don't have a child. Does he think that I am that easy to fool?"

Sam didn't even know what to say to that for a moment. This guy indeed appeared like a fool. He didn't notice it before because he constantly went on with Shijin's plan and Sam assumed that he might be more intelligent.

But his guess is wrong.

"Yeah, there is a problem. He will just use that as an excuse."

"But the soul contract..."

"Are you sure there are no ways to bypass it? There might have been some wordplay there. Anyway, I don't have too much time to discuss this shit. I need to get the fuck out of this place. Shijin's father might be coming after me.

I won't be holding off a Divine plane cultivator. You better be careful."

As he spoke, he turned around to run.

"Wait, Sam."

Karn called out anxiously.

Sam stopped and looked at him with a frown.

"Stick with me. Let's go back to my clan and report this. We need to borrow our clan's strength to fight this. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to resist Shijin's plan."

"Do you think your clan will help you? You destroyed your clan's plan and tried to cooperate with Shijin on your own. It would be a surprise if you are not kicked out and if I am not wrong, they might actually contact your clan first before they make an actual move.

After all, a direct open war between your clans is nothing to scoff at. They would try to avoid any unnecessary deaths if they want. I don't want to stay in a place with so many uncertainties. I already got the fight I wanted.

I am out of here."

With this, Sam didn't wait for him anymore and left. When he arrived, he came in sneakily, but when he left, Sam didn't even bother to hide. He ran out openly.

They are currently in a city so he was seen by everyone and his flashy open movements with his shadow ability were seen by many people.

Sam is counting on these people seeing him. And his plan is now set in motion.

After leaving that place, Sam got on the harbinger and moved at full speed to go to the Magman Clan's territory.

The nearest clan to Shijin's clan. This is his next target and since these people are within the plans of Shijin and Karn, they might actually have some flaws. He arrived at the nearest city in the madman's territory and joined an inn.

He used the Dimensional drifter to return to Maya and get some information on the next target.

"So, the next target is the Magman clan. Who should I focus on there?"

Maya just put her child to sleep and sat with Sam to answer his questions.

"Magman clan is actually the weakest of the bunch. They have the smallest territory and they have the smallest number of forces. Their Clan head is also known to be the weakest of all the seven clans. But he is still stronger than some of the heads in the eighteen external clans.

If I am not wrong, the head must have the child under his control. Unlike Chasin's clan, here the head wouldn't even leave the child alone."

"Why is that?"

"Magman Clan's leader is obsessed with improving the base talent of their descendants. In fact, he strongly believes that his weakness is because of his talent and I have to agree. He is very hardworking and diligent. He is a very good swordsman and his skill is second to none.

So, after he established the clan, he went above and beyond to capture men and women from different races. He tried to bring out the best descendants possible.

And even after the children were born, he would give them the best nourishment that he could afford.

I don't know too many details about this, but from what I heard, he actually made two of the women who just bore the children exchange the babies for a few days. He told them to breastfeed. One of them is an elf and another one is a Mermaid.

He is trying all sorts of weird things to increase the foundation of the children.

In fact, that is the last place that I was at. It took a lot of effort for Chasin to get me from their hands. Only because of the weird nature of this Magman Clan's head, the rest of the clans thought that he would keep me alive in the name of nourishing the kid secretly.

But they wanted me dead as soon as possible. Which is why Chasin got the opportunity."

"Who is the father of the child there?" Sam asked with a frown. He can vaguely guess what kind of person the Magman's clan head is.

He is a whore for glory. If one day someone gives him a surefire opportunity that his clan would be glorious and all he has to do is castrate himself, he would chop his own balls off before the sentence is finished.

Dealing with this kind of person is extremely difficult.

"The father of the child is the son of the clan head. He could be considered the most talented person ever born in the Magman clan, but he still falls short of Chasin and others. He must be in the clan headquarters as well.

He is also looking after the child just like his father.

I am not in a position to say this, but even though Magman is a bit weaker, it will be very difficult for you to deal with them right now. It is better if you pick another target."

"No need. I will proceed with them. Anyway, which city is their headquarters in? if their activity is that less, there is no point in me staying in some other city in their territory.

I will directly go to their headquarters."

Maya gave the location of their headquarters.

Sam went back to the inn. He let the ghosts get all the information they can and then started travelling to a different direction.

It has been a day since he came here and he already got a hold of one child. This could be considered a huge win. But he didn't want to waste any momentum. He needs to get this victory streak going.

But he didn't know how.

He reached the magman city the headquarters of the magman clan and joined an inn.

He reorganized whatever limited information he got and decided to scout around for a while. His souls and undead once again spread around. But within a few minutes, he is actually met with a surprise.

It is not the enemy, nor is it the target. But a familiar face.

Kumar is in the same inn as him.

Sam didn't expect this. He immediately let the shadow undead that was near Kumar leave that place and follow him from afar.

The players are very aware of Sam's methods, if by any chance the shadow undead was discovered, Sam's presence will definitely be known.

He cannot let that happen. As for contacting Kumar directly, that is not going to happen. Sam already experienced that Players will have conflicting missions. In case of that, he shouldn't reveal his position.

As he is thinking, Kumar left the inn and made his way to the Magman clan. Sam thought for a moment and let the shadow undead follow him while he also followed him from far away.