The sight of the humanoid figure and the water dragons far away in the sea.

It is indeed a great visual to look at. Everyone in the city came to a standstill. They were already shocked beyond relief when they saw the disaster strike. The massive snakes and dragons are also enough to make them lose the color in their faces.

But now, this humanoid figure that looked like it belonged to a god struck fear like never before. They never realized that they could feel this much awe at something that came to kill them.

"We are done for. We are done for."

Makar Junior started muttering and soon this sentiment spread like wildfire. Because even from far away, they could feel the pressure of this being and they could feel it more clearly than the rest because they are all of higher strength.

The young masters all collapsed.

Even the beatings from the beasts didn't do this to them, but a gaze at this made them lose all hope.

Everyone tried to take out their transference scrolls to escape, but they couldn't. Not a single scroll worked.

"OYY SAM. Deactivate the formation. I need to get away from here."

One of the young masters yelled and as if he set some fuse everyone else started asking for the same. They completely believed that Sam is the one who made them stuck in this formation. He is the one who blocked the spatial escape for them.

So, all the fear they held for him is gone in an instant and they want nothing more than to save their lives.

Sam didn't say anything. He just stood in the air as he looked at the incoming figures.

Sandhya was relatively calmer compared to the rest. All this while she kept on observing what Sam is doing and he was calm. Way calmer than she thought he would be.

He stood there and looked at these figures as if he anticipated them.

And when that humanoid figure appeared, she felt a familiar sensation that she had definitely experienced before. She instantly realized that the pressure from the humanoid figure is not just because of the strength.

Even though she is sure that the figure is much stronger than she is. The excessive pressure is because of the inferiority of her own and that of the other young masters.

The pressure she felt is very similar to the pressure of a god. Unlike most people on this planet, she had felt the pressure of the god much more clearly because of her status and role.

Of course, knowing this information didn't help her one bit. She is still anxious inside. She had a plan. The moment the formation is destroyed, she would use the highest-grade transference scroll to escape.

Only that gave her some assurance that she will live.

But at that moment, she wanted to see what Sam felt like and the expression on his face shocked her.

She almost rubbed her eyes to make sure that she didn't see it wrong.

As the humanoid figure and the numerous dragons came forward to attack the formation, Sam's face became more and more excited.

Yes, there is sheer excitement on his face.

There is not a hint of fear, not a hint of anxiety and there is not a hint of doubt, pure unadulterated excitement.

It didn't take long for the humanoid figure to close the distance.

The water dragons joined their predecessors to attack the formation while the humanoid raised its trident.

The water elemental energy condensed at the tip as it got ready to throw the trident. When the humanoid stretched the massive hand and threw the spear, Sam disappeared from the spot.

Sandhya was stunned and she immediately levitated.

She could see the trident making its way straight to the formation. It is zooming in and her throat went dry.

Only after one second, Sam who was in the formation appeared outside of it and he extended his palm with his own water elemental energy as he blocked the trident that was coming at him.

His palm created a large water palm that is almost a few dozen times bigger than himself. That palm blocked the water trident. One would expect that they would both collapse. But that didn't happen instantly.

Instead, as both entities clashed, time seemed to have frozen for a minute. The palm and the trident matched with equal force as they tried to push the other down.

Both forces clashed for over a minute before both of them disappeared in a huge splash.

Sam stood there in the air. Unfazed as he looked at the humanoid figure.

"How dare a mere human try to defend against God's judgment?"

The humanoid figure spoke all of a sudden in a loud voice. It reverberated throughout the seas as well as the city. Everyone was dumbfounded. That day they are feeling too many shocks. Even if they are cultivators, they might die of heart attacks at this rate.

"Who are you? Poseidon?" Sam asked calmly. He looked tiny in front of that humanoid. Like how man an ant looks in front of a human.

The comparison is very very unsettling. No one who saw the scene with their own eyes, felt like Sam is the smaller one there. He looked at the humanoid as if he is talking to a kid who he is going to school.

"You know of my name? Are you perhaps the 'player' Zeus mentioned? So, you are here to block me from doing what I wanted to do?"

Poseidon spoke as he locked his aura onto Sam.

Sam didn't move or even flinch, he just looked at the humanoid figure.

Of course, it is definitely not the real Poseidon. Sam is sure that one breath from him might destroy this planet if he willed to do so. This humanoid figure might as well be a very very extremely tiny manifestation of his will.

"Indeed, I am the player Zeus spoke of. I am sure he spoke of my name before many many times."

"Why would the king of gods bother to remember the name of some human vermin? Kid, you are way in over your head. Of course, I should have understood that since you are trying to actually block ME and my punishment on this human vermin."

Sam sighed and said.

"Well, too bad. I am not going to move aside. And whether you have heard of my name or not, you will be hearing it after you go back to Olympus and bitch about me to your brother."

"How fucking dare you?"

Poseidon manifested another trident and stabbed Sam with it.

Sam had both of his hands in his pockets as he looked up. A huge water barrier appeared in front of him as he blocked the trident mid-air.

It is nowhere near his head. It is at least a hundred feet above him and Sam stopped it at that.

"This is going to be interesting. You are the second god, that I am fighting. On a level playfield of course."

"You fought a god and you are alive? You are really good at lying."

"I don't need to lie. You can go back and ask Hou Yi, how his butt is doing from the explosion and invasion. I am sure he will answer the whole thing to the best of his ability."

As Sam spoke, he casually raised his hand and threw a large energy bomb at the water dragon that was trying to destroy the formation.


The energy bomb exploded and so did the water dragon. But the problem is, the dragon recovered pretty quickly because of the water, on the other hand, Sam's energy bullet didn't.

"You cannot defeat me. And you are going to die for foolishly believing that you could."

Poseidon said as he struck one more time.

At this moment, Sam once again smiled and said.

"Maybe you are right. I cannot defeat you. Alone that is. But I am not alone."

As soon as Sam spoke, Poseidon sensed something coming and he changed the trajectory of the trident. A large golden fireball hit the trident and it evaporated in an instant.

Yanwu came out of nowhere and started hovering behind Sam.

Its eyes locked on Poseidon as if he is looking at dinner.

"A golden sun crow?"

Poseidon looked at them with intrigue.

He raised his hands and all the creatures rose up. Along with that, over two dozen new creatures rose up from the water and the attack on the formation was to its maximum bearing capacity.

"That is a great formation. You made me use more energy than I should have."

As soon as he said that, Sam could see that a form of pitch-black energy surround Poseidon. He first thought it is some kind of dangerous thing, but he frowned as he noticed that it reduced the godly aura that came from the Poseidon a little bit.

Of course, he is just as menacing and his killing pressure didn't decrease. In fact, those senses increased, only the godly aura was diminished a bit.