Chapter 2038 Preying



Sam moved around in the forest while chopping down the trees with his saber. He looked like a wild beast on a hunt and soon he managed to catch up with the guy who he hit with the arrow.

The guy didn't even bother running anymore and fell to the ground looking at Sam warily.

"From the looks of it, you belong to the Thor Academy."

Sam asked and the guy nodded nervously. He is badly hurt and even though he stopped the bleeding at his shoulder, he knows that its just a temporary measure as of now. He needs to get treated as soon as possible or he will lose his arm forever.

He gritted his teeth and made a difficult decision.

"Okay, you win. I will quit."

He took out the token to escape the test, but the next moment.


The saber slashed and the second arm fell off. Sam's face is covered with blood from the splash. His slash was forceful and even a bit crude.

The opponent was dumbfounded and he couldn't even scream for a second.


That pain and agony only kicked in after a second.

"w… what the fuck is wrong with you? I said, I quit." He spoke with a shivering tone as he looked at his severed and the token within it. He wanted to jump on it and bite the token if that is what it took, but Sam had other plans.

"You are precious bait, how can I let you go away just like that."

Sam picked up the token and threw it into his storage before picking up the spatial rings on the fingers of that severed arm.

He went through it all and finally found what he was looking for. Communication device. After fiddling through it for a minute, he sent out a message to a bunch of people at the same time. The people from the Thor Academy.

At this moment, Thor who is taking the lead in the search for Sam just appeared at the spot where Sam shot the guy with the arrow. He was about to follow the trail Sam left behind, but all of a sudden his communication token rang.

"Your Attention Please, a student named Egron who belongs to the Thor Academy is currently lying down in a pool of his own blood with both of his arms severed in the middle of the forest.

I, the attacker who made him like that already stole the escape token to make sure that he doesn't escape the test and in exactly twenty seconds, I am going to slash him on the chest and leave him here.

If you want him alive. Please come and ensure his safety within the next three minutes. Or, you can come later to collect his body.

Yours truly, Sam."

The message was sent to all Thor Academy students and they were stunned. A few of them were actually in search of Sam, so when they heard the message directly from Sam, they didn't hesitate.

They moved while bringing their allies from other academies along with them.

At this moment, Sam looked at the young man in front of him with a cold gaze.

"P..please let me go. I… I already said I quit. You cannot do this to me.."

"Apparently, moral and ethical rules like that don't exist here. Only the rules by the books and you can bend it as long as you have strength and authority.

Right now, in this test area, I have a strength that gives me authority.

No hard feelings, though. It is not personal. It is just payback."


The saber cut through him on the chest and Sam made sure that the bleeding wouldn't stop. He damaged some meridians to make sure the candidate wouldn't stop bleeding with his spiritual energy.

Within the next two minutes, I cleared the surroundings and placed some things there before leaving the area. This time, he didn't create a commotion and moved stealthily.

Thor was the closest one to the incident and he made his way first. But when he arrived, the student who is already on the verge of death sat up, looked at him, and said.

"Don't. Don't come forward."

With those words, he couldn't hold out any more and passed out. Thor wanted to go forward, but he felt a bit troubled. He started scanning the surroundings. Before he could do a deep search, someone from his team already come.

"What are you doing Thor? Why did you just leave him like that?"

Before Thor could answer, he went forward.


An explosion occurred. Divine energy converged into a concentrated sphere that enveloped the guy that just stepped forward.


Thor could see the elemental energy invading his body. Created a bunch of lacerations and started corroding his flesh at a visible rate. His eyes widened at a visible rate. He took out his hammer and smashed it on the sphere.


The sphere didn't even fluctuate.

At this moment, some people from other academies were already nearby, they saw this, but they didn't move forward to help at all. They just stood there and watched the show.



After two more shots, the sphere finally fluctuated. Only to his disappointment…


With another explosive noise, the guy stuck in the sphere was shot out like a missile into the air. He traveled in a huge arc and fell somewhere else.

At the same time, a few hundred meters away, Sam's signature silver lightning roared. Both in completely different directions.

Thor appeared conflicted.

"I will go after him. You guys go and treat our teammate."

He ordered his teammates and went after Sam.

Thor's two teammates moved in the direction of their teammate who was sent like a bullet. They traveled at their top speed and it took some time to track the exact spot. When they finally reached, they saw that the guy is on his last breath.

They hurriedly tried to treat them, but at this moment, they suddenly felt a massive sense of threat.



Two silver flashes came at them out of nowhere, aimed at their necks. They stepped back and barely saved themselves.

Watt stepped out of the forest and looked at them with a cold glint in his eyes.

"Didn't expect I will get to deal with two high-quality prey at the start of the competition. You guys are really unlucky."

"You are Watt? From Hermes Academy?"

"And you are the dogs of the Thor Academy. The ones who sent a message to me last night."

"We discussed a deal and you rejected it. What is this now?"

"What the fuck are you on? Did you smoke something? This is a competition of combat and we are competitors. And I don't remember being part of your little kids' group. I am here to fight two competitors.

The only variable here is that I am fucking pissed about your Academy students and I am going to take it out on you."

Watt zoomed and closed their distance before attacking them. The battle turned into a melee. The two competitors happened to be of lightning element as they attacked with all their focus.



Every hit gave an explosive sound and the shockwaves destroyed the surroundings. Watt had an easy time handling their strength and technique. Soon, he caught hold of one of them and kicked the other in the gut.

The kick was strong enough to send the other guy into the air. He twisted the hand of the remaining one and kicked him in the gut. The arm broke with multiple cracks and he also destroyed a bunch of ribs.

By now he guy that was sent into the air was almost halfway back. Watt jumped into the air and smashed both of his hands into the chest of that guy.


Both of them fell and created a large crater. Watt stood up first and didn't let the opponent stand up. He gave a low kick and broke his leg. The opponent fell forward and with gritted teeth he pulled Watt into a tight hold.

The second opponent came from behind and tried to attack Watt.

Watt snapped his fingers and a card appeared between them, he swiped the card on the opponent that was holding him, leaving a large gash on his back. He then threw the same card at the second opponent's fist.

With two opponents on either side, Watt took out a bunch of silver cards and started throwing them.



The cards whistled through the air and slashed them at various parts. Within three minutes they already lost consciousness, but Watt didn't even let them fall down. Whenever they were falling in a direction, a card with wind energy hit them and the blow sent them back in the opposite direction.

Within this onslaught, they got their consciousness back, but they didn't even have the strength to scream in pain. Watt kept on attacking. Soon, the flesh was being chipped off, bit by bit.

Everyone who is watching this from the spectator stand felt their blood run cold.