Sam was intrigued by that black-colored energy.

But he is in no position to be wondering about things like that.

As he looked at the water creatures and Poseidon all attacking together, he could see the fluctuations in the formation. People inside felt like they are about to die. They could see that the intensity of the attacks is not something the formation can bear anymore.

Sam also noticed that the glow of the formation was reduced by a large margin. The beasts are also at their limit as they are trying to make sure that the formation wouldn't collapse.

Sam needs to alleviate some pressure off of them.

And he didn't hesitate anymore.


As soon as he called out, Yanwu spread his wings and descended a bit so that Sam could land on his back before ascending high.

Now with Yanwu's size, Sam looked like an opponent, visually.

"Sky. Be in your position."

Sam said as he activated the bloodline energy of the golden sun crown.

"Yanwu, you are fire and I am light."


Yanwu acknowledged as he also activated golden fire fusion. Sam on the other hand activated his light elemental fusion.

Once the fusion of both parties is complete, Sam yelled once again.


The next moment more than three dozen water pillars rose from the water and they morphed into circular discs in the air. There are all angled above Sam, above than Sky, and wave above in the air.

The sunlight fell on them and condensed bit by bit. They are like massive magnifying glasses. As soon as they were placed, Sam extended his hands and shot dozens of light beams towards these water-magnifying glasses

These beams dispersed into the water and transformed into runic symbols. The sunlight that was concentrated previously was already hot enough to light up forests on fire, but the beams that came out of those 'glasses' at the moment had so much energy and heat in them, that as soon as they landed, the water started evaporating.

Poseidon was stumped as he looked at this phenomenon.

He immediately raised his trident and wanted to kill off Sam.

But the next moment, he was faced with another problem.

Yanwu burned like the sun as the golden flames ran rampant. He didn't care about controlling or directing them, he just let the flames go wild as they liked.

Because controlling and concentrating them is the job of Sky, who is flapping his wings vigorously.

The wind currents are so precise and so forceful at the same time, that the flames danced to their tune.

This might be the first time all the audiences witness that a fire element have this much upper hand over a water element.

And most of them don't even know that the water element belonged to a being that rules over all the water in the world.

Right now, Sam and his friends are against the Sea god himself and they are fighting in the domain of the Sea god. Sam lowered his head a bit and looked at Poseidon while the magnifying glasses are being changed to a certain angle.

"You foolish and arrogant gods. You are so full of yourselves that you never bother to check up on the basic things that could go against you. You are the sea god aren't you? Today, I will destroy you right here, right now and if it means, I have to evaporate the whole sea, so be it."

As soon as Sam spoke, the light beams that are falling on some other places are immediately directed towards his own body.

Sam's light elemental fusion body is now collected to numerous light energy beams that are falling on his back. He took off of Yanwu's back and levitated.

The light beams followed.

Now he doesn't need to raise his hands anymore and the magnifying glasses are even adjusting their angles automatically. Sam extended his hands forward and aimed at a water dragon nearby while looking at Poseidon.


An explosive light beam was shot and the moment it was shot, the water dragon evaporated into thin air along with a huge portion of water.

The volume of water that disappeared is so high and it happened so suddenly that the flow of the water changed for a moment to fill in the deficit. This basically created a hole in the pattern of attacks done by these water creatures.

"Come on now. God of Seas, Poseidon. Let's fight."

Sam said as he extended both of his hands and shot at Poseidon with a grin on his face.


The light beams were shot. Poseidon was only able to dodge one of them while the other grazed past his left hand. A part of his left hand was evaporated and then a large portion of water behind Poseidon was gone as well.

Once again, the water flow changed a bit because of the sudden disappearance.

Poseidon wanted to kill someone right then and there just to relieve the pressure on his gritted teeth as he looked at how cockily Sam is shooting.

Meanwhile, Yanwu's fire looked like it is on fire.

The level of heat and energy it generated ran rampant and soon all those flames manifested into the shape of golden crows and these massive golden crows started attacking the dragons that are attacking the formation.

Steam rose like crazy. The whole area became completely invisible as the steam covered it. Of course, it is no obstacle to the cultivators. And soon even that wouldn't be a problem.

Because in that crazy space, a new wind current appeared from the wings of sky.

The wind current suddenly collected all the steam and created a giant steam tornado-like pillar at the middle of the formation dome as the pillar rotated and the steam slowly condensed into the water with all the extra energy content.

Sky and Mia worked together as they used that highly energy-filled steam to attack the water dragons and defend against their attacks on the dome.

Even though, so many amazing things are happening, everyone's attention is latched on to Sam and Poseidon's fight.

Poseidon is not using any fancy skills. His trident technique is very much straightforward and just overwhelmingly powerful, but not one attack landed on Sam and he evaporated it every time it came near him.

Poseidon gritted his teeth and wanted to raise another gigantic wave to destroy Sam, but the black energy surrounding him blocked his power to come out and he could only fight in that state.

"Did you hit your limit?"

"As long as the Sea and water exist in the surroundings, there is no way I would ever hit my limit."

Sam smiled at the words.

"Then let's make that happen. Let's make it so that you would hit your limit."

"You cannot. You are barely able to defend against me. The best shot you have is to defend until the disaster time is over which is a little less than an hour.

In that time, I will find a crack in your defense and I will swallow this city."

"Too bad. I don't plan on waiting until the whole hour is up."

As Sam spoke, the light energy raged. Sam's fusion body's size increased by four times. Even though he is still way smaller than the humanoid figure, it is still a lot more intimidating than before.

Sam didn't even extend his hands. He looked to the sky with utmost concentration and the next moment, he disappeared from the spot.

He shot like a light beam he is and he reappeared right in front of Poseidon's chest.

Poseidon was flustered at this and he slammed at Sam.

But Sam dodged it and made Poseidon's hit land on his own chest.


A large explosive splash appeared on the chest and Sam took advantage of that crack and invaded Poseidon's body and he stopped holding back.

The large body of light inside the gigantic body of water started glowing ferociously. Sam looked like he is the sun himself and Poseidon's body started bubbling up along with the water around him and the water surrounding them. Sam is using his Golden Sun crow bloodline attack related to his light elemental energy.

The golden flames from Yanwu raged as he took a deep breath and launched the flame-breathing bloodline attack.

Yanwu just kept on making sure that the steam just didn't cloud up high in the sky while fanning the flames.

The whole area was stunned silent. Only the sound of water steaming and evaporating could be heard and amongst those loud sounds, there is one voice that was heard.


Poseidon screamed on the top of his lungs as he evaporated into thin air.

When that body fully disappeared and Sam is sure that there is no water in his immediate surroundings, he finally relaxed. He let himself fall. Yanwu and Sky are the same, and so is Mia.

But the remaining beasts hurried up as they ran out of the formation and caught Sam and the other beasts.

The steam disappeared and the water settled down.

All that is left is the formation that is flickering a bit along with the city, which was completely protected from the God of Sea's wrath.